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Vince Neil's Ex -- The Bruising Photos

3/28/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of Vince Neil's ex-girlfriend, Alicia Jacobs, taken not long after her alleged run-in with the rock legend in a Las Vegas hotel.

Vince Neil Battery
As TMZ first reported, Jacobs filed a battery report against Neil after, she claims, Neil went ballistic on her and a friend while they were watching a show at the Las Vegas Hilton. Jacobs claimed Neil got physical with her and the bruise above was the result.

Sources close to Jacobs tell TMZ she is not pleased that Neil has been telling people she was the one who got physical and not him. We're told Jacobs plans on hiring an attorney of her own throughout the criminal process and she hopes to subpoena the surveillance footage because she feels it backs up her story.

Neil has already served 10 days in jail this year, stemming from a DUI case.


No Avatar


Looks like a hickey.

1306 days ago


... TMZ you have a doppelgänger.

1306 days ago

Fidel's niece    

She should get together with
O$kanky Grigorieva, she will
show her how it's done.

1306 days ago


Yeah sure. How hard did she have to hit herself to cause that bruise?

1306 days ago


big zit not a bruise

1306 days ago


big zit not a bruise

1306 days ago

Sad sad    

Was that with his finger? There was witnesses. She didn't do it to herself.

1306 days ago


big zit not a bruise

1306 days ago


Alicia is a lying, fame whore, attention seeker, star f*cker! Vince is better off without her! There is NO way she got this bruise from him merely poking her in the shoulder with his index finger. She is only seeking attention. She wants so desperately to be famous. She will do anything, even at the expense of someone she dated. She will sleep with anyone if they are famous of have a show in Vegas. She needs to go away! Everyone in Vegas is SICK of you Alicia!

1306 days ago


i get bigger bruises when i bump into a wall while im half asleep trying to take a piss.
this is so easy to see she is trying the new trend i got hit or abused to make maney.

i hope she goes to a china prison for three or four years.
then she will respect the term abuse

1306 days ago


That looks like she tried to pop a shoulder zit or something. Vince doesn't deserve this,and she's going to ruin his life.

1306 days ago

Ron Amos    

I live in Las Vegas, & I was at the Hilton, & witnessed the whole Alicia & Vince run-in happen. I have always watched Alicia Jacobs on channnel 3, & instantly recognized her. She's one of the few credible & respectable celebrity journalists in the country.
(I was shocked when she began dating Vince Neil, he's so beneath her, I just couldn't understand what she saw in him.)
I was disgusted by his treatment of Alicia. My 3 friends & I saw the whole thing happen, & even offered to help her if Neil came back into the theatre. (she was in tears, yet very gracious, & obviously shook up)
Trust me, Vince Neil came barreling thru the theatre, & began yelling & hitting Jacobs & her 2 friends. He was screaming so loudly, the entire room was shocked!!
Bad enough Neil was physically & verbally abusive to Alicia, it's almost laughable that he is now trying to lie about it. Seriously, who would ever believe him over her? Let's just look at track records & past behavior. Vince is lying s***!

1306 days ago

Ron Amos    

I can't believe some of the stupid comments here? Are people really complaining that the bruise Vince Beil gave Alicia Jacobs is not Big enough? Shouldn't we be glad it wasn't worse, Haven't we seen enough bad outcomes with domestic violence/abuse?
Shame on anyone insinuating that Jacobs' injuries should have been worse. I dont care how important Vince Neil thinks he is, he has no business putting his hands on ANYONE! I don't care how small, any violence is WRONG!

1306 days ago

jealous of kate    

well, if this bruise is the result of him beating on her, than she got off lucky. and I am not joking. One bruise and being able to walk away and report it, REAL LUCKY. How many abuse victims are able to do that? Most people do worse to themselves(I am not saying she did it to herself)No one, male or female, should HIT ANYONE. I don't know what happened, if he is full of it, or if she is, BUT, if he is beating her, he needs to be punished, if she is making it up, SHE NEEDS TO BE PUNISHED. Again, she is lucky, if he is beating her up, because she is able to walk away, unlike so many victims of abuse that need body bags.

1306 days ago

Julius Gulius    

That's nothing. I'd get that type of mark if a female friend excitedly squeezed my shoulder a little too hard while sharing some good news.

1306 days ago
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