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Enrique Iglesias: My Ego Couldn't Handle Britney

3/30/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Enrique Iglesias dropped out of the upcoming Britney Spears concert tour because his ego couldn't handle being her opening act ... multiple sources connected with the tour tell TMZ.


We're told lawyers and agents for Britney and Enrique were hammering out an agreement for weeks, and the terms were finessed to make Enrique appear to be a co-headliner.  We're told both sides agreed to the deal and that's why the announcement was made Tuesday.

But just hours before Britney's camp went public, Enrique was burning up the phone lines and the Internet, engaging various people connected with the tour in lengthy conversations in which he made it clear -- he was, in reality, Britney's opening act and he wanted out.

One source says the deal was actually very favorable to Enrique ... "great terms and great placement."  But we're told it all came down to taking the stage before Brit -- too much to handle.


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People still pay to see her "perform"?

1311 days ago


Why was he even considered? I'd arrive late if I was going to this show and Enrique was opening. There are a lot of other acts that would be a better fit on this bill. Rihanna should try to get on there, since her ticket sales are in the crapper.

1311 days ago

some internet dude    

I don't blame him, she is a has been.

1311 days ago

Jim in Cali    

I really don't care because I'm not going either way but it seems pretty lame for Enrique to do that. If I am correct, the ABC GMA was taped on Sunday so he should have known Britney was going to say something. Smells of some kind of publicity for him. Look at me, Look at me, I rejected Britney. Whatever douche bag.

I have to agree with him on one part though, the concert would be overrun with Britney fans and he would be an opening act regardless of whether it says "co-headlining" or not.

1311 days ago


Good job to drop out at the last second. This was a loser gig opening for the queen of lip synch. At least Enrique sings live. He is currently the hotter artist with a number of hits on the charts in the last few months. Do your own tour Enrique.

1311 days ago

Sad sad    

That's alright. It will open the door for someone who's more deserving and talented. He couldn't pull a tour off like her headlining.

1311 days ago


Wow dude, what a tool... Like it or not, Brit is WAY bigger than u. BTW u both kinda suck

1311 days ago

ted leski    

Good call on his part. It just seems to me like he and Britney don't make a good match energetically (cosmically) whatever.

1311 days ago


Are you kidding me? She lip syncs and barely dances! Trainwreck or what?

No wonder he didn't want to be her opening act on a sham 'concert'

1311 days ago


Enrique can't get enough people to go to his own tours and that's why they hooked him up with a real star. It's terrible to fall off of the pedestal you put yourself on, isn't it Enrique. Just like your old man. And if it wasn't for his name, you wouldn't be where you are today. But then neither one of you have any talent to begin with. When you sing it sounds like your constipated.

1311 days ago


britt hasnt called me yet to open for her..
waiting by the phone for it to ring

1311 days ago


Opening for Britney? You're kidding right? Britney should be an opening act for New Kids on the Block.

1311 days ago

jealous of kate    

according to billboard, and if they were right, he was getting paid right up there with Britney, or at least, quite well. If this is the truth, (and he was also producing the show, according to BB, another paycheck), he is a jerk. Probably the most money he would have EVER MADE. and a chance for people who never heard his music, to become fans, MORE $ALE$. Did he think he could not handle it??? His 'opening act' was not really an opening act, but more of a 'part 1' then Britney. If she was having trouble performing, etc. her act could have been cut down and his expanded, again, more to his benefit. I have gone to concerts where I have liked the opening act MORE THEN THE MAIN ACT. If this is the truth, JERK JERK JERK JERK. He threw the potential chance of a lifetime

1311 days ago


Be fun to see Britney, Katy and Gaga make a video.

1311 days ago


Directed by Quentin Jerome Tarantino.

1311 days ago
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