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Enrique Iglesias: My Ego Couldn't Handle Britney

3/30/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Enrique Iglesias dropped out of the upcoming Britney Spears concert tour because his ego couldn't handle being her opening act ... multiple sources connected with the tour tell TMZ.


We're told lawyers and agents for Britney and Enrique were hammering out an agreement for weeks, and the terms were finessed to make Enrique appear to be a co-headliner.  We're told both sides agreed to the deal and that's why the announcement was made Tuesday.

But just hours before Britney's camp went public, Enrique was burning up the phone lines and the Internet, engaging various people connected with the tour in lengthy conversations in which he made it clear -- he was, in reality, Britney's opening act and he wanted out.

One source says the deal was actually very favorable to Enrique ... "great terms and great placement."  But we're told it all came down to taking the stage before Brit -- too much to handle.


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I wonder if he has an above average penis length?

Posted at 7:12 AM on Mar 30, 2011 by Samuel Smithers

Britney was probably wondering the same thing!

1270 days ago


Britney's so dumb that she stands on a street corner with a bag of chips yelling free lays

1270 days ago


He's always been so full of himself.I don't think he's that great. If it wasn't for his dad Julio Iglesias, he would be nobody.

1270 days ago


Perhaps he changed his mind after he saw her performance in Vegas. Granted, I only saw the clip posted on TMZ, so maybe her performance in its entirety wasn't as bad as what was portrayed. That being said, the clip really did not portray her performance in a positive light.

1270 days ago


Enrigue Igesias should not be an opening act for
Britney or any other singer out there right now period !!!

1270 days ago

Ms Thang    

I only liked one of his songs and that was years ago. To me, Britney is far the bigger star. Poor queen and her ego.

1270 days ago


Hadn't heard of this guy in years so chances are no one on Britney's tour would even know who he is. That has to hit the old ego at some point. He'd be better off pairing with someone older, so people would at least remember who he is.

1270 days ago


I would take Enrique over Spears when it comes to singing. Hey, they both really suck to be honest.

1270 days ago


What do you call Britney Spears with 2 Braincells? A: PREGNANT!!

1270 days ago


It's not Enrique's ego coming in the way!!! If he doesn't want to do the tour, why is everyone making such a freaking big deal about it!!! ?? He should have the sole liberty to get in or get out of a tour. And Britney Spears cannot announce a tour which she is not sure of. Plus, Enrique has his own album to promote and his tour will end in June. After that, he'll be exhausted. Britney Spears just released her new album so why does she have a problem to go on a tour by herself?? Why does she need a great performer to open for her, is she insecure that no one will come to see her? I think what Enrique did is completely right, he shouldn't do something which he is not comfortable doing! So stop saying that his ego is in the way!!! And Enrique haters, just stop it ok, just because some rumors say that his ego is in the way doesn't mean that it is true. Don't hate him. You want to praise Britney Spears, praise her but don't say anything bad about Enrique!!!

1270 days ago


Love enrique! Love Brit Brit....she still needs some work, he's hot! They need to work seperately anyway!

1270 days ago


If he thinks he made the right decision, then it's good for him. The first one who comes will always have less time/attention and less fanfare. But I think they would have made good touring partners.

1270 days ago


I'm shocked by all the negative comments against Enrique! He should NOT be an opener for anyone!! Let alone a disaster like Britney Spears!!

1270 days ago


Is he nuts? Britney Spears is a VERY hot selling performer! Is he nuts? (Shakes head in disbelief.)

1270 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Why couldn't they just trade off on opening performances? He opens one night, she the next, with equal stage time.

1270 days ago
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