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Enrique Iglesias: My Ego Couldn't Handle Britney

3/30/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Enrique Iglesias dropped out of the upcoming Britney Spears concert tour because his ego couldn't handle being her opening act ... multiple sources connected with the tour tell TMZ.


We're told lawyers and agents for Britney and Enrique were hammering out an agreement for weeks, and the terms were finessed to make Enrique appear to be a co-headliner.  We're told both sides agreed to the deal and that's why the announcement was made Tuesday.

But just hours before Britney's camp went public, Enrique was burning up the phone lines and the Internet, engaging various people connected with the tour in lengthy conversations in which he made it clear -- he was, in reality, Britney's opening act and he wanted out.

One source says the deal was actually very favorable to Enrique ... "great terms and great placement."  But we're told it all came down to taking the stage before Brit -- too much to handle.


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#39 Your wrong.She will ehd up adding more shows because they will all sell out.

1300 days ago


Just to echo majority of the comments here most of America wonders who you are.
Dude take the money and run.

1300 days ago


Enrique who?

1300 days ago


He's ridiculous. Look at Billy Joel and Elton John...both much bigger stars and they handled a joint tour just fine, several times.

1300 days ago


Well, if I paid for that concert, I'd see Enrique perform and then leave because he's the better act in my mind, so I can see why he'd be offended. Don't sell yourself short Enrique!!

1300 days ago


who really cares..i have no plans on seeing either one in concert..actually he should have taken the tour because somewhere along the line he would be able to get naked with her

1300 days ago


@ 117 the world thinks BRITNEY is an amazing artist you enrique fat old age fans have your heads so far up enriques a-s you cant focus on anybody elses music if enrique iglesias is so popular why isnt he recognized in the USA? only to his Latino fans he has a grotesque hit 'TONIGHT' where he sings im f---g you tonight thats really very nice of him to sing that to fans that are very young where are your brains? up your a-s and hes only liked because you think hes good looking maybe he was like 10 years ago now he looks like a old anorexic used up drunk which he is! why dont you enrique fans comment on his drinking on stage i never saw Britney do that or for that matter of fact ive never seen any pother artist do it. hES A LOOOOSER IN LIFE AND IN THE MUSIC FEILD get over it go eat your ice cream and cookies and keep your fat weight on so you can wable around to enriques cheap songs!

1300 days ago


I don't quite care for either of them, but I will say this. In the US, Brit has more name recognition than Enrique. Not saying talent, just name recognition. Brit will go and sell out arenas of 20K people that want to hear her warble and walk through all dance moves. Enrique can go and not do as well, although I'm sure he can sell out in areas that are in many Hispanic corridors (NY/CHI/MIA/TX/CALI, etc).

HOWEVER, Enrique doesn't NEED to do a tour in the US. Enrique can decide to do a Latin tour in S.America and sell out soccer stadiums that hold 60K+ people. Britney won't be able to do that. So the question is, who's the bigger artist touring? Brit or Enrique in the US, or in Latin America. If I was Enrique, I wouldn't bother being on Britney's tour. Bad form to cancel at the end, but I wouldn't have done it. Maybe in her glory days, but not now. I'd rather do a latin tour and sell out larger locations there.

1300 days ago


I don't blame him, fully at least. He is more talented than Britney by a long shot, even if she is more popular. Plus this isn't the early 2000s anymore and I suspect her appeal is more limited these days despite the big debut of her album.

Enrique's other problem is that his dad was a jerk that tried to sabotage his career because he couldn't accept Enrique approaching the level of fame he had. That probably still traumatizes Enrique to the point where he mentally can't handle being called a second banana since that would validate his father's opinion of him.

1300 days ago


Inflated ego is a pain in the ass and that's what this guy is!!!

1300 days ago


Harvey/TMZ... How come you didn't change photos?

1300 days ago


i'm not even a britney fan and i concede that enrique should be the opening act.

1300 days ago


Thanks Lori for losing the Capslock. That said, Britney will get more people to watch her fail, than anything. however she will still get paid so she wins on that. To think though that she is better singer than Enrique, is wrong. Britney needs the machine behind her to succeed. If its not there, she starts walking down the street looking over her sholders yelling "Mind yo biz'nis."

Look At Britney's last tour for Circus. she had 3 sites of more than 30K, everywhere else was under 20K. Looking even at a tour for Enrique back in 1997 for Vivir, he was playing at locations that are all over 30K, including some that had 65K and Azteca Stadium with 100K and two shows in Argentina of over 130K both combined. He's done Malta and 40K, and has toured extensively worldwide in arenas and larger venues. Has Brit done that? no.

Brit will get large crowds here, but if you are a Latin artist, you have a much larger fanbase to start with, if you sing bilingually. Enrique can go on tour the same time as Brit to Latin america and sell out 2-3x as much as Brit will.

1300 days ago


Who gives a rat's crap who goes on stage first as long as you get a massive paycheck for an hour's 'work'? Get over yourself.

1300 days ago


this is all such a joke already evryone knows Britney has it allover enrique and he madea big mistake and a big fool of himself! i doubt highly that enrique would sell out more anywhere then Britney she loved all around the world when she toured in asia she sold out big time! get over it already! still no comments on his DRINKING problem why dont any of his fans address this issue but keep hating on Britney because youre all blind sided and dont want to admit he has a problem but will bash Britney. JJUST WANDA RING WHY?

1300 days ago
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