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D.A. Won't Prosecute Lindsay in Betty Ford Case

3/29/2011 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... The Riverside County District Attorney has decided not to file criminal charges against Lindsay Lohan in connection with the altercation last December between Lindsay and a Betty Ford staffer.

Lindsay Lohan

Sources tell us the D.A. believes there is "insufficient evidence" to prosecute Lindsay.

The Palm Desert Police Department had been investigating the confrontation between Lindsay and former staffer Dawn Holland, but ultimately the D.A. felt the firepower wasn't there.

So Lindsay only has one criminal case in play now.


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You know what, yeah I read the story here, but I don't even care about her anymore. She's become boring and old news to me. If she is found innocent in the necklace and escapes jail even on the probation violation, fine. She's a joke in Hollywood at this point so don't expect any kind of comeback. If she wants to go back out and kill herself with booze and blow, fine.

1281 days ago


I found this gem on Egotastic,maybe johnsmith can sue them too...hahahahahah........................................ Linday Lohan posing as best she can for clothing label 6126. And when I say "posing as best she can," I mean acting like a total whore in really skanky outfits. But what would you expect from Lindsay? I bet that's just what 6126 was going for. After all, just look at their clothes, that shiht is only worn by the sluttiest, skankiest girls in the club, and then, not for that long, if you get my meaning. No, Lindsay Lohan looking all cracked out trying to make a buck for her next hit seems like the perfect look for a clothing company whose name sounds more like a drug code (a la 420) than an actual designer. So at least Lindsay is doing the one thing she's suited for. Well, the one thing that doesn't require her to be on her knees.

Appropriate Update: Turns out 6126 is Lindsay's own fashion label (or at least the one she licensed her name to), so all the whorey sluttiness makes perfect sense now. Here's a tip: Any girl wearing these clothes will have dirty sex with you... IMO...So she is still a skank and a soon to be convicted jewel thief.

1281 days ago



You wrote:
Do you know what was orally agreed upon between the parties as to when to return the necklace ? Obviously, you don't.

Lets assume, there was delay in returning the necklace, does that in itself become a theft ? In other words, if you late in making your monthly car payment to the bank, you are an auto thief. Great !

Posted at 4:56 PM on Mar 29, 2011 by Californiadesi

Your comparing apples and oranges. The difference is you have a written agreement with the bank, so it's not theft. Where is Lindsay's loan agreement? She has NONE! THAT makes it a theft!

1281 days ago


Nikki- I dont think therock is ML, but he is a character like him. Its kinda weird cause as bad as Lindsay looks, there are still guys out there like rock, and Red Cloud who find this woman smoking hot. I think its a Gypsy Grifter looks enhancing lucky charm she has got that has them all

1281 days ago


I wonder if this story came also from LieHo or Nicolenabler.

1281 days ago


Lucky Lindy. But she's probably not entirely off the hook. The DA may have decided to not go ahead with the charges, but that doesn't mean she didn't do anything that will figure into her probation violation sentence if only as evidence of a pattern. The insurance company's investigation verified that she did cause injury to Dawn Holland and obviously she did refuse a timely breathalyzer test (which should in itself be a probation violation, since she was ordered by the judge to take all tests demanded at BF). Unless she's completely made of teflon - those two facts should make it into either the Betty Ford report on her or by some other method into the probation report.

1281 days ago

Alan Carver    

To be fair, this whole thing seemed rather 'fishy' to me regarding the whole 'scuffle' that happened as it was claimed and then the person not wanting to cooperate. While I could careless about 'this' particular case, I am more interested in the Grand Theft Charges/Case and the Probation Violation outcome via Judge Sautner coming this April.

1281 days ago


Good point ilovegossip

Im telling you, they are letting Betty Ford slide, because they know they have her on the Gran Theift case

DAs do talk to each other

1281 days ago


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1281 days ago


At last one DA gets some sense, now if only Meyers would too . Neither of these cases have any merit . Just a big waste of time and money , Hope that the new Judge will throw it out at prelim Lindsay can get on with her life .

1281 days ago


I'd like to know what pile of poop she stepped in~ Un frkn real...

1281 days ago


she should go to the slammer,she take's things that she did not pay for. it's on camera come on what more do they need.If She was black she would be gone to the slammer in a heart beat!!!!!!

1281 days ago


therock- Well if you did go to that many Journey concerts your lucky, and Ill bet you got lucky after every show and met a lot of cool people. Those were the days.

1281 days ago


therock--- YOU wrote that last night on a ROL post ahole or were you that drunk

1281 days ago


ZB at #41: "This should have been dropped a long time ago. The tax money spent on this was and still is ridiculous."

No extra tax money was spent on it. They're all on payroll already. And the police and DA are hired to investigate everything - not just the big and famous cases. Next time something happens to you and you call the police for help - hope they don't say "Sorry, we're too busy chasing rapists, child molesters, and murderers. You don't count."

Lindsay definitely did something wrong here, as confirmed by the insurance investigation and medical evidence, but the DA can't get the kind of evidence needed for a strong court case and so doesn't want to bother with charges. Obviously there was enough evidence to investigate. They're probably still having trouble getting witnesses to talk, and we all know why that would be the case (hint: not because she's Linnocent). Would be nice to know if they would maintain their silence under threat of perjury in a courtroom, though...

Surprised they don't go after her for a frivolous 911 call, though - she's the one who called 911 and brought the police into it, not anybody else, just to delay that breathalyzer test. Otherwise, it all would have been handled internally at BF (and actually it was - they pulled her back into inpatient lockdown, basically, the "stalker" thing was Dina's idea of a cover for that). If you want to talk about "wasting tax money" - start with Lindsay. She wasted police time for her own agenda.

1281 days ago
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