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LT Pimp Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking

3/29/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One week after Lawrence Taylor escaped jail time ... the pimp who set him up with a 16-year-old prostitute is pleading guilty to one count of sex trafficking for profit.


Rasheed Davis (left) struck the deal and entered his plea today in Manhattan Federal Court. We don't know terms of the deal, but maximum sentence for the crime is 30 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Davis' sentencing is scheduled for August. He's currently being held in federal custody.

Last week Taylor got six years probation for sexual misconduct and patronizing a prostitute.

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wow! TOSSA!

1305 days ago


How do we know that Rasheed isn't working with those radical people whose names we're not supposed to use? You know those extreme, fundamentalist guys with those things on their heads, who shout something or other in a certain language when they're trying to shoot us or blow us up? Those guys who are hiding in some caves in Pakistan or Afghanistan? How do we know that they aren't part of a whole organized criminal effort to destroy American society? Maybe, he's not. But people who do the stuff like he's charged with, those people are undermining the core of our society and helping enemies of our republic even if they don't mean to.

Some do it with drugs, some with arms, some with prostitution, some with illegal gambling, some with loansharking, some with stealing. They're all toxic to our people's well-being. We're at war, people. We can watch more TV and play more golf, but there are people out there with an agenda, and their agenda is to destroy the USA and replace it with something very different and undemocratic with the freedom to just follow the dictates of some despots.

1305 days ago


Why is Darius Rucker pimping girls.

1305 days ago


LT, should have went to the slammer he was wrong. how does this show yungens who look up to this trash of a man and once was something.also that u can do these type of things and go free.

1305 days ago



sexual misconduct and "patronizing a prostitute" - and yet, no charges were brought against the prostitute? Why isn't her mugshot in between these two? So the hooker, gets a free pass...no wonder this country is so f'd up! The laws can't be bent in either direction, just like the hooker!!

Posted at 3:38 PM on Mar 29, 2011 by tlynn
She was underage

1305 days ago


Why isn't Gloria Allred holding a press conference outside the prison railing against Rasheed Davis? Oh, That's right, Rasheed Davis isn't famous, he's broke and Gloria Allred could care less about the true criminal who exploited his underage client for sex!

Gloria Allred should be ashamed of herself!

1305 days ago


Stop refering to her as a prostitute . She was a under age victim who was beaten before being forced to have sex with him.

1305 days ago


hey big shocker....

1304 days ago


another monkey going to jail, NY state jail have 89% monkeys as inmates...if we can stop ALL monkeys from having babies, in 20 years there would be no more crime...

1304 days ago


I thought the girl was on national tv saying she's not a prostitute...and she had high powered officials there to support her too...crying and what not...oh well....the media effed up again!

1303 days ago


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1303 days ago

mylika davis    

Unfortunatley you all are being misled by the media. You read what you are told to and swallow it as fact. If any of you knew the alleged pimp like I do, you would not speak out of term or maybe you would. Look beyond what you are fed. The real victim is not the girl. If anyone had done any real investigation into her past you would see she has been a prostitute way before Rasheed met her. She was a willing participant in this situation. Rasheed is the fall guy because he had a prior conviction and no money to fight these allegations. THe media made him out to be such a bad guy he had no shot at a fair trial. Just because someone takes a plea deal does not mean that they are guilty of what they are pleading to. That is what they have to do or say to get the deal. Any smart person would cop out to less time instead of fighting a losing battle against the biggest criminal of all the government, then face 30 years to life for something they did not do. He was a friend to Chrissy and she got mad at Rasheed and concocted he beat and forced her to go. You see they said he pleaded to sex trafficking what happened to the other charges of imprisonment? and forcing her to take drugs? Read between the lines people. TMZ and all the other media outlets don't do real investigative work they report what sells stories and sounds good to advance their agenda. Young prostitute lying on ex-convict does not sound as juicy. Think before you speak and hope no one ever falsely accuses you of something.

1302 days ago


Human and sex trafficking is a terrible crime. The real issue here is keeping prostitution illegal. Once we legalize it then we end the black market. But just like drugs the beat goes on. Cool video on sex trafficking that was profiled on CNN here at http://istoptraffic.com

1257 days ago
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