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Lindsay's Alleged Victim: The D.A. Wussed Out!

3/31/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The former Betty Ford staffer who was allegedly attacked by Lindsay Lohan is griping ... LiLo should have been charged with a crime.

Dawn Holland Video
Holland -- who early-on said she did not want Lindsay prosecuted -- has had a change of heart after the Riverside County D.A. told TMZ they would not prosecute because of insufficient evidence.

Holland says she's "disappointed but not surprised," adding, "It's not fair."


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At what point is this Lohan train of ridiculous behavior going to crash and burn for good?

Does anyone even care anymore about any of the Lohans?

It's like all of them now live for the tabloids and making money of each and every one of their exploits, some staged for sure.

Please Harvey....Stop the madness! The moment you stop reporting about these people, the faster they will go away. The Lohans have officially jumped the shark....Time to move on!

1302 days ago


I doubt it's the first time she's been attacked there and it won't be the last. It's the cost of doing business working for a rehab center. She should ask for a pay raise and better security instead of trying to sniff out civil suits against celebrity patients. I wonder how long it will be before she gets canned.

1302 days ago


This trick needs to be in a cell right next to fire crotch. They are both of shady addict trolls.

1302 days ago

Sad sad    

Hello! You can thank girlfriend above for this getting tossed in the trash can.

1302 days ago


Translation: Dawn has already blown through the payoff money.

1302 days ago


Ridiculous they should prosecute.

1302 days ago


How dare they even consider prosecuting Lindsay. Lindsay is American royalty. Lindsay is an icon for a generation that looks at her in awe. Who is Dawn Holland? Nuff said.

1302 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

You made your bed, Dawn Holland, now sleep in it. Your credibility ain't worth a wooden nickel. On a side note, I did go to like somebody suggested in here, and looked at pictures of LL coming out of somewhere. That woman looked like 10 miles of bad road. If Lindsay is not using then there is something physically wrong with her.
"And the whirlwind has hit the thorn tree. It's hard for thee to kick against the pricks."

1302 days ago


your telling me blohan can go partying come back late for curfue refuse a court ordered breath test attack a BF worker and there is no recourse for her actions. michael and lindsay act the same they both hit women and by looking at the pics of lindsay on page 3 she has about the same wrinkles on her eyes. thats why lindsay loves sam ronchy so much. sam is a father figure.

1302 days ago


once again if anyone else would have done this they would be in jail. i dont care what you say the women was trying to do her job and lost it because that nasty disease ridden lindsay has to screw everyone over. now she had to find dif. work holland was working there trying to better herself until she crossed paths with that freak. isnt it wierd how everyone who cross paths with her loses items scared for their lives and are just grossed out by her. where are all these celebs that like her not one hangs out with her they dont trust that nasty bitch

1302 days ago


I'm sick of her. She keeps changing her story.Can't trust anything she says now and forever.

1302 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

If you wanna see what a drugged out Lindsay Lohan looks like these days

Go to Dlisted com click on page 3 there are photo op pictures of Lindsay from Monday

She looks like sh*t! and man is she a dugged out mess

1302 days ago


First she did then she didn't. I'm so over you. You can't be trusted. If you got money and it's already run out,to bad sister.

1302 days ago

Herpies Fully Loaded - The Sequel    

Few people except for the usual collection of rabid, blind Trollhans, don't think that Lindsay LOHAN committed battery that evening.

But even I, who despises Lindsa LOHAN as much as the next person, thinks Holland isn't a credible witness. Dawn is all over the place. Kinda like Lindsay LOHAN right after she stole the necklace.

1302 days ago


nikki yea she looks road hard and put away wet. dina looks better then her. but they both look like they have been trickin for rocks in the hood. her next role will be the tv show remake of the golden girls and i dont know if betty white would work with her their breast look to much the same.

1302 days ago
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