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'Make-A-Wish' Kid to Barefoot C: Don't Call Us ...

3/30/2011 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten just learned a hard lesson ... late is not always better than never ... because she just got blown off by the family of a "Make-a-Wish" boy.

Barefoot Contessa

You'll recall ... Enzo -- a 6-year-old with cancer -- wanted to cook a meal with Ina, but she couldn't find the time. 

After TMZ broke the story, Ina took lots of heat.  So Monday night she called Enzo's family and offered for them to come to the Food Network for a cookout.

Enzo's dad Adrian tells us ... the ship has sailed:  "I don't want to put my son through all these emotions.  We're better off just leaving everything the way it is."

As TMZ previously reported -- Enzo's new wish to swim with dolphins is already in the works, and Adrian tells us it will be fulfilled in August.


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Hey "CountryGal" you really need some sort of help, I'm just not sure which kind would benefit you most.

This whole story should be a lesson to every public person, and non public figure for that matter. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT, or DON'T ACT. Just think it's really simple. What are going to be the outcome of my actions or non actions.

CountryGal, no one is asking for money or a handout or anything of that nature, you just want to fan the flames of resentment and hate. You know my Mother told me once...if you don't have anything good to say, it's best to say nothing at all. I guess no one ever taught you that. What a shame!

1280 days ago


I am so sorry for the family and little boy who is suffering from cancer. My first reaction was to think, how selfish Ina is, but really I am not in a position to judge without knowing her commitments. She seems like a very loving lady and I would like to think if there were some way to accommodated this boy she would have. Thank goodness he is now focused on his next wish which seems like it is going to happen.

1280 days ago


Donate To St Jude Everyone! Screw MAW! Show them they messed up big time.

1280 days ago


Enzo is awesome! I wish nothing but the best for Enzo and his family. They are making the right choice blowing off that stupid cooking lady and having new wishes come true! Peace!

1280 days ago


Wow, she "couldn't find the time" and he's running out of time..

Posted at 11:44 AM on Mar 30, 2011 by Cooper

NO...he's not RUNNING out of time. You people are like sponges, eating this crap up. Try doing some research and check out what the mama is doing, contacting TMZ, blogging, etc...making a huge damn deal about this. I'm sure far above and beyond anything her child said about it.

He's in remission, morons! He's not DYING at all.

1280 days ago


This whole thing is just drama journalism. People act like this is the only charity request a celebrity gets. Sometimes things don't work with the schedule. Expecting a celebrity to drop everything they do any time they are asked is absurd. I certainly feel for the kid and the family, but their villifying Garten for this is equally disgusting. I will no longer contribute to Make-A-Wish Foundation for not killing this story.

1280 days ago

LeAnn Thomas    

Drop everything? The boy waited 2 years for crying out loud. She deserves everything she gets.

1280 days ago


I hope she feels tarnished like an old silver ring I have laying around that has turned black with age and lack of care!!

1280 days ago


I'm writing a $10,000 check to St Jude. Make A Wish will never see another dime EVER.

1280 days ago

Queen Hater    

THis is crazy. THis lady got shook down and humiliated. Way to drag someone's name through the mud. The family should be ashamed of themselves. If she didn't want to do it she is not obliged to do it. Move on!

1280 days ago


Karma is all I can say. Hope she is never in a similar situation.

1280 days ago

Herpies Fully Loaded - The Sequel    

He's in remission, morons! He's not DYING at all.

Posted at 11:51 AM on Mar 30, 2011 by katie10


Damn, both Country Gal and Katie win TMZ's loser of the day award for sure.

1280 days ago


Facts about this whole situation by YOUNG:

1. Ina Bigfoot ****esa is a complete fake. I could/would have respected her more if she really could not make it for whatever reasons. The fact that TMZ put her on blast and now she miraculously found time to cook with the kid is bull****.

2. Bigfoot made her money through her fans……probably the youngest and sickest fan she has requested that his last wish be to cook with him; she blew him off. Anyone that watches or invests money/time on Bigfoot at this point is a loser!

3. I am sure Bigfoot is very busy…I mean look at how fat she is; to get into that weight class you need to dedicate at least 6 hours a day shoving food in your mouth! Perhaps if she would have told Enzo, “I am sorry I can’t cook with you in the near future as I have standing appointment with pot roast that I just can’t miss”.

4. Its not about a kid with Cancer not getting his way. Its about a kid with cancer requesting to make food with someone and not getting his wish. He didn’t ask to meet with the president, go on stage with Brittany spears, sing on American Idol…..the kid asked to cook some food with a chief! If anyone backs Bigfoot up by saying “hey we cant just drop everything to make a wish happen” they are probably working for Bigfoot.

1280 days ago


Please read the mom's blog if you can't grasp the facts. Enzo is sick, but IS NOT DYING. His mom has clearly stated that the worst part of this whole thing is people referring to her child as terminal or dying. Other sources have indicated that kids with his illness have a 96% recovery rate. Yes, he is very ill. Yes, chemotherapy sucks. But do not make his life worse by referring to him as dying when he isn't. And yes, make a wish gives wishes to seriously ill, but not terminal, children.

1280 days ago


CountryGal, no one is asking for money or a handout or anything of that nature, you just want to fan the flames of resentment and hate. You know my Mother told me once...if you don't have anything good to say, it's best to say nothing at all. I guess no one ever taught you that. What a shame!

Posted at 11:50 AM on Mar 30, 2011 by D.

CountryGal rocks. Shame on this family and for anyone who demands a celebrity HELP them for their own selfish needs. Ina doesn't have to do this, nor should anyone else be FORCED to do it, she's helped this charity and many others tons of times, period.

Maybe she smelled a 'rat' when this was presented to her. What mother calls TMZ to complain about a frickin cook who couldn't accomodate her NOT DYING son. You'd think she'd have more important damn things to worry about.

Ridiculous. This ain't about's about how pathetic this story is.

1280 days ago
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