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MJ Family Offended by 'A.I.' Pepsi Moment

3/31/2011 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Idol contestant James Durbin just tweeted, "For anyone talkin..I said pepsi NOT MJ! I have no disrespect for Michael. I grew up singing his art. I guess youll take it how you want it..." and then followed that up with, "Talkin about MJs passing is too soon. Making a reference to an incident 25 years ago..not too soon. The stab was at pepsi people."

Michael Jackson
's family is offended by a comment made on "American Idol" last night by a contestant, who made light of MJ's devastating injury that triggered years of drug abuse.

Pepsi Moments
If you saw the show, James Durbin told Ryan Seacrest after his performance, "I have a lot of hairspray in my hair to keep it from jumping around -- so much so, the one thing I was worried about was having a 'Pepsi moment.'"

The "Pepsi moment" is a reference to the 1984 incident where Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire during the filming of a Pepsi commercial, severely burning his scalp -- an injury that triggered an addiction to prescription drugs that may have ultimately taken his life.

A Jackson family rep tells TMZ, "We were shocked to see this. It's nothing to make light of and everybody should be focusing on who was responsible for Michael's death."

The rep says Joe was particularly upset that producers didn't take the remark out of the West Coast feed.


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Yall are so disrespectful to the legacy of MJ. This man gave everything he had to the world and disrespecting him is such a disgusting thing. Dont forget all the good MJ has done for society around the world. We should be honoring his legacy as an artist and a humanitarian around the world. MJ had problems but he was surrounded by people who took advantage of him. Dr. Conrad Murray is one of them, AEG, the press and the police.

1240 days ago


@ Michelle Michael did go to rehab Elizabeth Taylor told him to and he DID so SHUT UPP!

1240 days ago


Jackson kids! with La Toya..31 march to help with japan relief.

1237 days ago


Michael Jackson killed himself with an accidental drug overdose, plain and simple...the Jackson family needs to accept this.

He would've been better off smoking a joint to get some sleep, but noooo cuz he wasn't into drugs, sad.

1235 days ago


Please people, yes you are allowed to interpret statements people make, but that does not mean you are correct in the interpretation.

The statement was a reference to Pepsi and the incident but I cannot see how it was offensive, Reasonable people would agree.

Now we the people need to watch the those who were offended and track every remark, utterance they make and put our OWN spin on it and watch how they back down.

1234 days ago


Why would they just take it off west coast it still would have ended up on the internet either way they would seen it so grow up everything isn't about mj and besides 25 years ago Grow UP!!!!

1234 days ago


James Durbin was NOT referring to Michael Jackson, however, to the moment Mr. Jackson was burned in the Pepsi commercial. He did not indicate any disrespect toward Mr. Jackson but simply stated fear of a Pepsi moment, referring to Pepsi (seems to me as if placing the blame on Pepsi). The Jackson family needs to realize this as a simple statement made TOWARD Pepsi - not Mr. Jackson.

As for Michael Jackson: Those of you who did not know him, shame on you. You have no idea of his background, yet only the false media brought forth. His autopsy report indicated no damage to organs which would surely be evident in one who abused drugs. Furthermore, both allegations of child molestation were simply that - allegations !!!! Anything for money.

Just stop already. This man is dead and gone. The media did a wonderful job of tearing him down during his life. NOW, let the man rest in peace for a change. He was exonerated of all charges in 2005 and settled out of court for the earlier charge. Who in the world would settle if their child was TRULY molested??? Not even ONE person would rest until justice was served. In both cases, greed was found to be a result of the allegations in the end.

1232 days ago


To Amber (comment #637) YOU are surely the most disrespectful person on the earth putting down a person with a condition you obviously know nothing about. People with Asperger's have only "social" issues such as getting to know people or feeling comfortable meeting new people and being quite shy - NOTHING MORE. They are tremendously intelligent beings. Study before opening your mouth to insert your foot. No doubt you are absolutely PERFECT - hahahaha..... how sad a person you must surely be.

1232 days ago

Ken Smith    

Anything for attention.

1227 days ago


James stated a fact... did MJ's hair catch on fire? YES
Was he doing a Pepsi commercial? YES
So... it was a Pepsi moment. All James said is I didn't want a Pepsi moment because he was concerned about catching his hair on fire. The whole thing did happen. He wasn't making light of it. MJ's situation caused people to consider the fact that this is something that could possibly happen.
Hey Jackson family... STFU... I adore and miss Michael. MICHAEL! The rest of these people (with the exception of Janet) are only who they are because of Michael. And if you were this protective when he was alive... he might still be here.

1222 days ago


after all the things the jackson family has done to rob michaels estate nothing should affend them. ma and pa have taken millions from michael since he died. they will not like being in hell. the only one that has not seemed to be in on this is the sister that is never in the lime light. don't even know her name. disgraceful what this family has don. leeches.

1218 days ago


MJ did not drink alcohol or take drugs before the Pepsi incident. You know nothing about MJ. So STFU.
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1218 days ago

Donna Myers    

James Durbin seemed like a really nice guy and should have won American Idol with his talent. He, by far, was the best singer with the most impressive vocal range- what was up with him being voted off???? Anyway, I don't feel that he meant any disrespect to MJ or his family.

1192 days ago


My first thought was about James. He had every right to worry about hairspray and is playing with fire. His vision of the performance was very important to him. That performance blew me away! That was the first time seeing him and the first year I have ever watched Idol. Steven got me watching, James kept me watching.
My second thought was about the Jacksons. They got publicity for this highly commented story on TMZ by their VERY objection.
It was not intended to be offensive in the least against MJ.
I would think Pepsi would not appreciate the comment for obvious reasons.

1161 days ago


Naturally it's Joe Jackson trying to get some limelight. It's well-known that Michael had nothing nice to say about his father while he was alive, noting that he was not included in the will. Crocodile tears.

1116 days ago
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