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Aaron Rodgers -- Flagged for Holding ... A Hot Blonde

4/1/2011 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is immersing himself in the spoils of being a Super Bowl champ -- hanging out in Hawaii with a hot blonde.

We're sure Aaron just admires her artsy side. 


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No Avatar


Of course he looks like he's having a good time. Inflatable fun backs in front, and a Paint by the Numbers kit in back? SCORE.

1239 days ago


Wasn't he limping around with some other chick right after the Super Bowl?

1239 days ago


Why is a "tramp stamp" considered to be when a woman has a tattoo on her lower back and not the women who have them on their b**b? I don't get it. I think a woman having one high up on her b**b that you can clearly see is way more trashy. JMO

1239 days ago

You Men Are Pathetic!    

LOL all ya'll commenting are such fat losers yourselves - there's absolutely nothing wrong with the woman's weight, you guys are just sad pathetic individuals who will be forever alone.

As if you ****s are all so high and mighty. This is a gossip website, you losers, no need to comment on a nobody to make yourself feel any better, you'll still be a fat loser in front of your computer feeling pissed anyway.

If anything is to comment on in this picture, it's what is he doing to her arm - it looks like a painful, tight grip.

1239 days ago

Peter Long    

i remember her from that tattoo she was great

1239 days ago


And I suppose your wife looks better? Look people, Aaron is the Super Bowl MVP, if this girl was drowning and he pulled her out of the water - there would be stupid pictures with stupid comments. Get over it Pittsburgh, if there is another season, the Packers will be champs again - and you will be using your Terrible Towels to dry your eyes - AGAIN.

1239 days ago


That girl is seriously so hott. Has anyone seen the front pics of her? I have on another site, and she is freaking gorgeous. Aaron is so lucky. Who is she???

1239 days ago


She's a bartender named (wait for it) Destiny. You know what your "destiny" is when your parent curse you at birth with a stripper's name.

Of course you think she's gorgeous, Tina. She has a plastic surgeon on speed dial! She's going to be REALLY hot in a few years when all that silicone and botox starts to sag, let alone the tramp stamp, spine tat and whatever jibberish she has on her shoulder. She's the sister of Shawntel from this past season's The Bachelor. SO, basically, she's in it for the fame, attention and cash, just like her sister was by appearing on a reality dating show.

A-Rod. Is this the best you can do?

1239 days ago


Please... if any of you desk jockey's had half the chance with this young lady, you'd stand there with your mouths open, then wet yourselves. Don't hate the man for enjoying himself... for God's sake, he's young single and just went to Disneyland... and by all appearances, he's a pretty decent guy overall... he's not Prince William, so forgive him a little frolic with a beautiful, voluptuous young lady-hell, I'd be on that like a duck on a junebug!

1239 days ago


Why, I wonder, all the Wisconsin and Green Bay bashing?

Oh yeah. Your teams lost. Which would make you bashers a bunch of ________________ s.

Got it.

1239 days ago


just gross.............

1239 days ago


Hopefully the front looks better than the back. Hopefully.

1238 days ago


Why does being from Wisconsin automatically make u overweight? Wisconsin is ranked 25 on the obesity chart in 2010 which is basically smack dab in the middle.And yes i am from Wisconsin and not overweight but not skinny does it matter no, some of u ppl need to have more respect.Stop judging, for one thing this girl looks great,U ppl expect girls to be skin and bones or they r considered fat.geesh And who cares about the tattoos leave the girl alone!!

1237 days ago


It's one picture, the way I see it is, I just don't want any "jessica simpson" curse like Tony Romo had..........

1237 days ago


there's a video on here of them if you haven't' seen it look for it. then you'll see what she looks like.

1237 days ago
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