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Britney Spears

Gimme Nicki Minaj!

4/1/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears has lasered in on Nicki Minaj as her opening act for her upcoming concert tour ... and lawyers for the two are in "serious talks."


We're told it's looking very good that Nicki and Britney will reach an agreement in the next day or so.

Nicki would take the place of Enrique Iglesias -- who bailed at the last minute because his ego could not take opening for Britney.

Nicki is currently on tour with Lil Wayne -- those concerts end on April 28. Britney's tour begins June 17 in Sacramento.



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Get ready to be autotuned to death. Good move on Brit's part if it works out, Nicki is hot right now.

1302 days ago


What a career move, for the both of them. Sorry Ego-rique, looks like you missed out on this one. Whoops?

1302 days ago


true...i'd love to go and just see nicki

1302 days ago

D. S.    

I'm not gonna lie, but this could actually work out for the both of them. Even though I'm not a Nicki Minaj fan.

1302 days ago

Jim in Cali    

wow, that's way better than Enrique. Nicki is hot right now.

1302 days ago


Britney Spears has a strange, unique place in the pop spectrum. She has been compared to former greats such as Madonna and Kylie Minogue, but she lacks his assertive creativity and mention her in the same breath as the former is, frankly, insulting. A common complaint with Spears is that she writes her own songs, as the argument goes, somehow correspond to a lack of talent, but the same can be said about Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra ... the list goes on. She is not blessed with a preternaturally talented vocals of a Mariah Carey or a Tina Turner, but her music has never been about her voice as much as her personality. And her personality is just what has carried her this far, when contemporaries as Mandy Moore and Christina Aguilera are Starbucks hookers and public laughingstocks respectively. Spears is the ultimate pop chameleon, transforming from Sly school girl with enough sexual innuendo to inspire thousands of illegal fantasies into a robot dance floor dominatrix, self-confident enough to overcome the tabloid dramas that have destroyed lesser stars. In many ways, necessary Spears this separation from her past self to become the four-on-the-floor mistress she is on Femme Fatale. Calling Britney a pop singer doing a disservice to the term, she is much more of a pop Bellwether, subject to the whims of the Top 40 crowd and more than happy to adapt to environments that have cruelly undone smaller icons. There is a reason to Aguilera's last album sold just north of 110,000 copies and Spears' single "Hold It Against Me" has the most aggressive beat on mainstream radio today. Spear shows a willingness to reinvent himself, to contradict her fragile personal life, and most importantly, keeps her at the forefront of pop music.

Sure, "Hold It Against Me" has the kind of dubstep division that only the most naive listener would consider representative of the genre, but the fact is that Spears is the first to introduce such a rapidly growing phenomenon to the mainstream. She has become a pop juggernaut not by being the most talented or the most charismatic, or even one with the best songs, but just by listening to the people who know best pop pulse: her stable producers. Blackout was such a great modern pop album because Spears finally submitted entirely to her songwriting teams who choose to become completely sexualized instrument through which their massive hooks would be sent to neon dancefloors worldwide. And Spears is just what she needs: a Max Martin and Dr. Luke to write a song like "Till The World Ends," one that pulsates with the trance-y synths, a thumping electro beat, which is pure sex and a chorus that goes and goes so only the best club hits can do sensible texts be damned. Synths as dirty as those on "Trouble For Me" or as shamelessly Eurotrash as "Trip To Your Heart" is just what pop music needs right now, a year in which electronica becomes greater than ever and a pop song is not just about the hook, but about how much it can make you move.

But while one can be sure that Spears' lyrics remain as one-dimensional and cheesy as ever, it is sonically varied production work that prevents Femme Fatale from being a one-hit factory with an electrospray mass clones. It helps that Spears' sounds a lot more involved than she did on the rather despondent Circus, with yet another by-the-numbers Dr. Luke jam like "Gasoline", showing some Spears vocal pizzazz, so much as an auto-tuned sexual android as she tends to sound. The real treat of the plate is located in the infinite lopsided orbits that Bloodshy & Avant's (better known as the indie band Miike Snow) skeleton, vaguely African-flavored "How I Roll" and their rave luminescent sample "turn to your heart," a track that would make Tiesto redness. For all its obvious chart-topping single-minded intent and dance directive, Femme Fatale is an eclectic record, and that's why for every unwise guest appearance ("Big Fat Bass" - how *** this isn'ta Black Eyed Peas song is beyond me) is an out-of-left field (!?!) flute solo that actually works ("Criminal"). It's not exactly the progressive stylings of a Janelle Mona, but damn if it is catchy and interesting.

So Britney Spears: Pop icon or pop puppet, a person with true foresight to see where the winds blow or lucky enough to have a team of caseworkers to determine what direction she should go in? It will always be difficult to say, although I tend to lean towards the former considering blackout had her push pop boundaries years before electronic music was really a driving force in mainstream culture. Maybe it's easier just to say that Britney is Britney, and nothing more - a person who is more a characteristic sound and a driving force for sex in days rather than a genuine musical talent. Femme Fatale, after all, is a flawed album, with lyrics that barely clear the level of a Ke $ ha and has a maturity level to match. But it is a pop album that is supposed to make you dance, and when it comes to that is not a star out there that can match Ms. Spears.

1302 days ago

Good riddance!    

Nicki Minaj reminds me of what happens to poodles when their deranged owners get bored and have a pair of clippers and some dye. Britney seems to have a robot brain in her crotch that compels her to hump whatever object is nearby; be it air, chairs, stage props, other dancers, hired help, nefarious and shady heirs to gas stations, ect.

1302 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

Why would Britney want to have a nasty transvestite open for her?!

1302 days ago


That would be an EXCELLENT choice for her opening act, because Nicki can't sing either. It will be auto-tuned, lip-syncing HEAVEN!

1302 days ago


Nicki who? I didn't know she could sing, I thought she was just one of those nuts who dresses in the most hideous outfits to get attention...aside from that?

I think they'll make a perfect pairing!

1302 days ago


MUCH better pick. *golf clap*

1302 days ago


THE BEST move in the world.. .If this deal comes threw im there just to see nicki!! hahahha

1302 days ago


Wow! The Only Thing I Can Say Is "Fabulous" If I Were Britt I'd Pick Nicki Over That Ass Any Day! Besides Nicki Is A Great Performer And Can Get Fans In The Seats!:) Good Choice Britt.

1302 days ago


thats cool for both of them, they are both hotties. as for enrique, he's definately the idiot right now. its a shame his ego got in the way, when in reality if it wasnt for his pappy, he would just be on GR right now or kickin it down on san julian smokin, or probably locked up in some penetentuary somewhere with the rest of the country.

1302 days ago


Britney Spears -- Gimme Nicki Minaj , don't fight.

1302 days ago
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