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Chuck Liddell Asks Judge for Full Custody

4/1/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Liddell is in an L.A. courtroom asking a judge for full custody of his son, after the boy allegedly told him he didn't want to live with his mom anymore.

Sources tell us 12-year-old Cade was visiting Chuck from Colorado, where he lives with him mom, Lori Geyer.  Chuck claims the boy was depressed and upset and didn't want to go back.  And, Chuck says, Cade complained he was "living with a severe toothache for 2 to 3 months."

Chuck took Cade to a dentist, but feels his son's "health and safety are at risk."

Chuck's lawyer mentioned in court the boy was allegedly abused by being forced to perform physical labor -- including snow removal.

The judge ruled that the Colorado courts have jurisdiction over custody so a hearing has been scheduled there on Tuesday.

UPDATE: After the hearing, Chuck said he was there to "protect" his son.

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12 year old kids shoveling snow is not abuse, it's what's wrong with the country today, no one thinks anything is their job. I know, I know. The government will do it for us.

1266 days ago


Chris #43: Perhaps you've never been closely involved with a divorce but there are many here who recognize when a kid is playing one parent against the other. I did it all the time. And it usually worked. I know many parents who deal with the same thing every day and allowing that to happen will never serve the best interests of the kid. If there had actually been neglectful dental damages, you can bet your sweet a$$ the lawyer would already be talking about it.

1266 days ago


I live in Colorado and shove my own snow. So I guess my husband is guilty of spousal abuse. I hope the Colorado courts do some investigating on this case, but when do courts really ever do their job. Our judicial system sucks and never works right!

1266 days ago


amen #44 exclusivesue

1266 days ago


umm bottom line.. tooth ache for 3 months?? abuse!

1266 days ago


lalaland#49: yeah, I actually have seen nasty divorces up close and personal, and have seen kids playing the parents off each other, and parents using the kids in some sick game.

I've also seen kids badly neglected because one or both parents are too self-absorbed or wrapped up in their own lives to even NOTICE if the kid is sick or injured. I've seen parents who think it's perfectly okay to knock a kid senseless (yes, I do mean fully unconscious) because he didn't do his homework on time.

"Abuse" is a term frequently bandied about, but it does happen. A thousand kids die in the U.S. every year due to abuse, and thousands more suffer lasting physical or emotional damage. Dismissing the claims out of hand because they don't fit some preconceived scenario or because you think you know what's going on with people you've never met is *wrong*.

As far as your statement, "If there had actually been neglectful dental damages, you can bet your sweet a$$ the lawyer would already be talking about it," this is incorrect, because "neglect" and "damages" are two separate concepts. Refusing to secure proper medical attention is considered detrimental to the child's well-being even if no damage results. (That is, if Mom knew the kid was in pain and didn't bother to investigate, it is neglect even if later investigation proves it was no big deal, because Mom couldn't have known it was no big deal at the time.)

This story may well be nothing more than a 12-year-old brat playing his parents because he doesn't like chores, but there is simply too little information given to prove that.

1266 days ago


Oh Chuck, that's only because the 12 yr old is shoveling snow at MOM's house. If he were at your house, bet me you'd have him out there with the shovel faster than you can say "Frosty the Snowman."


1266 days ago


Snow removal is child abuse?!?!?! Well then ****, my parents owe me years of reparations, 'cause when I was a kid it was either get out there and shovel snow, or not go outside and visit my friends for a few days.

1266 days ago


I don't know about the rest of the stuff, but I grew up in Colorado and I when I was 12 I was expected to shovel the sidewalk and driveway after a snowstorm. Never realized that was child abuse!

1266 days ago


This is effing BS, pathetic. Going back to watching secret window on amc, and my son is about to do some hard labor taking the trash out.

1266 days ago


The kid is more stable at home.Pay more money and help with educational, religious and athletic events during your time. The kid should be shoveling, cleaning and taking major responsibility in both places. Grow UP!

1266 days ago


sounds like a spoiled brat to me.... My kids do chores, and I'm sure at the time they wish they didn't live with me either.... but by no means is that abuse... all that is is teaching your kids responsibility and how to do for themselves. I'm so glad my ex is not rich and famous... I feel bad for the kid's mom, having to deal with this. Also, I feel a bit bad for the kid. Whatever lesson or morals the mom is trying to teach him will not be understood if Chuck interferes in such a negative way. So what if the child doesn't get his way!
As for the toothache... I have a twelve year old who can complain about something today and be totally fine tomorrow. As a mother, unless they had no insurance, I don't see us ignoring a symptom that lasts more than a day. Give his mom a break Chuck!

1266 days ago


I've read the first 15 comments, and assume that they are pretty representative: no dental care is abuse. Shoveling the snow: Duh. That's what kids his age DO! In my household, there was some exchange for my allowance. And there was also the explanation of my belonging to a family unit where EVERYONE participated in keeping up OUR home. Granted, for me that was a long, long time ago. But I strongly suspect that some things related to raising children NEVER change (or certainly shouldn't unless you're raising bums). And that allowance thing came long after we already were doing chores!

1266 days ago


I was going to say what you all have been saying.... shoveling snow is not HARD LABOR. send this kid back to his mom and tell him to stop whining. I'd be embarrassed if my kids acted like this. What a shame that Liddell is going to raise such a helpless son.

1266 days ago


Sorry, who is this guy? Never heard of him,

The 12 year old suddenly says he had a tooth ache for 2-3 months and Daddy all of a sudden takes him to a dentist. Daddy probably bought the kid a video game after the dentist said molars are growing in.

Child labor/snow, seriously my bet is the kid was just mad because he wanted to get back inside to his video games or texting on his phone. Other physical labor, what, clean his own room and maybe do chores to earn allowance?

Great Job to the Mom for trying to teach the kid about the real world. Shame on the Dad for thinking a 12 year old who doesn't want to shovel snow or clean his room wouldn't exaggerate.

1266 days ago
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