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MJ's Kids -- Daddy-Inspired Clothing

4/1/2011 1:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris, Prince and Blanket Jackson  were all spotted at The Grove yesterday -- and while Paris (left) sported a shirt with MJ's pic on the front and Blanket (right) wore an Ed Hardy tee (MJ and Christian Audigier were pals) ... it's unclear if Prince's shirt (middle) has any connection to the King of Pop.

Where's the red zippered leather jacket and the "Billie Jean" tux?


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Beautiful kids. I do think that Blanket needs to have his hair cut. There is no reason why a little boy should have such long hair. No reason whatsoever. Paris & Prince look adorable.

1267 days ago

Marilyn Benefield    

SO>>>>>>Who did James Brown daughter think would be a good star to portray him? Harvey ...I LOVE YOU! I am from San Diego and would LOOOOOOVE to have your rendition of "MY WAY" BTY I think you should have a Cool Senior in your crew...I AM AVAILABLE!

1267 days ago

Bob Goodden    

Shouldn't those kids be in school? Acting lessons, piano lessons, singing lessons. What a sharp looking bunch.

1267 days ago


These are the names of the Michael Jackson's children:

son - Michael Joseph Jr known as Prince (b. 1997)
daughter - Paris- Michael Katherine (b. 1998)
son - Prince Michael II (aka Blanket) (b. 2002

What the hell was he thinking when he named them?

He names his 1rst son Micheal J. Jackson Jr., but calls him by the nickname Prince.

Then he names his second son Prince M. II Jackson but calls him by the nickname Blanket?

lol, way to screw with their heads Micheal...

what's Prince supposed to go by when he outgrows Blanket (which was YEARS ago)? Prince? The "other Prince"? Use his middle name Micheal II? What a mess for him... His brother's already assumed his name as his nickname.

Does "Prince" abandon his nickname and go with hiss real name Micheal and Blankets drops his nickname and uses his real name Prince?

Or do they both end up using the name Prince, or do they both abandon it because they don't like the name? lol

Well at least he gave his his daughter and appropriate 1rst name and didn't call her by some inappropriate cornball nickname all of her life.

1267 days ago



1267 days ago

moe l.    

They look so much like their dad....

1267 days ago


Beautiful children. Paris is so pretty and she has the prettiest blue eyes!I love her shirt of her daddy!
Michael Jackson 1 will have women chasing him from all over the world! and Michael Jackson 11 looks like Michaels twin...those
BIG brown beautiful eyes....
and all the haters on these blogs that can critize these children or anyone's kids: is about 45, still loves with their mom ;loves Sarah Palin;and sleeps with a shotgun by their bed.

1267 days ago


"BUT ..biokids ??? I DONT THINK SO!!! .. WHO CARES HE IS DADDY BECUASE HE TOOK CARE OF them like any other father ..."

Lol, really? He did? He raised them just like any other father would have? We must be living in alternate universes that momentarily phased together or something.

1267 days ago

Master Po    

You guys are so gross MJ was a saint. But dont take my word for it.

1267 days ago


Some people obviously have no problems making mean remarks about these kids. Jerks.

1267 days ago


Why do we keep calling them MJ's kids? Adoped kids, sure, but they don't have a single gene of MJ in their bodies, so who gives a CRAP about them?

They look Arab.

1267 days ago


First of all -- what-shirts kids wear is not newsworthy -- Michael Jackson's kids or not.

Second, some of these comments on here are so offensive to thoss young kids.

God people -- get lives. And TMZ -- post things worth reading about.

1267 days ago


The kids look fine. I think a haircut for blanket might be a good idea. Paris is a pretty girl. I hope their adolesence is close to normal and they grow up OK, but with their present family it might be difficult.

1267 days ago


They are so beautiful!

1267 days ago


Why do we keep calling them MJ's kids? Adoped kids, sure, but they don't have a single gene of MJ in their bodies, so who gives a CRAP about them?

You know, a parent doesn't just mean being an egg or sperm donner. Some biological parents don't parent at all leaving the kid better off being raised by someone unrelated who loves them.


1267 days ago
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