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A-Rod's Other Property -- 25 CODE VIOLATIONS

4/2/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Rodriguez is striking out with Florida housing officials -- because TMZ has learned, ANOTHER apartment complex owned by the Yankees star is dangerously run down ... with 25 code violations.

0401_arod_LaunchLocal code enforcement officials tell TMZ, violations at A-Rod's Newport Villas in Tampa include dangerous crumbled staircases ... and a broken down fence that's led to an increase in "criminal activities."

According to a former employee at A-Rod's company -- Newport Property Ventures -- the complex also has a problem with rampant drug dealing.

A-Rod's recent record as a landlord is even worst than his playoff batting average -- but his rep claims, "The staircases are slated for repair in April and residents continue to have unobstructed access to their units."

As for the fence ... the rep blames repeated vandalism and claims the fix is in for that too.

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Samuel Smithers    

A Rod the Slum Lord.

1299 days ago


Worse, not "worst", you mo-rons!!

1299 days ago

PRO US    

AFraud ARoids, the POS jerk, slumlord, pr-ck, greedy, cheap, immoral, penny pinching, Scrooge, slimy, sick in the head, dirty, no-good bas-tard.

This AFraud ARoids sorry excuse for a human being almost makes a Yankee fan want to root for the Boston Red Sox.

Betcha dollars to doughnuts none of the New York newspapers will carry this story. They like to pretend that AFraud is so cool and shiny.

Like their baseball games' radio announcer likes to say when ARod hit a homerun: "Another A Bomb from ARod."

Ya, another A Bomb blowing up his fake public image and showing us what he really is.

And don't give us any of this BS about the tenants there being responsible for all the code violations and deserving this ill treatment. One thing is for sure, ARod didn't buy these properties because he intending to bring them "up to code". He bought them to continue to milk them for revenue while putting the least possible money into them for repairs or maintenance.

Up yours, ARod. You're never getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame after doing steroids, and now the public knows what a piece of trash you are and how much you care about people.

1299 days ago


Alex Rodriguez houses are crack dens? No!? It can't be! He's such a good person! Cameron Diaz isn't a meth addict! It's all lies!

1299 days ago


They are already strating to make the signs "Danger! Owned by Alex Rodriguez", for camerons face.

1299 days ago


His next girlfriend in line is beginning to worry about living arrangements.

The crack house that Rod built.

Drug dealer have to live somewhere.

Alex Rodriguez didn't know his houses were being used to sell drugs, he only agreed to storage.

He just met with Clinton, was this included in the conversation?

In all fairness Alex can't be personally involved with every venture his capital is invested in, so his moral fabric should not be in question when it's revealed he owns 13 drug dens across America.

Alex Rodruguez made a ton of money using steroids and playing baseball. The least he can do is give back to the country that made him a billionaire by supplying a place to live for the drug dealers that are killing your children.

Now I know why they call him A-hole.

1298 days ago


This comes as no big shock to me. I heard about him being a s*** lord way back last year or so when that book came out about him. ALL his properties are like this. He has millions yet can't or in his case, WON'T do repairs.
It takes a lot of energy to hop from one movie actress's bed to another. No wonder he has no time to be a proper landlord.
He is a No 1 prime ass hole. He's a cheating, steroid taking, low class piece of crap who I have never liked nor ever will like no matter what he does.

1298 days ago



1298 days ago


This is ridiculous. Can he do anything right? Take away all his properties.

1298 days ago


Arod for president

1298 days ago


maybe he spent all his money on his night cream and make up huh. How can someone who looks so hot be so dirty?

1298 days ago


Of course TMZ doesn't want to tell you that Arod probably has no idea of what or where his property holdings are located. Do you think Arod really does rounds to pick up rent or something? This is a non story and I don't even like Arod.

1298 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Boy he is quite the slumlord. Does he think that he can just buy up these properties and they magically run themselves while he rakes in the money? I bet he has some means of evicting people when they don't pay. What an idiot.

1298 days ago


slum lord, you would think he would know better, I am sure he was not brought up that way, shame on him.

1298 days ago


Slumlord Millionaire

1298 days ago
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