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Rebecca Black -- Battle Over "Friday" Begins!

4/2/2011 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was only a matter of time before a dog fight over the Rebecca Black phenomenon erupted -- Black and her mother are now accusing the company that produced the track of copyright infringement as well as using Black's image without permission.


Black and her mother, Georgina Marquez Kelly, fired off a letter to Ark Music Factory claiming they hadn't turned over the masters of her recording, and were using her image all over the Internet without permission. The pair is also pissed that Ark allegedly claimed she was an exclusive artist of theirs ... this according to Rolling Stone.

The founder of Ark told the mag they plan on turning over the masters and are aware she's not an exclusive artist. But a lawyer for the company told RS, "The agreement was not court-approved ... They say they own the composition. Nothing could be further from the truth. If they go forward and license it or attempt to copyright it in their name, that would be copyright infringement and we'd act accordingly under the circumstances."

Who knew a crappy little song could cause so many problems?


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From what little i've read about ARK it is the parents paying them to produce the video, not the kids being hired by ARK as performers. Do the kids get any residuals or anything from the recording if it turns out to be a money maker for ARK? Or do they own they simply own the master recording as a keepsake and nothing more?

Seems like a crazy business model... other then them allegedly offering their production services for less then other studios ($2K to $4K) what does the performer get out of it, other then the personal satisfaction of being a music video "star"?

Sounds like ARK is just a novelty recording studio for kids with no talent and wealthy parents who want to humor the kid, and that there is never any expectation that the video will make money at all, and if by some fluke it does that's just an extra bonus for ARK and the kid gets nothing but the public exposure from it.

If that's the case they suck. OR at least they need to be way more upfront about what is really going on and all you will ever get is a copy of the video you don't own the rights to, and any publicity that comes from it, if any.

1298 days ago


Shes fugly but has a mouth that looks like she could suck d**k for days, man if I was in highschool with her I know who my prom date would be!!!

1298 days ago


.I think,in MY opinion, Rabecca sounds like a chimpmunk on Nitrus....Good lord girl... give up singing,PLEASE!!

1298 days ago


The actual writer(s) of the song get the master copy. The artist who performs the song doesn't.

Oh and, welcome to the music business.

1297 days ago


Dont we all wish we could write something silly and people eat it up and we become overnight success? She at least did something about trying to have success I dont see anyone else here that is bashing her doing anything to change their life...

1297 days ago


lol my fav rebecca black vid is still:

1293 days ago


lol my fav rebecca black vid is still:

1293 days ago


this kinda makes me sad knowing this is what people consider "talent" now.
leave music making to people who can really do it. i dont care if mommy and daddy have tons of cash to make your lame music videos and horrible music. this girl needs to be banned from tv/radio/magazines.

makes me want to puke.

ps. harvey your the man

1275 days ago


The song sucks, and yet the family is trying to get all the Money they can. It sounds like she sings with her nose plugged. Learn to sing!!!

1271 days ago


just blame Justin Beiber hes the one who found her first and encouraged her 2 sing

1247 days ago

who cares    

She is going to be a hot woman when she grows up, wish i could be her 18th bd party

1224 days ago

who cares    

At 13 she has more talent then most in hollywood industry, maybe not in singing but she looks like to have a natural talent in theater and or acting.

And she doesn't come close to being as irritating as JB she doesn't act like something she isn't (black)!

1224 days ago

who cares    

I dont understand why Disney hasn't offered her a contract? Disney has a office full of perverts who like to sexually exploit young girls.

1224 days ago

who cares    

One thing is for sure, she is going to be a hot woman when she grows up, wish i could be her 18th bd party.

1224 days ago


i hope they don't take the video down. i really love that girl in pink's dancing in it, it's my favorite part! oh well, i hear she is releasing her own single, so that's good!

1220 days ago
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