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Jason Davis Pleads Not Guilty in Heroin Case

4/4/2011 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis -- grandson of oil mogul Marvin Davis -- pled not guilty to felony heroin possession this morning in connection with his arrest back in January.


Davis appeared in an Orange County courtroom this morning -- where he also pled not guilty to two lesser drug charges.

As TMZ first reported, the "Celebrity Rehab" star was popped in Newport Beach, CA and cops believe he was high on a "central nervous system stimulant (prescription meds) and narcotic analgesic (painkillers) at the time of his arrest.

If convicted, Davis could face up to 3 years behind bars.


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Not even Bubba is gonna tap that!

1264 days ago

Very ugly.

1264 days ago


He seemed like the most annoying person in the world while on CR.

....can't be worse than his oily brother though.

1264 days ago


Gummi Bear and his brother are the result of parents who just don't care about their own kids. They should throw the parents in jail for decades of neglecting their kids. This is proof of years of neglect. I feel bad for both brothers. What a waste.

1264 days ago


Lock up this fat, arrogant greasy wog pig and throw away the key.

1264 days ago


Rich guy - won't do time. Looks a little fat to be on heroin.

1264 days ago


I am so sick of people being called celebrities just because they have a lot of money or because they are the children of famous people. This guy has nothing to offer by way of entertainment other than showing up where the paparzzi hang out and squealing out some stupidity.
Oink Oink!!

1264 days ago


Even the people in the background of this pic are ugly and have double and triple chins. Are they all related to Mr. Gummi Bear?

1264 days ago


too bad that so much time and resources continue to be squandered on someone who clearly does NOT wish to get well.

1264 days ago


He was on Millionaire Matchmaker. He is absolutely vile and revolting. Clearly anyone that dates his is solely interested in money. There's not enough money in the world to date him. He was filthy and barely groomed. DISgusting!

1264 days ago


Come on Brandon! Get your sh^t together and do something good with your time and money! You are a smart dude-just think you need to get some new good friends who will support you and help you stay clean forever.

1264 days ago


He and his equally useless, ugly and revolting brother took the name Davis from grandpa. Their momma married a gold digging, abusive Armenian rug merchant named Zarif. To try and sound white, they use Davis instead of Zarif. They are both broke, as the Davis fortune has been squandered. They freeload off their celeb friends. Lock them both up, the world will be a prettier and safer place.

1264 days ago

BiPolar Princess    

To the ignorant SOB that blames his bad behavior on his Parents, you either must not have children or you yourself ARE a bad parent yourself. I take that personally, that is like saying someone born with a disability it's because of the parents, NO it's because he has a heck of ALOT of money at a very young age and friends who like to leech of him and tell him it's ok, I am sure with that much money he stopped listening to anything ANYONE had to say, not even a stint with Dr. Drew helped him, so before you throw out the "parenting" card, please check your ignorance at the door. This boy has a problem, one that money hurt not helped. Ugly or not, he is going to die if he doesn't get help and people saying stupid things about his looks will only drive him to shove yet another needle in his arm, you think he doesn't go online and read these callous remarks? He does and it's hurtful, words hurt and his cure is killing him....I wish he had a supportive group who cares about him because sadly I think we are going to be commenting on his death and I hope ya'll have more compassion THEN!

1264 days ago


I have nothing to say about his looks and wish him well, but hated how condescending he was on the show. having said that though, he is godlike compared to that skankhole fake Janice ****enson; Worst acting job ever.

1264 days ago


At least he's still alive, Mike Starr who also was in treatment with Dr. Drew died recently from his drug use. Maybe people will realise how serious this stuff is, and when they're in treatment there isn't an automatic "Get out of Jail" card. This stuff is serious, no matter how rich you are - look at Charlie Sheen for example. First step is to admit you have a problem, and some people can't seriously do that.

1264 days ago
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