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Kurt Cobain Shrine -- Set in Stone

4/5/2011 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain has yet another way to be immortalized -- TMZ has learned, a 13-foot statue of a guitar was erected today ... in honor of the 17th anniversary of his death.

The statue will be unveiled this afternoon in Cobain's hometown of Aberdeen, WA.  We're told his grandfather is expected to attend, as well as former band members from Nirvana.

TMZ spoke with the statue's artist -- Lora Malakoff -- who tells us, the guitar will rest near the infamous Young Street Bridge, which the musician often sought refuge under to write lyrics.

A moment of silence please.


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dont think he even played guitar

Posted at 1:00 PM on Apr 5, 2011 by MIDNIGHT TOKER

What? Are you kidding? How old are you? lol.

1299 days ago


Reading some of these negative comments makes me want to just slap some people with a silly stick! Shame on you people for speaking that way, Kurt is a legend and he did not kill himself get your **** straight and stop reading tabloids and listening to bull****...RIP Kurt your loved

1299 days ago

ex lax    

should of been a shot gun

1299 days ago


I agree angeldnsouth some of the comments are pretty despicable, but that's all you can really except from some of the people on this site.

1299 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

dude. it's only like a cement guitar!! what's with all the hubbub??

1299 days ago

todd lee    

I was and still am a huge Nirvana fan. I cant believe how long ago 1994 was.

I personally think it was a crappy thing to kill himself because he never got to see his daughter grow up, that was the most sefish thing to do. But thats why drugs are a horrible thing to do.

But he was a great musician that struggled his way to the top that wrote amazing song and gave us other great musicians like Dave Ghrol and Dave Novelesic.

I never got to see Nirvana live :(

1299 days ago


LAYNE STALEY ALSO DIED TODAY! People always seem to forget that. Today was a day we lost 2 talented people. Layne in 2002

1299 days ago


I have never found cast cement statuary to be very classy, and this is a typical example. The dude made serious cash and was important to a lot of people, would something in granite or marble be too much to ask? Cast cement??? And it looks like its glued to the base with black caulk or something. Just not very classy at all.I'm wondering if its even solid cement, or if its hollow like those Saddam Hussein statues that were pulled down, leaving 2 big hollow pipes where the legs were.

1299 days ago

Jen O.    

Umm...Kurt was a lefty guitar player... : /

1299 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

"...and at the bottom was an engraved plaque which read 'If you reach for the stars, kids, this could be you!'"

1299 days ago


they should have erected a shot gun instead!

1299 days ago

Made it Past 27    

RIP Kurt.

Another reminder of how much today's music sucks.

1299 days ago


I still don't see the reverence for Kurt Cobain. Here in Seattle, every morning news program was talking about the statue. One news anchor started gushing about Aberdeen and how, golly, Nirvana even wrote a song that made mention of his birth city.

It's all quite silly. The guy was the front of a band that was one of many in the early grunge movement. He was not a proficient guitarist by any measure; however, he was quite skilled a creating a catchy vocal hook.

Not much else, save the iconic martyrdom status that he has achieved...

1299 days ago


Nirvana was a great rock band. Kurt was a great songwriter and had a classic rock voice. I saw Nirvana live back in the day and their live shows were awsome. It was too bad the physical/emotional problems that fueled his music also led to his demise. You could tell he wasn't going to be around banging out tunes in his sixties like Pete Townsend. It's also too bad that Francis Bean Cobain grew up without a father. If there were a silver lining to this it would be that his music/merchandising makes more $$$ now than when he was alive and Francis should be able to live comfortably and miles away from the trainwreck of a mother Courtney Love. For the record, Nirvana blew Michael Jackson off of the top of the charts and changed the direction of rock from tired, overworked trivial pop songs back to more honest, introspective and primal expressions of rock 'n roll. With all of this Gaga, Ke$ha, Britney, Miley crap being forced down our throats non stop I wonder when a real talent will truly emerge from the ashes of rock to clean the slate and remind us that Rock 'n Roll is created by talented musicians/songwriters, not a bunch of studio geeks, auto-tune engineers and dance routines. End of rant. Long live Kurt. Peace

1299 days ago


Yes...a moment of silence for a heroin addict that killed himself and orphaned a daughter despite having all the success and potential support a person can have.

Depression is sad, but he was no hero, people. He took a lot of drugs, strung some words together and screamed them into a microphone while barely managing to play guitar. There are 7,352 others in Seattle just like him, you just don't know their names. He was no worse than a lot of people, but certainly and obviously no better than the majority of people. A man or woman who works a thankless job while holding a marriage together and managing to be a responsible parent to their kid make this guy look like spoiled, whiny, drug-riddled s***.

Get a life and quit worshipping idiots like this guy...or Jim Morrison...or Charlie Sheen...

1299 days ago
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