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Charlie Sheen to Trump's Hotel: Watch Out!!!

4/7/2011 2:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The furniture at the Trump Hotel in NYC better be on high alert ... because Charlie Sheen -- the warlock who destroyed a room at the nearby Plaza Hotel last year after losing a really expensive watch -- just checked in for a little R&R.

Sheen rolled into town this morning to prepare for the next installment of his "Torpedo" tour -- and was seen walking up the steps of the Trump International Hotel ... wearing a shiny timepiece on his left wrist.

We're just guessing here ... but if the pillows and chairs in his room could talk ... they'd probably say, "Please, Charlie ... don't lose that watch while you're here. Seriously. Don't."



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As always, having money does not equate class.

Sheen already trashed his suite in the Plaza, I don't think he will do that again in another hotel in NYC. Regardless of paying for the damages.

1296 days ago


Mid-crisis dude....ha ha!...oh heaven lord....I am starting to think that Charlie owns this site and write everything about himself. I have never been on a media site where they post same "star" daily like here.

Posted at 11:44 AM on Apr 7, 2011 by Jackie


How can they NOT, when the said star is sueing THEIR bosses for 100 million? LOL!! It's their job to make him look bad.

1296 days ago


Who is authoring some of these articles at TMZ? This one is remarkably childish. Watches don't talk and adults who read websites don't wish to read this immature junk.

1296 days ago

J Johnson    

The sweats and dress shoes are sure attractive...

1296 days ago

J Johnson    

hey nof

That's a Columbus jersey, not Columbia - you know, where he was last night...

1296 days ago


Looks like he is wearing make up... or maybe it is just the lighting.

1296 days ago


Everything about Charlie Sheen is getting old.
Including coverage.

Snaggle-toothed Washed-up, Has-been Nasty Old Man.

1296 days ago

Kris Tidwell    

Why do we even care to talk about this low life,whore loving,pill popping/disgrace to his family, crack head???

1296 days ago


Did you know this loser is a high school drop out? I can't believe anyone would pay good money to go see this loser, wife beater, drug addict etc. I don't think he's long for this world. Luckily his children should be well provided for.

1296 days ago


Yeah, Marilyn. Gotta love when people wait for someone to die.

On a side note...Is it just me or do these pieces of garbage that TMZ calls EXCLUSIVE info sound a lot like the mocking vanity cards of Lorre? You guys are so transparent. LOL

1296 days ago


Shows just what a ****y SOB Charlie is, after Trump commented a while back about being friend's with Brook's parents. Hope Trump has to kick him out.

1296 days ago


Trump hotel.. Could there be a celebrity apprentice deal in the works for the next season???

1296 days ago


I guess with a large population we will always find defenders for this piece of work.

One poster asked another poster if he had seen him hitting his I wonder if he thinks that every single word written about Charlie has been a lie. Hero whorship? Maybe.

Bottom line Charlie is now a joke even in the eyes of his peers. I suspect he will either end up dead, or a shell of a man. Look at him, he looks a hundred years old now!

He is a coward, a drug addict, a dead beat Dad, a sperm donor, a horrible son and brother, an ego maniac, a I-like-them-icky woman lover, porno freak, selfish, mildly talented, and finally a clown.

He insults the people who paid money to see him, has the nerve to question those who found his worthless.

Can you imagine what happens when his kids Google him someday???

1296 days ago


Just watched those blurry tmz pics of the "hotel room carnage" back then - all showing just a bed and a broken chair.

Seriously, that's what all the noise is about? Is there any story AT ALL about Charlie that's not plain lies or massively cooked up?

Posted at 12:23 PM on Apr 7, 2011 by Raymond


When I first saw those pics a few months ago I bursted out laughing. LOL!! Considering the headlines, one might have expected Plaza in ruins.
As for stories...They made him a pug killer, FGS. They have no boundaries, and with the help of his ex-wives and attention whores like Kacey Jordan or Capri Anderson, they have an easy task.

1296 days ago


he looks like he'll drop dead soon.
later loser.

1296 days ago
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