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Roseanne to Ex:

I'm Taking Full Custody of Our Son

4/7/2011 10:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Roseanne Barr wants to strip her ex-husband of custody of their son ... and she let everyone know it today in open court.


Roseanne and her ex, Ben Thomas, are in the middle of a trial to determine if Roseanne has to foot the bill for Ben's trips to Hawaii to visit their son, Buck. Roseanne lives in Hawaii and Buck attends school there.

During the trial today in L.A.County Superior Court ... Roseanne's legal team said they are in the process of filing for "sole legal and physical custody" of Buck.

Her attorneys expect to complete the process once the judge rules in the current trial.

Outside court, we asked how it went -- and Roseanne simply put her hands together to pray.


Roseanne is expected to take the stand tomorrow.


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Let me see if I understand this correctly.

1. They had a legally binding order for joint physical custody.
2. Roseanne decided she wanted to move several thousand miles away to Hawaii and take her son with her.
3. Her ex agreed, provided she pay his travel expenses to visit his son for 10 days a month, each month.
4. The revised custody agreement was formalized in family court proceedings.
5. Roseanne now wishes to reneg on the agreement.

And this is the ex-husband's fault because...?

Posted at 2:52 AM on Apr 8, 2011 by Sharon

That's what this sounds like to me too. If the deal was she would pay if he supported her taking their son so far away, and then she reneges once they get there, I hope the judge looks at the agreement and says, "This was your idea. Pay as agreed. Your ex-husband supported the move as long as he could see his son and you paid for it since the move was expensive. Again, this was your idea."

1257 days ago


She got permission to move to Hawaii by promising to fly her ex-husband and his wife out there to be able to see him, now she is trying to renege.

1257 days ago

Big Jim Slade    

The absolute worst thing Roseanne could do is take the stand. What kind of idiot lawyer is letting her do this? With her irritating, whiney voice, the judge will rule against her at lightning speed just to shut her up.

1257 days ago


Why should she have to pay for the ex and his new wife to get Hawaiian vacations? Let him pay for his own trips. Let the 16 year old decide where he wants to live. Roseanne could pay for her son to visit the husband if the son wants to visit. He's old enough to fly back to the mainland on his own.

1257 days ago


She said she would cover HIS expenses but now he is married & wants her to cover his new wife expenses. Each time they stay longer but not visiting the son, so why should she pay for the new wife? Then he has the nerve to say their trip should be first class all the way on her dime, hmmm I don't think so.

1256 days ago


@52 The agreement is for HIM not his new wife, nor their all paid expenses vacation each month. When she told him she would pay for first class tickets for him & his wife nor the most expensive a$$ hotel on the island he bitched like a little girl.

He tried to use the agreement for expensive vacations for his new wife on her dime, so I don't blame her for saying okay enough is enough. She does not have a problem paying for his flight but has a problem shelling out over $30k+ each month for him to entertain his wife.

Besides the son wants to live in Hawaii with his mother and he is old enough to make his wishes known.

1256 days ago


I happened to meet Roseanne Barr, purely by chance recently. I did not recognize her but I did recognize her voice. We spoke for quite some time. She was very charming and very, nice. People need to say out of other peoples business. No one knows the dichotomy of others people relationship - it is like the old saying of "don't judge a person till you walk a mile in their shoes." Give it rest and don't bad mouth the woman unless you are totally involved in her business!!

1255 days ago

Glory Bee    

Custody arrangements can be altered,but only 2 more years to go, so should leave well enough alone. No fist class, no new wife. The richer custodial parent filing in a state remote from the other does seem unfair. Remember, there are 2 parents.

1254 days ago
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