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Kim K Lines Up

NEW Photo Shoot with Cosmo

4/12/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is a woman of forgiveness -- TMZ has learned she's already agreed to do a brand new photo shoot for Cosmo ... putting aside her problems with the mag after they splashed her picture on the cover of the Turkish version.

Sources close to Kim tell us she struggled with the decision to work with Cosmo again -- because even though she has an "amazing relationship" with the magazine ... she's very passionate about her Armenian heritage.

Kim was upset because Cosmo didn't ask her permission to run the controversial cover -- it's controversial because Kim is Armenian and the Turks committed genocide against her people nearly 100 years ago ... and still refuse to acknowledge it.

Fact is, Kim didn't even know about the Turkish magazine cover until TMZ posted it yesterday.

We're told Kim's team and Cosmo talked things out Monday and Kim decided to let bygones be bygones ... and another photo shoot could take place as early as this week.



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Yep I said that    

Does this skank even know where Armenia is or for that matter Turkey? This shallow b!tch does any thing for publicity and money I bet Turkey would be raising hell if that country knew this trollops fame comes from spreading her p**sy and arse in a porn tape

1254 days ago


Oh....Kim found it in her great big Armenian heart (or is it her AZZ) to "Forgive" Cosmo..I mean her "amazing relationship" might be tainted by her attitude...God forbid...

But of course all of the publicity was certainly handy huh?.

For Shame Kartrashian...however will you face all those Armenians?

1253 days ago


PERFECT about 15 ads on this comment section for FAKE and COUNTERFEIT goods!

They certainly know where to place fake ads huh?

1253 days ago


This entire family is useless, shallow and a terrible example for young girls and humans in general. She had a sextape in which she allows a man to pee on her, acts horrified when it is leaked and then settles on 5,000,000 dollars to sell it and then acs horrified it has been released. Now the family is all over magazines and television and noone really knows why. I'm down with a boycott of sponsors that run commercials during their shows. It worked to get Skins out of here and it worked with Glenn Beck losing sponsors. Why not try it for these useless horrible examples for our youth and society?

1253 days ago


For vapid morons like this money overcomes principle every time.

1253 days ago


The truth of the matter is who gives a ****! Shame on her for using the GENOCIDE as a way to feed her media appetitate. SO disrespectful!!!

Bottom Line: She knew she would be on the cover and because it backlashed she's milking it by helping the victim!!!

So pathetic!!!!!

1253 days ago



Who are her sponsors, besides cosmo? I don't even watch the E! network. I doubt I even buy from any of her sponsors anyways.

1253 days ago


She is just whining to hear her own voice. Just shut that c*&k hole in the middle of your face, bend over and smile for the camera, like you have done in the past.

1253 days ago


Kardashians, Go Away and take the Lohan and Jackson famlies with you.

1253 days ago


SO we should start with boycotting Sketchers, Shoedazzle(what ever the hell that is),Quick Trim,Carls Jr., Silly Bandz(what shapes would kids want to wear inspired by a porn actress), don't watch Spin Crowd which she gets a producer title on(doubt she produces ****),and any other bull**** she plans on doing. It works to boycott advertisers. It is beyond insane to hold this person up as a role model for our youth and to put them on television and in magazines without explaining that her path is not the path children should want to venture down. And beleive me, in working with our youth, it is difficult to motivate them to study and get educated because they see so many examples of the exact opposite (Kardashians, Snooki and the Jersey Shore, Real Housewives garbage and all the other useless shows on tv

1253 days ago

real deal    

Well, as long as they're willing to do another photo shoot. I guess next month would be ok because it doesn't technically fall on the anniversary of the autrocity.

This is just a tremendous victory for the Armenian people. That'll teach those Turkish fashionistas!!

Way to work it out guys. Kim K, international diplomat. Who knew? Maybe she should be the US ambassador to Turkey. That's one way to get rid of her.

1253 days ago


What the hell does it matter? The chick is not Armenian.

I wish all the people who say they are a hyphenated Americans would just go back from whence they came; most hate Americans anyway.

1253 days ago

Who Cares    

"she's very passionate about her Armenian heritage."
hmmm, is that so? My best friend is Armenian and her family are extremely passionate about their heritage. They've been to numerous protest in D.C. outside the Turkey Embassy and are apart of the (ANCA) Armenian National Committee of America and other organizations. And they TRAVEL every summer to Armenia. It's hard to believe Kim is passionate about her people/heritage when I've yet to see her do anything supportive... and she said she's never even been to Armenia. But she's pasionate? PLEASE! All the Armenians I've come across have said themselves that they don't care for Kim or her family. Kim is a money hungry publicity stunt pulling, attention whore.

1253 days ago


Woow I used to like her and support her but now that i just heard this I cannot even look at her face on tv anymore. My god!! How can someone that says she is educated can think like that. Kimmmmm that was 100 years ago. How stupid are you? There isnt even one person alive from back then. Now I know why people thought you were a stupid whore. I agree!!!

1253 days ago


Of course if the money is right and I love taking pictures and being on the cover of magazines because I am so full of myself. Now if the Armanian people speak out against the fact that she is continuing to accept money from Cosmo after they did such an awful thing to her, then she won't know nothing about that either. How low can you go.

1253 days ago
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