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Kobe Bryant's Rant Under NBA Review

4/13/2011 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant's homophobic outburst and sideline tantrum is being reviewed by NBA honchos ... TMZ has learned.

Kobe Bryant Playoffs

Our NBA sources say league execs are taking a closer look at last night's game footage -- where Kobe is seen mouthing what looks very much like, "F**king fa**ot."

It's unclear what kind of punishment the league could bring down on Kobe ... but suspension or a fine is a dangerous possibility with the playoffs about to start.

UPDATE: TMZ has learned GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination) has also  contacted the Lakers organization regarding the incident. 

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abram hernandez    

mr.#6 cartman... your definition is way off!!!

1251 days ago


You're never going to gain full acceptance so what's the best thing to do. Shut the **** up, ignore what other people think, and live your god damn lives.

1251 days ago

nobody important    

@55 the last time i checked I believe heterosexual human beings are also being killed, committing suicide, sexual diseases and into drug use. NEXT

1251 days ago


Oh yeah, and Dann. Come off the victim act. You are not a victim. And you aren't special because you happen to have light skin pigment.

cubano07x, Kobe is a role model for kids and represents a team, a league and himself, as well as his family, and really the city of LA. He making homophobic slurs, especially during these times where there are so many reports and so much more concern and awareness of anti-gay bigotry, is a BAD REPRESENTATION of all of these things, and it is NOT acceptable in a civil society. This is 2011. Being bigoted isn't seen as a "whatever" issue by most. It's seen as a major issue, and rightfully so. It is a major issue.

1251 days ago


And thats why I kept every article on the situation when it was happening. I was very angry at Kobe, then the truth started coming out about her she would have been destroyed in court, and she just happened to be pregnant at the time by some other dude, she has been in treatment for cocaine addiction and also had accused others (not true) for the same thing. She was a girl with many problems and even her friends and co-workers were going to testify against her. His wife forgave him for cheating so that's her problem not mine, but there was no rape.

1251 days ago


@10:47 So you're saying that what African Americans went through and continue to go through is any different than what LGBTC community is currently experiencing????? Please don't make this about Gay people experiencing worst treatment than any other race of people. When I think about my Ancestors coming over her on the "Trans Atlantic Slave Ships" against their WILLS, I'm thinking nothing can compare to this treatment. & Yes as a AA I do know what they go through. Welcome to our World. ( it ain't pretty is it????)

1251 days ago


I'm surprises these gays get so butt hurt over comments, given what they take up their own.

1251 days ago


I don't get it. Gay call themselves ***s,queens,queer,homos.mos...and thats ok. But heaven forbid if you use any of those words in a fit of anger. Even worse..don't you dare use the word ******....except of course if you are black. Get over it.

1251 days ago


@Flyboy - You are completely mistaken. The word '***got' has nothing to do with ***s being burned at the stake. The word wasn't even used to refer to homosexuals until the early 1900s.

It's widely held that '***got' comes from the Yiddish word faygeleh, meaning "little bird."

Further, all of your hand wringing and crying that "homophobia is a terrible disease" is embarrassing...

1251 days ago


@Flyboy Kobe is not a role model and he doesn't want to be one. His job is to win games that's it. Just listen to Sir Charles. He's my role model as far as work ethic goes. Most true sports fans
Respect these guys for their game and ignore their personal lives because it's none of our business. Which is why I never turned against Tiger Woods.


1251 days ago


Ruffles, you don't speak for me or literally ANY heterosexual I know. We aren't weird anti-gay perverts. Homophobia is a personality disorder. I don't think most heterosexuals are disordered like you. As for "get back in the closet", gay people are human beings, fully legal citizens, and fully free to live openly and be themselves. If YOU don't like that, then you're free to move to Iran or somewhere else. But you certainly aren't special because you happen to be straight. Time to get over yourself and get over your irrational homophobia.

Jake, why don't you shut the f**k up? Why do you think you have the right to tell the gay community what to do and how to think? Oh yeah, you don't. Oh, and BTW, gay people aren't concerned with your acceptance. Oh, and as an educated non-homosexual, I would rather be friends with a gay man than you. Try dropping the self-importance.

Nobody important, gay people are discriminated against and driven into these negative actions by society. Heterosexuals are not discriminated against for being straight by and large. We all know this. You are not a victim because you are straight. Get over yourself.

1251 days ago




1251 days ago


and his punishment for expressing himself freely will be... making him wear the old school basketball shorts? You know the ones, Karim style? The ones that threaten a low hanging surprise- they look more like runners shorts. I don't think anyone in the gay community will think thats an unjust punishment. But seriously- You pay these "athletes" ridiculous amounts of money to play a game, they build socially sustainable self centered gigantic egos because now they can afford it, and when they mouth off in an insensitive way (and you have the privilege of overhearing it or reading lips) all of a sudden people demand a fine or whatever??? Get over it. You made this monster and plenty more like him in each and every un-affordable mainstream sport. You made them, you support them by patronizing those sports, and when they kill animals or mouth off homophobic or racist slurs- you should do what you have already done for so long already- turn a blind eye. Hypocrites.

1251 days ago

nobody important    

@68 First of all "gay" isn't a race or ethnicity. They choose to be with someone of the same gender just as I choose to be with someone of opposite. How in the hell can you can get race out of that?

Secondly, why are the Caucasian Americans of today in any way responsible for what our ancestors may have done over 100 friggin years ago? I am so sick of the double standard in the God forsaken country.

I am a heterosexual middle class White American...i'm f***ed! Like you said it ain't pretty.

1251 days ago


For those of you who say get over it....

Just know, your telling it your way to all 5, 6, 7, 10 year-old kids who were watching the game.

Are you really telling these children to "GET OVER IT" "It's just a word"?

I feel sorry for any child your ever around. Or even if you have any children. Hate is learned, as is love.

What kind is your message?

1251 days ago
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