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Kobe Apologizes to Gay Rights Group

4/13/2011 10:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant just got off the phone with the president of a gay rights organization -- and apologized for using a gay slur last night ... TMZ has learned.


Bryant spoke with Human Rights Campaign honcho Joe Solmonese -- who tells TMZ, "I applaud Kobe Bryant for his swift apology. We had a very sincere conversation in which he expressed his heartfelt regret for the hurt that his words caused."

Solmonese adds, "He told me that it’s never OK to degrade or tease, and that he understands how his words could unfortunately give the wrong impression that this is appropriate conduct."

"At the end of a difficult day, I applaud Kobe for coming forward and taking responsibility for his actions."

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PRO US    

@Moon Dust: And most people won't be insulted at being called a "hunk". "Hunk" has nothing whatsoever to do with "Honkie". It's all in the pronunciation. Usually, when people are called "Honkie", it's with a nasty or deriding intonation, not how you'd sound if you're calling someone "hunk".

I never heard anyone being called "hunky". I guess they'd probably think you meant they're a "hunk" which is good. But "hunky" can also be interpreted as a disparaging term for a person, especially a laborer, from east-central Europe, so I wouldn't use the term "hunky".

I don't know if SAM is RAYMOND. Never really thought about it.

1259 days ago


PRO US are you a lawyer? just wondering is all

1259 days ago

PRO US    

@MoonDust: Why do you ask that?

1259 days ago


Again, did anyone hear him apologize. I am hearing from people that he apologized, I have not heard it from his mouth. On the radio show today, he never did, and the dj gave him a couple of opportunities to do it.

1259 days ago

Rabinowitz The Hebe    

Hopefully tomorrow we can get back to the normal, Lindsay/Charlie stories. I think we all had enough, from the squealing outraged Nancy Boys for awhile.

1259 days ago


Dude, I am in an industries where gay dominate, the airline industry, and believe me, gay are so promiscous is not even funny dude lol!!!!! All they think about is going to bath houses once they land in a certain city, dude I can tell you so many stories about what goes on on this airline. It would be better than a reality show, believe me

1259 days ago


my last comment was in response to chad btw:)

1259 days ago


@brad you seriously have anger issues against KOBE. Why is that? Oh I know maybe because you wish that was you, you wish to be just like Kobe but instead your a pathetic loser trying to bring someone down that has it all and you don't. So get a F* Life. And Brad stop HATING!!!! Hater!!!!

1259 days ago


WTH???? this is crazy, give me a freaking break!!! These gay people go way overboard, get help!! cry me a freaking river.... i'm sure this is not the worst they have heard.....

1259 days ago


It is the airline industry. Don't you travel? You can't group gay people like that. I am sure there are more than a few women in that industry that sleep around also. Matter a fact I know one that was married and had a baby with a pilot.

Posted at 8:47 PM on Apr 13, 2011 by Chad

Dude, of course I travel i'm the airline industry lol, main reason why I am here. But dude gay peeps are the biggest whore in the world when it comes to being loose to say the least. No lie, i know a guy who had to have surgerie in his ass because he couldn't hold his **** anymore. AND TRUST ME DUDE I KNOW SO MANY OF THEM, AND NONE ARE IN monogamous relationships, they are all open bareback ****s

1259 days ago

PRO US    

@Keyser Soze: Kobe was never tried much less convicted of rape. Why are you saying that about Turkish Airways?

1259 days ago


freaking gays make me sick.

1259 days ago


Haha Kobe trying to do some damage control again! Cheater, rapist, and now add gay-basher as well to the list!

1259 days ago


Society as a whole uses the "word" with hurt for feeling, along with a list of other words. I do believe Mister Bryant just used the first word that popped into his head with really know thought to the matter.

1259 days ago


Homophobia is a social disease and growing up in Amerika we're all infected. All this hate speech and name calling is an expression of self-loathing and fear of our own sexuality. However, it crosses a dangerous line from personal dysfunction into a hate crime very easily. The numerous public murders of homosexuals by gangs of thugs has resulted in a recognition by responsible organizations that there should be zero tolerance for celebrities like basketball players. For those of you who were taught as children by your parents or your church or your childhood friends to loathe yourself and your sexuality and to fear the differences in others - I hope you can find your way back to a life without hatred of yourself and others.

1259 days ago
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