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Sarah Palin -- Stalker Threatened to Rape My Daughter

4/14/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin has obtained a new restraining order against the stalker who's been terrorizing her family  -- after the man allegedly made several disturbing threats ... including raping Sarah's daughter.


A judge in Anchorage made the new TRO official last week -- after Sarah claimed 19-year-old Shawn Christy had become more "brazen" in his threats to harm Sarah and her family ... and even rape her daughter.

It's unclear which daughter Sarah was referring to in the legal docs -- but she later mentions that the stalker targeted Willow in his threats and it "bothered [her] tremendously."

It doesn't end there either -- according to the docs, Shawn phoned Sarah's house calling her a "slut or whore" ... and Sarah's dad claims the family was so spooked they "made sure we armed ourselves."

Sarah's due back in court on April 27th -- to make the temporary restraining order permanent.


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Hello is anybody in there?    

Don't like here but this is dumb how about arrest the guy before he hurts someone!

1286 days ago

Hello is anybody in there?    

Her i mean.

1286 days ago


This country is in a sad state...

We elected a guy with no history to be our "black President" and he has so far done a terrible job. Even Oprah has retracted her support.

Wouldn't it be great to elect a President who cared about our country and didn't always make apologies for it?

I am so bummed Hillary didn't beat this assclown. He has proven what absolutely no experience at anything will get you.

1286 days ago


i hope he tries to break in to thier house and the old man BLOWS HIS ROTTEN HEAD OFF!!! god bless the 2nd ammendment and god bless the USA!!! RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!!!

1286 days ago


I love how TMZ includes all the hateful details. I hope Sarah Palin's lawyers rip TMZ a new one. I hope it's a painful one.

I don't see why they felt the need to include all that "rape" and "whore" business but I'm sure TMZ will pay dearly for those lovely terms.

1286 days ago

Hello is anybody in there?    

I don't get why she has to go to court to get a "temporary" restraining order. This guy is crazy he need to go to jail or an mental institution.

1286 days ago



Oh, so Oprah was on his side and NOW isnt', YOU voted for this character because OPRAH said so????

Tooo bad for you!!!

1286 days ago


Another "I'm the victim" claim by Palin. The Trig story is being questioned again, so time to throw out another distraction about her so-called stalker. Seriously, to those calling out TMZ for posting all the details, they're just doing what Van Flynn told them to do. There's a reason these Palin stories end up here...this is where her lawyer plants them since no reputable news would cover them.

1286 days ago


It takes a stalker for you to arm yourselves. You live in Alaska for God's sake. Polar bears, etc.

1286 days ago

Studley Buck    

This idiot Shawn Christy ought to be in jail. He is giving plenty of warning signs.

1286 days ago


I saw what these chicks do to salmon. He needs to pick on somebody else.

1286 days ago

January Jonez    

Wow - Although I don't care much for Palin's political views, I hope they put this fool away...Shoot to kill ++

1286 days ago


They should put the dude in jail. Unless there is something secret going on with him and Sarah.

1286 days ago


Aww you gotta love the "tolerant" left. LOL! And they have the nerve to call the right hateful.

1286 days ago


Is Donald Trump taking her media attention away from her? Give me a break! I don't believe this one.

1286 days ago
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