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Conrad Murray Juggling 3 Women On Day MJ Died

4/14/2011 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray crossed the professional line in treating Michael Jackson based on his involvement with three women -- one of whom was a stripper ... this according to new documents filed by prosecutors in his manslaughter case.

According to the docs, Dr. Murray was on the phone with a cocktail waitress whom prosecutors say was his girlfriend ... minutes before the 911 call was made.

Prosecutors say the woman ... Sade Anding, was in Houston where she met Murray while working as a cocktail waitress.  Prosecutors say the call proves Murray was paying attention to his girlfriend, and not MJ, during the critical period before Michael's death.  And, prosecutors want to admit a $500 check that Murray wrote to Anding "after the two came back from a social outing."

Prosecutors also say Murray had communications with 2 other women on the day Michael died, one of whom is a stripper at Spearmint Rhino Gentleman's Club in Las Vegas.  Prosecutors want to admit text messages between Murray and stripper Michelle Bella sent on June 25, 2009 at 8:30 A.M.  Prosecutors also want the jury to see a receipt for $1,100 -- showing what Murray paid for at the Spearmint Rhino the day he met Bella.

A third woman -- Bridgette Morgan -- also called Murray on June 25, to ask about a plane ticket he said he was purchasing for her so she could fly out to see him.


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Best Mom    

Some of you think it was no big deal that Murray was on the phone June 25 instead of monitoring his patient, Michael. Sorry, but it is a big deal! I wonder how safe you'll feel the next time your life is in the hands of a doctor. I'm sure as heck you'll be praying he is a doctor that you can totally trust to take care of you, the patient. Isn't that what you are entitled to? So was Michael!

1233 days ago


There's more jaw dropping information to come... get your popcorn ready!!!!!!

1233 days ago


Mr. Murray certainly was busy spending money he hadn't yet made apparently. Flashing around $$ and likely bragging about that he was MJs personal physician ... will justice be served? Unfortunately I doubt it but I sure would like to seem him lose his license(s).

And all the people making offhand vile remarks about things they know nothing about other than what they learn from their advanced reading skills of tabloid trash, stop being so gullible.

RIP MJ - to think that this is the nonsense you lived your life through - certainly speaks wonders of your perserverance and patience with the world.

1233 days ago


Murray just happens to be the fall guy, but was paid from Jackson to perscribe him any drugs he wanted. If it wasn't Murray it would have been someone else.

Just wait, Murrays lawayers will pull Michael Jackson apart (no joke on his plastic surgery he never had).

1233 days ago


the doctor has a special hot line to God

1233 days ago


RIP MJ - to think that this is the nonsense you lived your life through - certainly speaks wonders of your perserverance and patience with the world.

most of the nonsense was brought by himself and he has only himself to blame

1233 days ago


Bottom line, Murray's attorney would try to dog MJ out and the prosecutor will do the same to Murray. But it's the reasonable doubt that's in question here.... did MJ wanted out of the London dates? Did he feel he would never pay his debt? Did he feel he would disappoint his fans? This is the point, all other things don't matter. Was the standard of care provided?.... my opinion..NO!!!! This guy seems guilty ass hell!!!!!

1233 days ago


Really? Because I'm sure everyone on here hasn't talked on the phone to friends or significant others while at work. As if he knew MJ was going to die. Sheesh. MJ was a spoiled brat drug-user. Get over it.

1233 days ago


Yesterday I had to post something re: medical negligence, not criminal. I don't know about criminal. I was just wondering why they didn't also charge him with negligence, or did they, I can't remember. When they read the official charges against Murray, did they just charge with with Homicide or is it Criminally Negligent Homicide. I can't even remember its been so long ago. Will have to revisit some old boards. Do you remember the charge?
The Hippocratic Oath that doctors's take says that they are to first do no harm, and to care for their patients to the best of their ability. If a doctor acts in a way that harms his patient and in accordance that causes harm, but the act is not criminal, that is negligence. The patient doesn't have to be disabled for it to be considered negligence, just harmed, if the doctor, nurse, dentist or medical professional acted in a way that was not in the best interest of the patient that caused that person some harm.

1233 days ago


Those whose labeling MJ as a drug addict. There's plenty of addicts out here, they aren't dying while in care of a doctor getting paid $150,000 a month. Whatever the patient did days, weeks, months before did not cause his death on June 25th, 2009!!!! All this other jabbering is hogwash!!!

1233 days ago


What a dirty dog that Murray is! "The man" as ric calls him is going down. Hope he likes prison food!

1232 days ago

Master Po    

All these woman and MJ dont want a piece. I guess they need to be 12 year old boys.

1232 days ago


It takes more than lose speculations about what MJ may have thought about the upcoming tour - if he was scared, etc - to cause "reasonable doubt".

You have to look at the hard facts, which are Murray being hired, which is an indication MJ did NOT want to risk his life, and then Murray making about 10 "mistakes" in a row, about all of them "mistakes" not even I would make - and I'm not a doctor.

But if we go there anyway: Anything could have gone through MJ's mind, and as most performers could tell you, being both excited and nervous is part of the whole thing. But he had decades of experience and basically no stage fright. Also, he would never ever leave his three children, I think everyone would agree on that. He'd rather cancel, and he'd done that before as well, it's not something he just couldn't make himself do. So, the defense wouldn't get very far with that strategy and it's highly unlikely it would amount to "reasonable doubt".

1232 days ago



I believe he was just charged with involuntary manslaugter.

From looking around online, it seems criminal negligence is the highest degree of negligence. Not sure what the difference is between criminal negligence and manslaughter or what the punishment/penalties might be for criminal negligence.

I wonder which carries the more severe penalty?

1232 days ago
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