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Lindsay Lohan -- Attempted Retail Robbery Victim!

4/15/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan faces grand theft felony charges for a necklace that we found out was marked up 300%!!!


TMZ has learned the necklace designer sold Kamofie & Co. the piece for $850 -- that price tag does not qualify for felony grand theft, which requires a value of $950 or more.

Kamofie was trying to sell the necklace to Lindsay for $2,500 bucks.

As we first reported, we're told Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, will argue the D.A. should only be allowed to charge her client with a misdemeanor because of the value of the necklace.

But even if Holley loses that argument, Kamofie's owner -- who we're told will be testifying at Lindsay's preliminary hearing -- is going to have a PR problem for the mark-up and for selling the surveillance video and shopping a book deal.



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john smith    

Andy, please watch the film Clueless with Alicia Silverstone. Lindsay didn't mean to steal the necklace. She's a gnarly airhead who goes to court with FU on her fingernail and doesn't even know she has it painted on her nail. She gets home and watches the news and is like calabunga! I had FU on my fingernail, that's some super radical shiat, now I'm like driving in the carpool lane the wrong direction on the freeway like Nicole Ritchie. 911...... what's your emergency?...... yes officer, umm, I am driving on the freeway in the carpool lane and all the other cars seem to be going the other direction and I'm really not sure what to do....... 911 ....ummmm......your on the freeway in the carpool lane driving the wrong direction and you don't know what to do? ................ Yes something doesn't feel right.

1293 days ago


Their u go agin feeling sorry for urself but what about lindsay and ali an me evrything we hav 2 go thru bcause of u haters u get wot u desrve but that ok bcause we win in the end and we liv better than u loosers

luv u nicole

1293 days ago


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1293 days ago


Pull out your retail math text books, people. To calculate markup %:

(Retail - Cost)/Retail = Markup %

This is 66% mark up - normal for jewelry, garments, etc. The jewelry store is not robbing anyone. they are in business to make a profit just like you are tmz.

1293 days ago


nick doo u hav ne shampain 4 some reeson they wont sell to me nemore i hate li they treet me like theres sumthing rong with me it isnt fair im just tryn to make a life 4 lindsay and ali and me wots rong with that i got my hair done 2day its still thrsday rite

1293 days ago

john smith    

please check your math

1293 days ago

john smith    

Kamofie must have one of Nicole's jail calculators!

1293 days ago

john smith    


1293 days ago


"LieHoShouldBeInJail 11 hours ago
@suza When Davey Boy wrote earlier about being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Puckett wrote back "Good, you deserve it!"
Gives you an idea what a lowlife piece of pure filth that person really is. I'd ignore him/her if I were you (or anyone else for that matter)"


No, i didn't say that. But keep spreading the lies and hate, TMZ loves you for it. They thrive on it. It's profitable. You

lol, here you think i'm horrible but you can't even be bothered to quote something i actually said, but just make something up instead, because i guess i'm not horrible enough as it is for you, so you embellish.

What i said was harh but true. Deal with it. And when i siad "i won't miss you" to Davey Boy i meant on TMZ, because Davey-Boy has been a childish bore lobing brain-dead sheeple hatred at me and anyone else who doesn't go with the heard. I hope Davey Boy is out enjoying the rest of his life whatever that means, but i won't miss him on TMZ one bit.

"Bye... but i can't say i'll miss you given the crap you've been spewing on TMZ. If your terminal take advantage of what time you have left instead of wasting it bigtime on TMZ like you have been doing.

Talk about wasting your life away. I mean really! Do you actually think your reading and replying to pseudonymous comments by Micheal and Dina Lohan? pffft! Buy a clue and get on with living what life you have left. What you do on TMZ isn't living, it's slowly dying. Move on to something better before it's to late."

1293 days ago


I worked in the jewelry industry and that is just about standard pricing. You have to think of the stores over head, labor casts , and taxes to be paid, plus the store has to make a profit. This if a felony because to the store that was the price needed to stay a float. She needs to go to jail she isn't innocent she is manipulative. Put her in the clink.

1293 days ago


its a felany to h8 lindsay and me and ali u people r horible and ul get wot u desrve

1293 days ago


"FUTMZ 11 hours ago
Puckett wrote back "Good, you deserve it"?

If so...

Fvck you, Puckett"

---- Aww look, how cute. The Sheeple are grazing on the lies they've been fed. Isn't nature wonderful?

1293 days ago

andyconda good parenting by Dina check it out

1293 days ago


WTF..Linds runs off to Coachella this weekend. Not a care in the world with her. This was on ROL. What was really shocking to me is Radar included her as a Hollywood star.

1293 days ago


vinsetta she is trying to get her kicks in before she goes to court. if i was her i would not go anywhere before court. also these stars hate lindsay so something might happen there bad who knows. she is not be responsible i hope this all bites her on that 70 year old butt.

1293 days ago
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