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Katherine's New Lawyer to Estate: Let's Be Fair

4/15/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has just hired a lawyer to repair the damaged relationship with the Michael Jackson Estate ...trying to unlock some of the money the Estate is raking in and give it to MJ's mom.

Katherine hired Perry Sanders, a big time litigator who, among other things, was pivotal in securing the publishing rights for the proper owners against Master P and the No Limit Records catalog.

Sanders tells TMZ ... he wants to work with MJ Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman to see if they can reach some sort of common ground.

As TMZ first reported, the Estate is already paying Katherine $26,000 a month.  In addition, the Estate has paid off the mortgage to the Jackson family home, bought her a car, hired a cook and paid for various vacations and other expenses.

Katherine and her people feel they haven't gotten enough dough, given that the Estate has made hundreds of millions of bucks since Michael's death.

For his part, Weitzman tells TMZ, "If Mr. Sanders is in fact Mrs. Jackson's new lawyer, I will be glad to talk to him."


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Man, that estate is raking in all that dough and giving MJ mom who has a household of celebrity kids etc and bills to pay only that much? I am sure her bills are BIG living a celebrity lifestyle and raising three of the most famous kids in the world!
That seems like allot of dough she gets to us but if we had to live her life I bet it would be a drop in the bucket. Security alone must cost outragious amounts of money. MJs mom should turn the estate upside down and find out where all the dough is really going!!! LAWYERS are thieves and always have been. if you dont know-now ya know. MJs Mom and howard Mann gona get to the real deal of whats going on.

1267 days ago


Big money equals big expenses. That Estate takes in so much money. It should be released to Michaels mom & Michaels children. The guys running the estate money are only living high on the hog keeping things locked up. That is why I am happy to see Kathrine playing hardball with Howard Mann against them. Kathrine is an angel and so are Michaels children. I love all things MJ and it does not get more MJ than his Mother & children. Let them be and listen when they are in need.

1253 days ago


I agree with the above comment HBShoes. I think Mrs Jackson is in a good place with Mr. Mann as her partner and friend. Seems the Jackson Estate folks are not all that concerned with or for her. Michael would be angry to see his mother done this way by his Estate.

1247 days ago


The MJ estate lawyers are the ones taking care of MJ's mom and kids. What do you think will happen if MJ's mom or family got hold of the estate? The family will be in bankrupcy very soon looking at the family's history -first of all, they need to clear the DEBTS!! I am surprized that the estate is paying MJ's mom and kids monthly allowance even before all the MJ's debts are cleared - it's the LAW!!

1230 days ago

J Cartier    

I would think Michael would have wanted his mother to live better than what the estate is issuing her. After all, Mrs. Jackson is 81 years old, and it's not as if she had a lot of time left in this world, and knowing MJ's charity, he would have given Mrs. Jackson the best. Joe, who knows ? Despite the claims that Jermaine is broke and is a "leech" off of his mother, the reality is that Jermaine has done very well since his brothers death, has been touring and has raked in millions in the past two years.

Jermaine right now is the only active member of the family in the entertainment business right now besides Janet, and most of his concerts are packed. People seem to dismiss Jermaine , whom Micheal himself stated was the most musically gifted member of the family. So Jermaine has an image problem , time will heal.

1213 days ago


The Judge should make it Mandatory that Murry take Lie Detector test.same day he goes to court.than go from there if need more get the truth. micheal loved his life to much.Murry was payed to kill micheal. For justice for micheal.please for his family and friends and the world.Murry should Pay for everything.he is the one who gave micheal the drugs.

1190 days ago
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