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Charlie Sheen Will Appear In Court

4/18/2011 9:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will appear in court Tuesday to make a personal plea to the judge to award him full custody of Bob and Max ... sources tell TMZ.


We're told Charlie feels so strongly about getting both physical and legal custody of the twins, he wants to deliver his message personally to the judge.

Charlie, along with his lawyer, Mark Gross, will argue that Brooke Mueller is unfit to care for their kids, given her recent relapse into drugs.


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1281 days ago

Julia Molnar    

What a joke. The other crack head, hypo-manic (Charlie) thinks in his warped warlock brain, that he should have soul physical custody of the twins.
You wonder why there are so many screwed up children who are in therapy or dead?

1281 days ago


Give the boys to the grandparents until the parents sober up.

1281 days ago


Getting the courts involved you can bet he will have to be drug tested to. Lets hope you stay clean charlie because you will be next to lose custody. Then BROOKES mom will get full custody forever. You will be sorry you got the courts involved I promise.

1281 days ago


I say any judge that would award either Charlie or Brooke custody of the boys needs to be made to step down from the bench and retire..

Yes , Brooke fell of the wagon , but she at least left the boys in good care with her mother...Charlie wants to bring them into a house where he is sleeping with two whores and probably drugs and what not all over the place...he isnt clean I will never believe otherwise...I so wish those two would grow up and get help

1281 days ago


They're both unfit parents. Even though Sheen isn't testing positive for drugs at the moment, I would be concerned about the kids contracting a disease from Sheen or one of his whores. I used to like Sheen as an actor, but now I am just completely grossed out by him.

Why he is proud of his drug use and careless sex with walking STDs is a mystery to me. Both of his "goddesses" make me cringe, but the porn star is really disgusting and has no business being around anyone's kids.

1281 days ago


@ Emerald ...sorry but boy are you delusional, when it comes to Charlie,,,have another look the man is want the boys in this mess..

1281 days ago


Can you imagine how well a normal person could raise two children on $55K a month? They just can't go to Charlie Sheen - for God's sake - he can't even be responsible for brushing his own teeth or feeding his dog on a regular basis. And that delightful ex-wife of his comes off like a spoiled junkie. Maybe her mother would be a better choice. Poor little things, it's really a sad situation.

1281 days ago


I'd gladly look after those boys for $55,000/month!
I'd spend every waking minute with them, too!

1281 days ago


Muppet 51 minutes ago

Mmmhmm and alot of the people saying Charlie Sheen should have his children are the same ones that slammed Mel Gibson over false/edited tapes! Why not the same hate for Charlie Sheen? Even TMZ is playing favourites to Charlie, where's the bashing? This guy has been PROVEN to be an a.s.s.h.o.l.e. and not just speculated.

go Muppet you tell them....and thank you

1281 days ago


I could never allow my child close to porn or prostitutes, what kind of judge would rule on his favor!!!! I would rather have the kids with grandparents than with charlie disgusting sheen!

1281 days ago


I can not believe how many posts say to give the kids to Denise or back with Charlie and let nanny's raise them.Taking custody of someone else's children is a major commitment and she probably wants to stay as far away from this mess as possible.Being raised by nannies, while that may serve as getting the needs met in no way can shape a child who needs love, guidance and stability and security that only a parent can provide. While it seems there is no ideal solution at the moment, a safe loving structured enviornment with either grandparents would probably be best.Too bad the judge can't impose long term rehab for both parents. Charlie is probably hoping this might excuse him from continuing the tour. Then he would not be a quitter aka "loser" for dumping that joke of a show. I have hope that the judge will decide what is best for all parties concerned.

1281 days ago


The kids would be better off in foster care than being around charlie and his whores

1281 days ago

richard pierce    

but Chucko has his pet legal toy poodle representing him - not the other more aggressive legal pit bull (probsably not house broken) in his stable of over-paid shysters - they both must work for kibble and the occasional rabies and distemper shot! what an absolute farce! If the judge grants this loon control of the two children, he should be run off the bench tarred and feathered!

1281 days ago


hopefully, charlie will go to court tuesday...promise to STOP his "tour" and boot his hookers. all in order to have custody of his twins. if i were the judge and this was proven, id give the twins to him in a heartbeat!

1281 days ago
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