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Charlie Sheen Will Appear In Court

4/18/2011 9:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will appear in court Tuesday to make a personal plea to the judge to award him full custody of Bob and Max ... sources tell TMZ.


We're told Charlie feels so strongly about getting both physical and legal custody of the twins, he wants to deliver his message personally to the judge.

Charlie, along with his lawyer, Mark Gross, will argue that Brooke Mueller is unfit to care for their kids, given her recent relapse into drugs.


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Patent Application    

Here is a similar story

Vatican Assassin Charlie Sheen high-tailed it back to Hollywood after his gig at Foxwoods Resort Casino the other night to rescue his twin toddlers from his ex-mother-in-law, whom he called “less than stable.”

Sheen, whose estranged wife, Brooke Mueller, checked herself back into rehab again after refusing a drug test last Friday, went on a tiger-blood-spewing rant against his soon-to-be ex during his show, calling her a “crack addict,” “a troll” and a “loser.”

1249 days ago


It's really funny.. and sad how things work out. I mean sheesh -- she's the one who wanted the drug testing in the first place. Her damn lawyer made it very clear. I guess she really screwed herself this time.

1249 days ago

Tired of Ignorance    

To the post that says crack is an addiction of the mind. Charlie admitted to being a crack addict himself. Crack addicts can go weeks without before the need overwhelms them. Crack addicts have the lowest rate of recovery of any of the drug addictions because it effects the BRAIN. Charlie has multiple addictions and just because he reports to have been clean for a month doesn't mean he is over his addiction to crack or any other of his chemicals nor does it mean he is capable of caring for the kids (He has ORGANIC BRAIN DISEASE from years of drug abuse). The judge will not consider that he will hire nannnies to raise the children, the court will consider if he,the petitioner, is capable of raising the children.

If Charlie is truly considering giving up the chemical dependencies then he would have already ditched his druggy friends, he would stay the hell away from his compound, and he would certainly not glorify the drug lifestyle. The court needs to look at the whole person and Charlie's behavior towards brooke and the hate he incites in complete strangers toward Brooke (Chants at Shows) is a direct threat to Brooke and the kids. He is the last person that should get custody.

"Winning" today for Charlie, for his kids would mean loosing their future.

1249 days ago


"He has ORGANIC BRAIN DISEASE from years of drug abuse"


Was he diagnosed? And let's not start with something like "every addict has that". One model doesn't fit all. NEVER and in ANY situation.
The judge should decide which parent is in control of his/her life and is able to take care of the kids. And out of the's Charlie.

1249 days ago


Charlie, if you read this, please present yourself in a rational way in warlock stuff...and please take care of the boys without any Goddess living there. Be like a normal parent who goes out to see dates. I raised 2 kids as a single woman. Never once did I have any male staying at my house. The only people that were in my kids lives were people that would be there for life. Charlie, be a normal parent.
gets custody,get full time nannys and not have the goddesses watching them Charlie is responsible enough then he should have them.
But I sure hope he gets his show back, I loved his show!!!
please,be good....

1248 days ago



1248 days ago


I agree with her...neither one of these two deserve kids.

1248 days ago


Why in the world did that IDIOT Brooke take these kids from Charlie? She knows she is unfit to take care of a dog. Charlie may be a unique individual, however, he does test clean for drugs. I hope Charlie gets the kids and we never hear about Brooke again.

1248 days ago


The end of the world is near when Chuck is the lesser of two evils :(

1248 days ago

Tired of Ignorance    

Organic Brain Disease, extreme mental illness, junkie, what ever you want to call it. He should not have care of minor children. He has admitted to abusing drugs, people, and in another country he has admitted abusing a pregnant teen. He is not a mentally healthy person. He is not fit for children no matter how long he says he's clean he is not over his addictions. The children should stay with the grandma!!!!!!!!!

The kids are the priority not a flame war between fans and former fans about whether Charlie is "winning".

1248 days ago


The kids are the priority not a flame war between fans and former fans about whether Charlie is "winning".


1248 days ago

in the real world    

What is wrong with you people?! You write opinions on peoples lives that you don't even know!
Who cares about Charlie Sheen and his ridiculous life. Why is he or anyone else on orin the news at all? These are not interesting people doing anything worth while.
What difference do the Kardashians or the "real" housewives posing nude or any of the other one dimensional characters AKA "celebrities" make in any of your lives.
They do nothing for anyone ,and you people who read and watch this garbage eat it up with a spoon.
Do you have opinions about anything relevant or important in the big picture?. It is pathetic that people find this S*** interesting. What defines a celebrity??, apparently teenage mothers are now being glorified, not only are they teenage mothers, they behave abhorently as well, nice touch.
People, devote your energy to something worthwhile.
In other words, read a book! A real one. Perhaps even "get your own life"

1248 days ago


Missive # 36

Charlie looks forward to the day when his young children can ask him for the real story of his Epic partying, crack smoking, and whoring around. Bitchin'! Meanwhile, Charlie contents himself with telling the whole world what epic crack whores and bitches their mothers are.

1248 days ago


he is in a mid life crisis. and his ego is over the top. i love his entertainment. hire heather whats her face the fat english nanny. im not sure what she'd charge for caring for three boys. sheenius envy? naught. brooke is bound to go on a run for the next 20 years. duh, that is the drug pattern. sheen has been there done that bought the bag of chips and t shirt too, hopefully he realizes enough is never enough, 1 or 1000 is to many when you regret what you did when you sober up. put the pipe down and step away charles. hire hookers, dont live with them. who needs more then a few hours anyway. really. your twins deserve a normal disfunctional family. not the playboy mansion. even those twins lived next door to heffner.

1244 days ago
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