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Denise Richards To Charlie & Brooke's Rescue

4/19/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards called Charlie Sheen last Thursday and offered to take informal custody of his twins, Bob and Max ... TMZ has learned.


We're told Denise called Charlie just after TMZ posted surveillance video of Brooke Mueller trying to hock a watch and a stereo at an Inglewood pawn shop.

Denise told Charlie it was apparent Brooke couldn't care for the twins and Charlie was on the road doing his show, so she offered to take the kids and let them live with her until things stabilized.

As for Charlie's reaction ... well, he didn't shut her down.  He said, "I'll keep you posted."

Charlie apparently is going for broke because his lawyer is going to court this AM, in an attempt to get full custody of the twins.


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Best choice. I hope he does it

1252 days ago


1252 days ago


This is all so sad really

1252 days ago


Good for you Denise! Very unselfish and kind and the most reasonable choice for now.

1252 days ago


This is WHY Denise is happy...she has a good heart. Love her!!!!

1252 days ago


Way left field for Denise but way to step up and show, at least, some maturity. I'm surprised none of "Amtrak's Finest Passenger" family stepped up to the plate and bat for him and at least offered to take in his kids.

1252 days ago


Don't do it Charlie.

1252 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

This is what I was thinking when the video of Brooke in the pawn shop came out. Crackhead parents don't produce the most productive children no matter how rich they are. Being with Denise might give them a shot at normalcy.

1252 days ago


Kudos to her, for stepping up when she really did not need to. She is trying to protect the innocent brothers of her daughters!! I think that that is AWESOME!!!

1252 days ago


Samantha 38 minutes ago

Ksis, whats the better option? The kids being with an idiot like Charlie? The kids being with a meth/crack/coke whore Brooke? Denise is the best option and what a beautiful wonderful lady to offer. What a huge heart she apparently has...


Better option than a woman that didn't say a word when Charlie was accused of killing her dog? Better option than a woman that doesn't allow Charlie to see his daughters?
Yeah, IN MY OPINION, there is no better option than Charlie.

1252 days ago



LOL Thanks;)

1252 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

The lesser of 3 evils, I suppose. She seems to have wised up the last few years though. Plus, who would want those godless's filthy hands all over those little wee babes?

As far as the grandparents: Why are all the other siblings so well adjusted? One bad apple can't be their fault. It happens in a lot of families.

1252 days ago


Thank you Denise for showing what a class act you are but I still think the kids are better off staying in a consistent environment with the grandparents for right least until charlie is off tour. And maybe Denise did not come out and say a word about charlie killing the dog because it was true and she does let him see his daughters....should I provide pictures of the trip to new york...and its kind of hard to see them when he's on would think some people actually lived with charlie and knew about every phone call and everything he does

1252 days ago


Interesting how suddenly he's not slamming Denise, since now she may actually come in useful to him. Denise, while I'm sure you are simply trying to help the kids, there are other people who can step in and help out as, Charlie's parents, or his brothers and their families. Notice that they aren't stepping up though, at least not publicly. STAY OUT OF IT...or be dragged down with him.

1252 days ago


No, people actually listen to waht Charlie says and read what is written. provide whatever the hell you want. The trip to New York was last year in case you forgot.
You can't stay outta my posts, can you?

1252 days ago
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