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Brooke Mueller's Mom: I'll Take Custody of the Twins

4/19/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller's mom will gladly take custody over her grandkids, because she thinks she's more suitable than Charlie Sheen ... sources tell TMZ. 


Moira Fiore is telling friends, "We've been with the kids since they were born, and Charlie has only seen the kids a couple of times in the last few months."

Fiore is the latest non-parent to step up.  TMZ broke the story ... Denise Richards has offered to temporarily take custody of Bob and Max.

A judge will decide today who gets the kids.

We're there, so stay tuned.


No Avatar


Why because she did such an outstanding job with crackhead Brooke? Forget that!

1246 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Brooke is a POS AND SHOULD NOT HAVE KIDS................

1246 days ago


I don't think giving them to Brooke's mom is appropriate - she lied about Brooke trying to pawn her stuff for drugs. She is not an appropriate guardian. She clearly put Brooke before the twins.

1246 days ago


Right behind AddieTrish and N.O.Lady in saying that this woman ENABLES bad behavior; since her daughter is so screwed up and out of control GIVING HER INNOCENT BABIES IS DANGEROUS! PRAY that the judge takes those kids and gives them to Charlie or Denise.

1246 days ago


I wouldn't trust this woman with the kids. She'll just give them right back to Brooke. She doesn't believe Brooke has a drug problem. She said Brooke was in the pawn shop selling things for a friend...

1246 days ago


Denise must be a good person. To offer to take these little guys in. How nice of her.

1246 days ago


Right. because you did such a swell job with Brooke.

Oy. Better start saving up. Therapy ain't cheap.

1246 days ago


Problem is, she covers for Brooke and while that's understandable in a way, it's not good for the twins. Charlie's no better. The court needs to appoint a caretaker/trustee who's sole purpose is to protect the safety of the twins and all visits should be supervised. The twins should get to have visits with their half-sisters too, they probably aren't getting to go on play dates as it is, since their parents are so immersed in their own issues.

1246 days ago

miss tia    

She should NOT be given custody. She was turning a blind eye while Brooke went off the wagon and even was lying saying she was 'fine' when she was NOT. And Brooke was in rehab how many times as a teenager?? It's obvious this woman is NOT a good mother.

Either Sheen's parents or Denise should watch the boys if the judge won't let Charlie take them on the last 2 weeks of his tour. When Charlie gets back, they should go back to live with him. They were living him basically full time until Brooke had them removed from his home. They have nannies and Charlie has never ever done anything harmful to his children. He's also passing drug tests---something Brooke is unable and unwilling to do.


1246 days ago


No No please don't let this happen. Grandma has done nothing but enable her daughter. She lies for Brooke (pawning Friend's things-yeah right) and probably has "issues" of her own. Charlie is their FATHER who is a more fit parent than Brooke. This old woman has done a lousy job w/ Brooke. Why doesn't she focus on helping Brooke & stay out of Charlie's custody UNLESS it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, if she does want legal custody she needs to go for Guardianship. Otherwise, butt out.

1246 days ago


Give the kids to Martin Sheen.

1246 days ago


Crackhead's delusional mom over greedy ex-wife? hard choice for the judge!

1246 days ago


Of course the grandparents should temporarily have the kids. For all those folks who are remarking all the parents of Sheen and Mueller have said their kids are/have been fine and that somehow precludes them from being loving providers, well, my parents never had a CLUE what I was up to and it was a lot. They would have said I was just fine if I were standing there with an 8-ball in my hand. Another consideration, wouldn't you tell the press your kids were fine? It took quite a while before Martin was willing to admit Sheen had a problem this time.

1246 days ago


Look at the photo of Charlie! Man, he looks bad. Talk about death sucking on a lifesaver.

1246 days ago


Brooke's family should not be an option.
Give the kids to Charlie, and he can decide if he wants to accept Dennis' offer.

1246 days ago
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