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Michael Jackson Estate Settles with Heal the World

4/19/2011 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Jackson Estate has settled its lawsuit against the Heal the World Foundation, and the Estate is now copacetic with the charity using Michael Jackson's name.

The Estate had sued Heal the World, on grounds it had no right to use MJ's name to solicit money.  But we've learned there was a secret meeting yesterday between Katherine Jackson's new lawyer, Perry Sanders, and Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman.

We're told the Foundation will transfer to the Estate all registered trademarks that relate to Michael Jackson.  MJ's original Heal the World Foundation will be re-formed under the supervision of the Executors. Katherine Jackson will be a member of the board, as will Melissa Johnson, who headed up the most recent version of the foundation.

The lawyers are going to court this AM to dismiss the lawsuit.



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ric less than a minute ago
Scott less than a minute ago


Say "get a life", CHECK

Use variation of "you live in your mom's basement", CHECK

Accuse poster of being a kid, CHECK

Yup you hit all the main bullet points of the tired rhetoric of a White Knight loser. Congrats!


Why tyvm Ric enjoy the cheetos dude.



1222 days ago


Thanks Phantom, great videos as always.

Seems like they found the back door. I hope the estate keeps tight reins on this foundation. Just seems wrong that the person he sued (Melissa) will now be on this board. Am glad though to see the estate gets all of the trademarks etc transferred over to them. That is where it should be. Time will tell what certain people involved with this (family)and Melissa are in it for. I have my opinions but for now will keep it to myself.

1222 days ago


Thanks Phantom for keeping it real. Michael's videos always
bring a sense of joy, love and peace and most of all fun.

There are some people on these posts who think it's all about them. And it is not....YOU know who you are !!

1222 days ago


Kathysprings 5 minutes ago
There are some people on these posts who think it's all about them. And it is not....YOU know who you are !!


Probably you!

1222 days ago


Catherine Jackson is a greedy old woman. I find her discusting..and "old Joe" there are no words in the dictionary to describe that man!!

Most of Michael's family for that matter are a bunch of blood sucking, greedy, lazy, worthless pond s***..

Grandma Jackson is more interested in bailing out the dead beat siblings of Michael's..Is it Tito or Germaine that is behind thousands and thousands of dollar is child support?

Hell hath no fury than that that of a greedy family..

Michael was a talent beyone belief..But he was definitely rowing with only one ore in the water..

1222 days ago


This greedy ole dinosaur should be spending her twilight years setting up her treasures in Heaven....
rather than here.
Even with this re-organization....with the ungoodly kattie Screws on the board.....
her ole wicked hand'll still be under the table.

1222 days ago


MJ is Love 9hrs ago:

This is GREAT news- HTW is a wonderful charity to honor MJ and allows his mother and children to remember him and help others.

Nice news for Katherine with so many other difficult things going on.

Great! Within a few days they should be able to collect donations again. Go for it - send them everything you can! You all can truly Heal the World!


1222 days ago


"copacetic" Great word except that it doesn't apply here.
WRONG This time TMZ. Here's a glimpse of the new avenue Mrs. Jackson has taken

The OFFICIAL statement from The MJ Estate-

WOO HOOooo...

I tried to warn fans about "HTWF" in '09 when Ms. Johnson showed up to prey upon vulnerable fans. I even checked it out but she showed me her true colors back then.

Sad to see people still try to use Michael especially in this way.

1222 days ago


Biggi 8 minutes ago

Michael just rolled over in his grave.
Barb.A. 10 hours ago



(this is not the same organization)
The original Heal the World Foundation was a charitable organization founded by entertainer Michael Jackson in 1992. The foundation's creation was inspired by his charitable single of the same name. Through his foundation, Jackson airlifted 46 tons of supplies to Sarajevo, instituted drug and alcohol abuse education and donated millions of dollars to disadvantaged children, including the full payment of a Hungarian child's liver transplant. Failure to file yearly accounting statements saw the charity lose its tax exempt status in 2002. A different organization, with no relationship to Michael Jackson's foundation, incorporated in the state of California under the same name and applied for new tax exempt status in 2008.

1222 days ago


In a statement, Jackson's estate said the settlement calls for it to retain the rights to the Heal the World charity and rights to any trademarks the current foundation held.

The remainder of the agreement REMAINED confidential.

I would love to see the rest of the agreement. I bet the greedy old witch is getting more money or power as part of the settlement agreement.

1222 days ago


MJ estate settles lawsuit over Heal the World

Published: April 19, 2011 5:47 p.m.
Last modified: April 19, 2011 5:52 p.m.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Michael Jackson's estate reached a settlement Tuesday that ended its lengthy fight with a non-profit that claimed it was the successor to the singer's Heal the World charity.

The deal came just as a trial was set to begin to decide ownership of lucrative trademarks.

The singer's estate battled the Heal the World Foundation in federal court for more than 18 months, alleging it was misusing trademarks and likeness rights to create an association with Jackson's defunct charity.

The new incarnation of Heal the World Foundation had said it was given authority by Jackson's attorney to run the foundation in 2005. In recent months, it placed Jackson's mother, Katherine, on its board of directors and also collaborated with the late singer's children.

Katherine Jackson had been expected to testify during the federal trial, along with one of the singer's former attorneys and his former spokeswoman.

In a statement, Jackson's estate said the settlement calls for it to retain the rights to the Heal the World charity and rights to any trademarks the current foundation held.

The remainder of the agreement remained confidential.

Jackson founded Heal the World in 1992 but later abandoned it as he fought child abuse allegations.

The foundation's current director, Melissa Johnson, claimed one of Jackson's former attorneys told her the pop star wanted her the run the foundation in 2005.

Her attorney, Edgar Pease, did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment Tuesday.

1221 days ago


Great job Howard Weitzman.

1221 days ago


Congratulations & thank you to Nina D. Boyajian (from Greenberg Taurig LLP) who was hired by the MJ Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman. Ms. Boyajian is the attorney who deserves the credit for handling/writing the lawsuit for the MJ Estate. For those that want a better understanding of the details in this lawsuit, Estate vs Melissa Johnson, and exactly how Melissa Johnson broke the laws, read the following trial notes:

Katherine Jackson owes John Branca a huge APOLOGY for her slander and lies of him in her declaration presented to the court. To determine what kind a lady/mother/guardian she really is, her apology should be published in the media.

The Estate AGAIN has rescued Katherine & MJ3 from the con-artists Katherine surrounds herself with and subjecting MJ3 to these immoral people.

Melissa Johnson deserves to be prosecuted by the IRS, California State Tax Board & the California Secretary of State by filing willful inaccurate statements subject to a civil penalty of up to $10,000 to be enforced by a public prosecutor. Johnson had no legal authority to merge MJ's 1991 HTWF Articles of Incorporation with her HTWF. She has blackened the name of HTWF and from this day forward her name should NEVER be associated with the charity again.

All Michael Jackson trademarks Melissa converted into her name (not Michael's or his company) proved her malicious intent for greed/fame/manupliation. All of those trademarks passed to MJ's Estate upon his death and NOT the Jackson family.

The Melissa Johnson & Howard Mann licensing agreement they entered together on Nov. 1, 2010 will automatically be void thus preventing Mann or Johnson to profit from HTWF. Administration does get paid from a charity. Some charities keep as much as 35% of your donations. That is why it's always best to check out the charity you donate to and learn how much is sent to the cause vs how much is kept to pay the charity adminstrative people.

Katherine and MJ3 are beneficiaries from the Estate. The Estate is Michael Jackson. There is a huge difference.

1221 days ago
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