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Lindsay Lohan -- Back On 'Gotti' Flick

4/20/2011 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan WILL in fact be in the upcoming "Gotti: Three Generations" after she was previously dropped from the film -- and she hustled to get her spot back ... ALL BY HERSELF.


Executive Producer Marc Fiore tells us, Lindsay is no longer going to play Victoria Gotti ... but instead will take on the role of John Gotti Jr.'s daughter-in-law Kim -- the role once considered for Kim Kardashian.

The turn of events comes hours after Fiore pulled the plug on Lindsay over disagreements with her management -- but we're told Lindsay REALLY wants to be in the film ... and personally patched things up with the producer when she heard her people were being difficult.

We're told Lindsay also agreed to act in ANOTHER upcoming Fiore film called "Mob Street."


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When losers post that she's a great actress...where do you see it? Mean Girls?

1250 days ago



1250 days ago


The role considered for Kim Kardashian??? Wow. Will Logan be able to pull it off acting-wise?

1250 days ago

Good riddance!    

Lindsay trying to sound like a skilled Hollywood negotiator is about as ridiculous as her idiot father trying to pimp himself for cash on a dating site. Everything and everyone they touch suffers for it. Their desperation is legendary!

Gee, it sure seems relatively quiet around here. Crock must be absolutely steaming after having to lick on that painful evisceration he just suffered.

1250 days ago


Wow, John Travolta has come a long way to work on a movie with Lilo in it...... a long way down!!

1250 days ago


linds will not go to jail ... she is always gets away with it.. this movie will be a flop just like linds... sad but true

1250 days ago


How can Lohan be dropped when she was never hired? How does that work.

1250 days ago


What kind of director uses a gossip blog to mediate a negotiation? This is hilarious. And two days before her court date. I hope the judge just remembers the FU on her fingernail, her court attire, her lack of punctuality and the fact that she committed a felony while on probation. Cutting room floor role or not, chick is going down. On more than this director! LOL!

1250 days ago


yeah, was interested to see this, but i won't bother if she's going to be in it. when people whore themselves out to this extent, overexpose themselves to the point she has and continues to do - i just cannot think of them the same way in a film, playing someone other than themselves. They had a decent cast going - they should have stuck with their other choices, probably would have sold a lot more tickets come showtime.

1250 days ago

Good riddance!    

When a Lohan suddenly claims that they can walk on water, just understand that this is not walking by any standard definition. It just demonstrates that turds sometimes float on water before being flushed.

1250 days ago


Nothing seems set here, I think things will change. I'd be very surprised if Lindsay actually ends up filming any scenes in this movie. If she called the producer and he agreed to let her have another role, then he really wanted her in the movie. But that's now, what happens later?

1250 days ago

Brian B.    

OHHHHH....LOL....I didn't fully read this TMZ article 'til now...LMAO...So essentially, Lilo got DROPPED from the bigger role - as Victoria Gotti...And has been demoted to playing a bit part, as a daughter-in-law...A cameo role....



1250 days ago


YaY Lindsay! You show 'em girl- you just got the part even kim kardashian didn't want!

1250 days ago

Alex D    

Ok let me just get this out of the way, Executive Producer Marc Fiore if you place SKANK-LO in your movie it will be the worst thing you can do, I mean a movie about the Gotti family great idea, gotta love the gotti’s however to place HER in it would crush your ratings. She is unprofessional, she is a washed up has been, or never was in my book. She is a thief, a liar, and a fraud. Case and point is below. If in fact HER SKANKNESS is in the movie, I will be BOYCOTTING the film. I call upon the LEAGUES of PEOPLE WHO WANT THIS SKANK EXPOSED FOR WHO SHE TRULY IS, to stand up and shout…

Last week, Page Six had an interesting little item about how Lindsay Lohan was managing to live the high life (operative word: HIGH) in New York and Los Angeles over the past month, while she continues to not “work” and somehow maintain her grueling drug addiction schedule. According to Page Six, a 39-year-old hotelier named Vikram Chatwal was paying Linnocent’s bills. We “joke” about how Linnocent is a hooker these days, and the Page Six item seemed to be yet another piece of evidence supporting the “theory,” especially given the quote from a Linnocent associate: “They have a friendship and a business relationship, and that’s it.” Well, now Star Magazine has another suspicious item about Vikram and Linnocent’s “bidness relationship”.

Will love save Lindsay Lohan? The troubled star is currently hooking up with super-wealthy NYC-based hotelier and man about town Vikram Chatwal. He has showered her with perks like penthouse digs, fancy dinners and the use of his private jet during her recent weeklong visit to his Chatwal hotel in Manhattan. And he’s trying to help her stay sober!

“Lindsay and Vikram have known each other socially for a while, but they’ve gotten closer since she got out of rehab earlier this year,” says a source, who notes that Vikram completed a stint in rehab for alcohol addiction in 2009 and has been clean since. “He’s looking out for her and being super protective.”
But since Vikram is in the midst of a divorce from his wife of five years, actress Priya Sachdev, “He and Lindsay are taking it slow,” says the source.

Look, I tend to have a dirty, trashy mind, and so I was reading all of that and inserting my own little editor’s notes. Like, “Lindsay and Vikram have known each other socially for a while [meaning that they had slept together a few times when Vikram bought her drugs].” And “They’ve gotten closer since she got out of rehab earlier this year [meaning she was in the market for a sugar daddy].” And “He’s looking out for her and being super protective [because she does butt stuff].” Oh, and “He and Lindsay are taking it slow [because Linnocent makes him wait until the check clears].

Here’s another question: who is leaking this junk? Because when Page Six outed Vikram as her john last week, Linnocent’s people made the effort to make it seem like there was nothing romantic. But then after yesterday’s cracked-out, delusional interview with Linnocent, it’s almost like the cracked-out dumbass literally has no idea what her media strategy is at this point, so maybe she thinks that she’ll play her paying john as some kind of romantic liaison. I don’t know. Crackheads are tricky.

Oh, one more thing - remember yesterday’s Page Six story in which someone told Linnocent that she looked like Victoria Gotti, and one of Linnocent’s people said, “Yeah, a younger, prettier version”? Considering Linnocent doesn’t even have the part yet, it was a pretty dumb move, especially given that Victoria herself is now walking back the Linnocent casting rumors. Victoria tells Page Six: “Though it was said that I insisted she play my part, that’s not true. I didn’t insist and actually have no say in who gets the part… I think Lindsay is a very talented actress and a sweet girl.” Oh, and a source tells Page Six that Linnocent made “an extremely good impression on everyone involved with the film.” Meaning blow jobs.

This week, Star Magazine's cover story is all about Lindsay Lohan and her apparent return to her hard-pAArtying ways. We've seen Lindsay try to keep her nose (and kidneys) clean for the last few weeks, but reportedly there is a lot going on with LiLo that's been kept out of the public eye.

One of her party pals tells Star that on the day of her last court appearance, March 10th, Lindsay took to the Chateau Marmont for some, shall we say, merriment. The pal, Keith Middlebrook, insists she spent the next two days held up in her room "drinking and smoking," adding that that's all she's been doing since she left rehab.

He also claims he PAYED for all of her ****tails and dinner while hanging with her those two days to not have any receipts in her name and she owes him $1,833! Do we smell a gold-digger in our midst or just some poor sap LiLo conned for free vodka and Red Bulls

Then shortly after this boozifest, LiLo flew to New York City, where she's been the last few weeks and hasn't been seen drinking once. Oh sure, she's been out late, clubbing with friends and hitting the scene, but not a single person has seen her with a drink in her hand.

What to believe? Should we give her the benefit of the doubt or has that ship sailed and sunk?

1250 days ago


"The producer of the upcoming film 'Gotti: Three Generations' is planning a few minor changes to the movie, TMZ has learned.
'We are absolutely delighted at having Lindsay Lohan associated with this movie. But, in order to finance her insurance, we've enhanced the look of the movie. It will now be set on a tiny ship, whose mate (Joe Pesci) was a mighty sailing man, the skipper (John Travolta) brave and sure. And, did you know that after all these years there are still a ton of props left over from Cleopatra? They (practically) paid us to use them. So the ship will founder in Egypt. That's right. Egypt. And we've gotten signed contracts from six circus clowns from Barnum & Bailey, plus a high wire act! Wait till you see Lindsay's new role!'
"Sources close to Lindsay say the starlet is delighted at playing the ship's anchor. 'I get to go down and say WHOOOOOOOSH', she is said to have exclaimed. 'And they say I can do it with my top off!'
"Fiore said that while the movie does not have a director or financing, production plans are near completion. 'We should have the newest script finalized by next year at the earliest. We will continue to keep everyone posted, with weekly press conferences on our latest shenanighans, I mean progess.'"

1250 days ago
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