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'Glory' Screenwriter Kevin Jarre -- Dead at 56

4/22/2011 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Jarre -- the GENIUS who wrote "Glory" and "Tombstone" ... two of the GREATEST movies of all time -- has died.

Kevin Jaffe Death

The screenwriter died suddenly of heart failure at his home in Santa Monica ... says his aunt.

Jarre was a known history buff whose interest in the Civil War lead him to write 'Glory' in 1989. The movie won three Oscars.

His 1993 hit 'Tombstone' depicts the shootout at the O.K. Corral and includes a scene-stealing performance by Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday.

Jarre also co-wrote "Rambo: First Blood Part II," "The Devil's Own" and "The Mummy."

Bad. Ass.


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Geez, if you're going to call him a genius, which he was. Be respectful and at least use his PROPER CORRECT Name. It is 'Jarre', Change this post immediately before someone in his family sees this. Harvery, get off your a$$ and edit your posts, better yet, fire the person who wrote this 'trbiute', I'm sure its the same person who has made several other 'name' errors on this site.

1217 days ago


Too young.

Hollywood lost ONE great writer worth ONE THOUSAND of today's writers

1216 days ago


@gwenn, you're one of the same bandwagon sheeple morons that keep spreading BS propaganda. I suppose you can't read the next post correcting the date neither (this comment section doesn't allow edits) or never heard of a typo. I suppose in your little dream world the North was full of saintly good guys and all the South was demon bad guys. Yeah, I bet you didn't know they lynched blacks in the North in 1863 when they instituted the Northern draft. And FYI, Lincoln THREATENED to emancipate the slaves in the rebel states in Sept. 1862 if they didn't re-join the Union. Lincoln signed the executive order which was called the Emancipation Proclamation on Jan. 1st, 1863. And the 13th Amendment was passed by Congress on Jan 31st, 1865, but it wasn't ratified by the states until after the war was over (finally on 12/6/1865). So, you can count yourself as one of the "pathetic" people that don't "know anything about history these days" (and yeah, I corrected your typo!). Yeah, really stupid of you, like Chaz's sarcasm, to even comment as if an adult American would think the Civil War just ended 46 years ago. You're just another nitwit that thinks she's smart by nitpicking typos and then appealing to the sheeple, but you really come off as an idiotic lunatic.

1216 days ago


My sincere condolences go out to Kevin Jarre's loved ones. I purchased "Glory" and will be viewing it, tonight. Both Mr. Jarre and Denzel Washington are the same age. Mr. Washington won his 1st Oscar for his performance in this movie. It's sad that Mr. Jarre wasn't given the opportunity to see more of his screenplays become successful movies. Ars Longa Vita Brevis - Art is Long, Life is Short!!! I've always loved "historical" based movie themes!!! Now it's time to go see MEDEA :O)!!!

1216 days ago


Last Superman comment:

You are really pathetic. Probably rely on Wikipedia to obtain your information. no higher education than maybe 12th grade. Apparently, you are also "an adult american who thinks the civil war just ended 46 years ago" because you actually put it in your post, idiot. The only reason Lincoln 'threatened' to emancipate the 'rebel' (that just proves what an a$$ you are right there) slaves was because he did not want those slaves that felt 'obligated and knew no better" to fight for the confederacy. Not because he thought ALL slaves should be free. Lincoln is NOT the saint you think he was. It was all a matter of politics at the time, why do you think it was not immediate freedom for ALL slaves, only those within the Confederate States. not in the northern states that still allowed slavery. (Missouri, Kentucky, Delaware and Maryland) it was just to free the slaves in areas where the Union army had no control.Lincoln was NOT an abolishionist, just a very politically astute president.

1216 days ago


Correct post, Superman.

1216 days ago


glory is one of the great films. very poignant.
superman must be from the south. hasn't gotten over the a$$whipping administered by northern soldiers. the war was about slavery. they're still fighting it today down there. we should have let them go their own way back then. they've added nothing to the value of this country.

1216 days ago


tragic to lose him
sad to lose more brilliant work that he would have created
prayers to the family

1216 days ago


@gwenn, now, you're trying to change you're dumbass story while taking my comments out of context and also trying to "put words in my mouth". Typical of somebody who doesn't know WTF they are talking about. BTW, moron, Lincoln was trying to get the Rebel states to come back in the Union when he threatened to free the Rebel states' slaves. Most slaves weren't even allowed to read and write, but yet, your dumbass logic thinks the Confederates were going to trust them to carry guns and fight for them. The Confederates did have some slaves, but they were for digging trenches.

Bosox406 is another moron. He obviously loves the rewriting of history like when politicians come out with their BS "memoirs" to try to change perception of what really happened. Since he loves rewriting of history so much, we can say the Red Sox BARELY won the World Series in 2004 and 2007 because of freak accidents and bribed umpires.

1216 days ago


Such a talented man, he will be sadly missed. Rest in peace. :(

1216 days ago
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