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Hef's Gals -- Battery Operated Devices At Disneyland

4/22/2011 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Playboy kingpin Hugh Hefner spent his Thursday afternoon scootin' around Disneyland with two attractive ladies ... because ... well, because he can.

Hef took his fianacee' Crystal Harris (the one on the right) to the Magic Kingdom yesterday to celebrate her 25th birthday.

Just in case you forgot -- Hef is 60 years older than Crystal.



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Poor Hef! He looks like he's in the process of crapping his diaper.

1282 days ago


I hope this dummy never gets a nickle out of him. At this point does Hefner even know his own name?

Kinda sad.

1282 days ago


OMG, weekend at bernie's post hit the nail on the head. That picture is just disturbing on so many levels. He does not seem the type to enjoy amusement parks so hats off to him as it looks like quite the effort. I think what bothers me most is she will be caregiver rather than a wife. She is wasting her youth to follow in the footsteps of the past girls, but honey, your getting the oldest last version! All in the name of a big ending payday. WOW!!Only she knows if it's worth the price she is paying , her youth, her reputation, and having intimate moments with him " that's a big expense" as it will forever be burned in her memory. I could see phycological damage and self loathing as a consequence.

1282 days ago


Holly left the relationship at the right time - Hef did her a favor.

1282 days ago


Hold on to those handles Hugh... you might just fall off and come to your senses you stupid, little, old, jackass..ugh...I mean little "man" (?)....

1282 days ago


That is so nice of those granddaughters to take their old grandpa out for some fresh air. Too bad he's too old to walk anymore and has to ride in his electric wheelchair.

You know what they say, a fool and his money is soon parted. Good luck are an old fool. Why don't you spend your last days with your real family.....your children and real grand kids if you have any? Let these trashy little whores go home to their families.

1282 days ago


Hugh Hefner is nothing but a dirty, OLD man! the man is 80 years old, and is set to marry a girl that could be is great great grand daughter and that is SICK! SICK! SICK! If crystal wants to degrade herself, for the LOVE of MONEY, then I hope she gets enough to have a nice life, cause in all probability she will outlive, HEF! THE OLD GOAT!

1282 days ago


They make a cute couple.

1282 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAaaa know they have strollers for twins , Hef should get one for his twin great grand daughters..LOL

1282 days ago


Ancient! Is his Viagra in the red bag?

1282 days ago


I'm sorry, but that girl does not look 25. Maybe she had alot of plastic surgery - that can definitely age a person.

1282 days ago


Who the hell does Heff think he's foolin? The man couldn't come if you called him. I wouldn't be surprised if she rode his hoover round right off a cliff and jumped off at the last second, right after they get married. Next thing you hear Heff will have died in tragic hoover round "accident"

1282 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Ha i like how people hate on Hef. Meanwhile he gets more tail that most of the people who talk smack about him. And you hear all the talk about how he only gets them because he has money. Um yeah, so what. In the end he is getting it plain and simple. And while you sit there and punch the clown to the chicks in his mags he actually gets down and dirty with them. So who is really more pathetic?

And for those women who hate on him and say how they would never get with him, i say ha! First off you are most likely not even hot enough to get his attention. And second, think about the line of losers you have slept with in your lifetime, at least those "whores" he gets his wrinkly hands on walked away with a lot more than just regret and a STD.

So hate if you wanna hate but what is the point really. The fact is he started up a company from nothing and turned it into a lifestyle. And if he wants to use what he earned to get laid then more power to him. Everyone uses their strengths to meet people. Some are charming, funny, attractive or just have a nice car. He just happens to have something that works better than what you have. So who cares if he is rich or on Viagara in order to get laid. The fact is if you are gonna be successful in dating you gotta have game. Don't hate because as old as he is his game is stronger than yours.

1282 days ago


Seriously? This guy is Assisted Living material. Why isn't senior services being called on this 25 year old woman trying to marry him? He is obviously a dementia patient....and yes...I work in the senior It's not hard to see a senior being taken advantage of. Shame on everyone letting this happen.

1281 days ago


This just makes me sad. Look at Hef :( he doesn't look happy at all. He looks like he should be home having a nap.

1281 days ago
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