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Lindsay Lohan

'Grateful' for Jay Leno

4/26/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno won the battle for Lindsay Lohan because the actress feels "grateful" for the way he's treated her over the years ... sources connected with the actress tell TMZ.


Lohan pre-taped an episode of "The Tonight Show" yesterday ... set to air tonight ... and according to reports, she received a standing ovation when she walked on to the set.

Sources connected to Lohan tell us she has been receiving several offers to appear on talk shows since she was sentenced to jail last week ... but chose Leno because, "He has been nothing but good to her and her family over the years ... and has always been protective of her."

Of course, Lohan was furious with Letterman earlier this year -- when the comic ripped her on his show following a booking fiasco. Video of Lindsay heading to the studio below.042611_lohan_inf_still

During the interview, Lohan talked about her sentence -- telling Jay she felt "kind of numb" after the judge threw the book at her.

Lohan also talked about the "Gotti" movie -- reconfirming that she WILL be playing the role of John Gotti Jr.'s wife.


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Pony Princess    

Californiadesi about an hour ago All the haters are up early today, picking on a poor,helpless girl. Don't you all have something better to do today

Yes, the entire world can see she's a poor, helpless girl. One who feels entitled, and able to thumb her nose at the justice system in California. She's not poor. She's already blown through over 25 Million Dollars in earnings in the past 15 years, and is now being paid to go around spewing delusional lie after lie. Also, she is not helpless, she is being enabled by a number of people, chiefly her family members, and now Leno is enabling her. She is no longer a girl. She is a 24year old woman who chooses a life of career criminal over what was her acting career.
She wouldn't give a guy like you the time of day unless you had cocaine for her or bought her expensive bottles of champaign, paid for clothes, etc.
She's depending on getting people to feel sorry for her so she can continue to say a big F*ck YOU to the system and all the people who gave her her start.

1245 days ago


LOL calm down people, she Had a standing ovation cause the teleprompter said "STANDING OVATION" You actually people would stand up and applaud for her without direction from a teleprompter?

1245 days ago


Why are people falling all over themselves to help this stupid, 5X-Jailed, hag-faced, skank of a NOBODY!
When stars fall - LET THEM FALL! There are THOUSANDS of more talented people waiting in the wings to take their place - who won't take the fame and money for granted like this bitch does. Srew her.

1245 days ago


Leno could give a rats butt about Lohan.

Dr. Drew is another idiot...he said a couple of months ago he wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole and now he want's to
help her just for his stupid show, give me a break.

I don't think the Gotti movie is going to be made either. Last reported Jr. wasn't even cast yet. Who's playing Sammy the Bull? They are not going to wait for Lohan.

1245 days ago

Pony Princess    

Lindsay's mom and assistant are busy this week: They have to screen and hire security for Lindsay when she goes to do her required community service. I hear they are advertising for big beefy guys who know how to keep mops, buckets, and toilet scrubbers at least 50 feet away from Lindsay at all times.

1245 days ago


Re:the video

How on earth does she come to the conclusion that "she's in the clear" now?

1245 days ago


Lohan doesn't have any fans except her family who depend on her for their daily bread.
Lohan's former fans have moved on to other performers who have been consistent and remain relevant in the entertainment field.

1245 days ago

Pony Princess    

I hear that SCH has hired several new assistants who are busy researching the law to see if there can be some way to legally get Lindsay out of the Community Service pending an appeal. Shawn and Lindsay think it's only fair that Lindsay be proven guilty of stealing the necklace before being forced to work at a menial job.

Of course, if she's proven guilty, then It will be unfair for this sentence to be imposed, because she will get a new one for the necklace. And that sentence will have to be appealed as well.

See how it all works in Lindsayland?

1245 days ago



Clue in... you are correct, most people don't hate Lindsay. Hate is too strong of a word. So, you are correct that most would not answer THAT particular question in the affirmative. But I bet if you asked those same people why they know her name, they will say because of the trouble she's been in the last 4 years. I bet most of them can not name one single movie she's ever been in. And if they can it will be Mean Girls. Ask them what her most recent movie was...

No one is arguing that she's not a well known person, and if you want to call that popular, then so be it. Unfortunately she's known for the WRONG reasons.

You didn't see Leno inviting her on his show when she signed for the Gotti flick, did you? No, it's because she was just sentenced to jail. That is the ONLY reason she was on Leno.

1245 days ago


Lindsay said in the interview she needs to stay focused. Hopefully someone is telling her that some poster that goes by Lucky at TMZ does tarot readings, and she keeps getting the 7 of Cups in different positions every But really if she can stay focused, she should focus on how each day is a blessing. Whether she is able to make a comeback or not, isnt half as important as her overall well being.

1245 days ago


1245 days ago


1245 days ago


it has been clear for a long time that she needs to get her story out . Lindsay has to counter all the crap that is out there about her and the best way to do that is to be seen and heard .
Leno is a great place for her to be seen .
Hope that SH gets her act together and deals with this case so that LIndsay can get back to her life
Friday was not good .

1245 days ago


The comedians want Lindsay because she is the biggest joke in town!

1245 days ago


Standing ovation??? She must have hand picked the audience. Everyone I know thinks she's a (washed up) joke. A delusional (washed up) joke.

1245 days ago
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