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Lindsay Lohan

'Grateful' for Jay Leno

4/26/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno won the battle for Lindsay Lohan because the actress feels "grateful" for the way he's treated her over the years ... sources connected with the actress tell TMZ.


Lohan pre-taped an episode of "The Tonight Show" yesterday ... set to air tonight ... and according to reports, she received a standing ovation when she walked on to the set.

Sources connected to Lohan tell us she has been receiving several offers to appear on talk shows since she was sentenced to jail last week ... but chose Leno because, "He has been nothing but good to her and her family over the years ... and has always been protective of her."

Of course, Lohan was furious with Letterman earlier this year -- when the comic ripped her on his show following a booking fiasco. Video of Lindsay heading to the studio below.042611_lohan_inf_still

During the interview, Lohan talked about her sentence -- telling Jay she felt "kind of numb" after the judge threw the book at her.

Lohan also talked about the "Gotti" movie -- reconfirming that she WILL be playing the role of John Gotti Jr.'s wife.


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what a complete joke she has become, now crashing talk shows on top of all things. Was she not wearing a bra on Leno's show either? She'll be whaling again in Lynwood soon enough, pissing off the other inmates.

1191 days ago

Pony Princess    

Lindsay probably did NOT send flowers to Jen Heger.
But she should have.

1191 days ago


Gee, didn't Lindsay trot out the exact "I was young and made mistakes speech" on the Georgia Rule red carpet 4 years and 5 rehabs ago?

1191 days ago


LOL he's always been so "kind" to her and her family! What a joke, he's ripped on her just as much as Lettermen and anyone else out there. NOBODY gives a **** about her or is "protective" of her.

1191 days ago


I find it amazing that people are proud of Lindsay for getting a felony changed to a misdemeanor, or for only doing 24 hours in Lynwood instead of 120 days. Like these are good things.

How twisted are these people?

1191 days ago


Another reason to add to the long list of reasons NOT to watch Leno.

1191 days ago


Jay Leno... who watches Jay Leno? If you went to this show please give me a good answer to "why you would give this girl a standing ovation"? What a sad sad world we are living in.

1191 days ago


Why is Milo trolling the boards? Doesn't he have some celebrity boxing match coming up? Shouldn't you be training for that? You're fighting a 3rd grader right? The chest pains you get right before the fight or when you have to go to jail is fear. Just take a couple of deep breaths and breathe through it. You'll be ok. No reason to call it off and go to the hospital.

1191 days ago


Sorry Rocky you are so full of ****, your going by gossip on twitter

Here is Kristines twitter account KChenoweth she only states I will be on Leno closer when the album comes out

1191 days ago


Miss scott had a change of heart or a change of tactics ??

20 hours ago: Lindsay's Lawyer Scribbles Hasty Appeal

omg, this is getting so old and so boring. Drop the case, let her go and start pointing fingers and KAMOFIE COMPANY since they are low lifes, opportunistic pigs. PLEASE GO TO YELP.COM AND WRITE A REVIEW FOR KAMOFIE!
Lindsay Lohan -- 'Grateful' for Jay Leno
3 hours ago

Lindsay, seriously get over yourself. Your time to shine has ended years ago, whens the last decent movie you did? Now your not even doing anything that anyone cares to watch. Lindsay, britney, Jersey Shore, OLD OLD OLD NEWS, theyre time is over with. Where is the real talent??? HILARY SWANK, now thats talent.. The movie conviction, WOW, amazing wonderful actors! F*** LINDSDAY AND ALL of these attention starved aholes!
Looks like team Lohan took PAUL'S offer of PR work...

No Nicole (but still californiadesi/jill)as per his request..

Jay Leno gig as per his suggestion ala Hugh Grant..

1191 days ago


Rosh, you are missing a few cards in your deck.

1191 days ago


Kristine is way HOTTER than Lindsay
Get over it!!!

If you guys want a good laugh, go to twitter and put in Kristines name and see what people are saying..Use both ways

KChenoweth and Kristine Chenoweth

1191 days ago


Thank you "vinsetta" for your informative article link about Q scores, I learned something. Here's the link

Then had to find out how they figure out who is A-list

Interesting stuff. Lilo? Definitely D-list

1191 days ago


I can't say what goes on during the taping of the Leno show, but Letterman's show has people out there in front of the audience to get them all jacked up, and has applause signs. I'd bet money some dumbass was out there flailing his arms up coaxing everyone to stand up. I can't believe there would be an audience full of people that would willingly give her a standing ovation...

1191 days ago


Rocky 16 minutes ago

Kristin Chenoweth this girl is a knock out!!!!!

I'm in love with her, look at the first pic from the link above.....
sorry blowhard the damage is done .
you and your family have damaged another actresses night and career for selfish unjustified reasons of entitlement.

Shame on shawn Chapstick Hollow for using her insider relationship for financial gains and manipulation.think about it...

1191 days ago
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