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Lindsay Lohan

'Grateful' for Jay Leno

4/26/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno won the battle for Lindsay Lohan because the actress feels "grateful" for the way he's treated her over the years ... sources connected with the actress tell TMZ.


Lohan pre-taped an episode of "The Tonight Show" yesterday ... set to air tonight ... and according to reports, she received a standing ovation when she walked on to the set.

Sources connected to Lohan tell us she has been receiving several offers to appear on talk shows since she was sentenced to jail last week ... but chose Leno because, "He has been nothing but good to her and her family over the years ... and has always been protective of her."

Of course, Lohan was furious with Letterman earlier this year -- when the comic ripped her on his show following a booking fiasco. Video of Lindsay heading to the studio below.042611_lohan_inf_still

During the interview, Lohan talked about her sentence -- telling Jay she felt "kind of numb" after the judge threw the book at her.

Lohan also talked about the "Gotti" movie -- reconfirming that she WILL be playing the role of John Gotti Jr.'s wife.


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Daffy Duck    

Me and the rest of the quacks down at the pond are asking Shapiro to file an injunction against Lindsay for stealing our look.

- Woo Woo -

1274 days ago


So I ask you Rocky, who would you give a standing ovation to Kristine or Lindsay???
You can only pick one

1274 days ago


she looks tired, and tense but mostly tired

1274 days ago

Daffy Duck    

The Lohans are so Looney that they drink the Red Bull/Vodka flavored Kool-Aid of Lindsay's own press releases.

- Woo Woo -

1274 days ago


If it were anyone else,"Normal People" they would be in jail. Not only did she steal, but did so when on probation! This chick is a thief! Check out all the other items that have gone missing when this chick was around. I do believe a watch and jacket are just a few to put out there. Why would anyone feel sorry for her? If it were you, you'd be in jail already!

1274 days ago


P.S. She uses the same line everytime!! "It's a miss understanding" "I forgot I had it on" "Oh this isn't my jacket?" "I've had this watch forever, you just never seen it"

1274 days ago


Jay asked her:

"So, your a free bitch, baby?"

1274 days ago


Wow, there are some really mean-spritied people on this site. How can you people hate so much on someone you don't even know and someone who did nothing to you?

I get that she drove drunk, which is a terrible thing to do, and isn't the sharpest tool in the shed--particularly with her behavior. But geeze......

1274 days ago


The bad voodoo clan is a bunch of sneaky manipulative Lohan "stooges" and most are operated by the same few people such as @nicole,jill,susan ,@Delmare ,@John smith ,@Red cloud , @spot, @danielle,@hahahahaha, @karlew , @Reily and @the rock (x10)

as I have commented and pointed out my beliefs on her origins and current situation ,(its Trojan )newest posted comments have become more caustic towards Lindsay and Dina (she always blasted" Micheal") and more reflective of the REAL public opinion of tmz users and the world in general.
She even started using our *language from past comments* trying to appease US(give lip service to)and blend in with genuine comments..imo

Recently team Lohan has employed emotional based propaganda tactics courting connections with targeted people preying on their inherent goodness, empathy and common love of animals.

story developing..

1274 days ago


'look, Lindsay isn't an angel but she is hardly a freaking axe murderer. The D.A. is absolutely using Lohan's case to garner votes for herself. I hate politics and the people who use politics to pump up themselves and their careers. That is what is happening here without a doubt. This is bull, this whole thing. Give her community service and let's move on!

1274 days ago


Yup and`she must have also forgotten Jay Leno's recent joke as of only about a week or so ago about her suitability for playing a character on the Gotti flick because, afterall she comes from a crime family herself!

1274 days ago



1274 days ago


I enjoyed Letterman that night.

1274 days ago


F**K all you jealous bitches against Lindsay Lohan. You don't even consider the fact that Obama smoked weed during his college and before college. So he stopped so what? Maybe he did coke who gives a damn? You scornful bitches have got nothing else but be bitter at a beautiful talented actress who's about to show all you bitches who's on top. So dwell in more misery...

1274 days ago


Lee (not me) 4 hours ago said .........You scornful bitches have got nothing else but be bitter at a beautiful talented actress who's about to show all you bitches who's on top. So dwell in more misery...

TALENTED? My stuffed potato has more talent then this childish baby acting loser of a wannabe B rated actresss. GIMME A Friggin BREAK! If that bit*h is talent to you then your as dumb as she is. Tell me one friggin thing Lindsay has done to even warrant recognition as a great or even slightly talented actress other then cry in a courtroom and scream the world is out to get me and I didnt do anything except drive drunk, steal a Rolex, steal a mink, steal a necklace and on and on and on. Gee could it be she is being set up? NOT! She's a POS!

1273 days ago
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