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Lindsay Lohan Puts Actions Behind Words

4/26/2011 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is backing up what she said on "The Tonight Show" -- that she's a big girl who is finally taking responsibility for her actions -- because she's going to start doing community service this week.


Sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay will begin her 360 hours of community service at the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles this week. 

Lindsay told Jay Leno she's not going to make excuses for her actions and will accept the consequences of violating her probation. 

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, was there when Lindsay was on the stage.  Interestingly, Holley's hubby, Dorian Holley, was also there -- he's the lead singer of the "The Tonight Show" band.

We're told the producer of "Gotti: Three Generations" was also in the audience to show his support.

One other thing ... Lindsay is also required to perform 120 hours at the L.A. County Morgue -- we're told "she's not so crazy about that."


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If Lindsay gets hurt at the shelter, beaten by someone there who pays? A broken nose and fat lip will cost California millions and the suit will be a slam dunk if the person(s) who do it are convicted previously of violent crimes.
Getting "street Creed" this way is exactly why the jail had to take exceptional steps when she was in the last time.

Lindsay giving "sound bites" about how the system has abused the ladies she is working among will be a real treat. Hope the people running the place are ready for their 15 minutes of unwanted spotlight.

This community service has the potential to be a long running horror show that California really deserves.

She should have been given the jail sentence then it's start delayed until the trial for the theft finished. The judge can and should have told her that the sentence for the theft will be consecutive with the probation violation and her probation will include a curfew after jail.

1278 days ago


Why don't you get your snake lawyer to drop the appeal of your jail sentence? Maybe a longer jail stint will knock some sense into you, dumbass.

1278 days ago


And Paris Hilton is still running wild, trying her hardest to cause accidents and helping fellow junkies to succeed... It must be really nice to come from the California Inbred Rich!!! Ya gotta LOVE the California Justice System...

Sarah Shahi almost accident:,,2048460...6,00.html


1278 days ago


Have you ever seen The Producers?

But seriously, people are interested. Just most likely for the wrong reasons. I hope she turns it around. Her joke about providing material for gossip sites actually has a basis in fact.

1278 days ago


Well there's a total set up for you. No wonder they claim Lindsay got a Standing O, once again Shawn Holly to the rescue!

If Lindsay says she's not going to like doing the 120 at the morgue, wait until reality sets in that she's going have to do that 4 months in jail as well.

1278 days ago


ketjo less than a minute ago

Marty from Modesto

Why, son don't ya'll recognize hillbilly english when ya see it ? Done make me a whole toe-sack full on money awritin this way. You can say it's my native tongue ! LOL

No... Marty was right. Making fun of it doesn't change the fact your earlier post was written like an immigrant.


So I didn't proof read that post well before I sent it ..I know the difference between choice and choose ....if I had to worry about spell checking everyones post it wouldn't be fun any more..this is a blog not a classroom.... and if my spelling offends you don't read it....I assure you I don't critique anyone elses writings and I would appreciate the same courtesy to mine.

1278 days ago


She will serve an absolute maximum of 2 weeks out of that 120 day sentence

1278 days ago


So what's the deal with that 120 days she was SUPPOSED to do in jail?? So she just skates on that?!?!! I'm tired of the drama that surrounds this girl...

NOTE TO Lindsay:

You're a precocious little child...GROW the "f" UP!!!

1278 days ago


And what will be her duties? Signing autographs like Snooki?
She still fails to see herself as "common folk".
Paris did her community service in heels and publicity shots.

1278 days ago

john smith    

Tell them Nicole! I say nine days one hour in jail.

1278 days ago


Ok, Lindsay-here is your final chance to prove yourself. Let's see what you are really made of. No Drinking. No Drugs. No Antics. Just do the right thing! Aren't you tired of everyone doubting you already!?!?!?

1278 days ago

Pony Princess    

Don't be so sure about a guilty verdict in the necklace incident as Lindsay has 2 of best attorneys in LA defending her. Shawn Holley is her attorney but Blair Berk is also consulting on the case.

Don't be too hasty to say that LL has two lawyers defending her. Shawn is her defense lawyer, last time that Blair Berke was in this was when she was consulted in office. Supposedly Blair couldn't handle LL at that time because of Blair handling Mel AND LL being so high-maintenence, or something along that line. So she wasn't her lawyer then. I see no indication that Blair has been retained in this right now or has signed up to DEFEND LL here. If LL consults her, it will probably be more of a consultation to see if it would help to have her.
You are spinnning, spinnning, spinning.
Are you a child sitting on your Sit-N-Spin????

1278 days ago




1278 days ago


Justice in California.....reminds me of that old Hank Williams song........

If you got the Money, Honey , I got the Time...only need to Change a few words to
"If You got the Money Honey, You Won't Do the Time " ........

1278 days ago


This is beyond sad. Wasn't she suppose to start yesterday.

Lohan is sucking up for May 11, nothing more than that.

1278 days ago
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