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'Teen Mom' Daddy -- I Wanna Be a RAP STAR!!!

4/27/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the dads from "Teen Mom" has taped himself in bed with another woman ... all in an effort to launch his rap career -- and TMZ has the footage!!!


Jo Rivera -- who goes by the rap moniker N.I.C.K.B. -- has released a music video for his song, "Unthinkable Remix" ... in which he tries to seduce an older woman.

But not everyone is a fan of Jo's career -- his baby mama, Kailyn Lowery, tells us, "I think he has his priorities mixed up right now. He should be spending quality time with his son while he’s not working."

FYI -- we're told Rivera shot the bedroom scene in a Hampton Inn in New Jersey ... BALLER!!!!!


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I clicked on it expecting something just horrible but it wasn't half bad actually.

1273 days ago

Kimberly W.     

You know what will make people respect you after you have a baby out of wed-lock?




1273 days ago

Socrates Reloaded    

The baby mama is jealous cause she's not the one in the video and everyone else criticizing the guy are too, at least his trying to make some money and at the long he can provide for his kid. And for the baby mama, I guarantee that if the guy makes some money she's going to be all over it.

1273 days ago


I'm actually impressed! I liked it a lot!

1273 days ago


Kailyn says HE has priorities mixed up? She's the one who left her child over and over again to go hang out with some new boyfriend when she had just had a baby! And while leading on the father of the baby. PLEASE! Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...

1273 days ago


I watch teen mom all the time and Jo was a great dad yes he had his faults but he does love his son. But anyways he is pretty good im impressed. Keep it up Jo. And F.Y.I. Kaylin was a whiny, ungratful,lying brat.

1273 days ago


No wonder he wanted to be on MTV. This guy is seriously sick. I predict violence from him against Kail for sure, since he's already hurled every sick insult against her. His sorry enabler parents make him even worse.

1273 days ago


No wonder this creep wanted to be on MTV. He is seriously sick. I expect he will try to hurt Kail for their kid, since he's run out of the most vile insults he can hurl at her. He's nuts and his enabler parents made this sick creature worse.

1273 days ago


JO, I like it. I enjoyed it cause its not all that cursing and b this and b that. Love it! TEAM JO!

1273 days ago


Why is it that Kail can move on but when Jo is doing something productive its a problem??? Honestly he seems like he has moved on to better things in life. His video is great and he is a great dad! Lets stop and this realtionship over??? yes! Is he a good father? yes again. Is he still young and living at home? yes! why...because he is trying to move on in life and should not move out to prove anything to anyone. Lets not forget he is still young and for those who are thinking he should. Check where you are living? and your situation before you pass judgement! Why should he move out from a family who loves him and wants whats best for him and Isaac. If things would have worked out for Jo & Kail she would be living there as well. Kail has has her life let him be!

1273 days ago


I wanted to hate honestly, lol but this kid is GOOD! He is a better rapper than 99% out there, I think he stands a chance, reinds me of snoop dog lol, I like it! :) GOOD LUCK BRO! Dont listen to al that jealous haters, I love hating when someone is talentless, in this case, make good money to support your child, go for it!

1273 days ago


God almighty! Quit posting anything about any of these idiots. WE DON'T CARE.

When will you media people get that?

Let's get to something real. Quit giving these idiots anything! They deserve nothing. It's all so stupid.

1273 days ago


OHHH and he made it all the way to TMZ, thats a start home slice!

1273 days ago


I thinks it's pretty good for a first time, OK I said it. I really like his mom on the show, she'll keep him in check. You go Jo!!!!

1273 days ago

Just Sayin    

I could deal with listening to him rap unlike some others who have tried out there but next time I hope he can come up with his own musical background ... he doesn't deserve to be rapping to an Alicia Keys song, just sayin.

1273 days ago
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