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White House Releases

Obama Birth Certificate

4/27/2011 6:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump asked for it ... and now Donald Trump got it -- because the White House just released President Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate ... proving he was, in fact, born in Hawaii.


The document shows Obama's mother was 18 at the time she gave birth ... and his father was 25.

Obama directed his office to release the certificate because the Commander In Chief didn't believe the distraction was good for the country.

Obama held a news conference about the document -- and explained, "We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers."

Of course, the conspiracy theorists will probably ask the obvious questions ... what took so long???? Is this document legit ... or a fake???


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One other question...if he supposedly was born in HI, WHY is his Social Security Number from PENNSYLVANIA? Riddle me that one, Bat Man. He's never even lived there. The whole thing stinks.

1189 days ago


@MARIE that is the official do***ent in the State of Hawaii, do u want to change the way they do business now?

1189 days ago


anjul97 4 minutes ago

I think this is a fake........ ~ You are an idiot.

Look closely at the certificate and how it is filled in. A question on his mother's residence is answered "nope" ???

~~ YEP, it's the "mailing address" that is not filled in since it's the same as the 'home address'.. you know like many form.

And look at the dates by the signatures...someone tried to make them look like they were different but didn't try hard enough they are too much alike to be signed by two different people. ~~~ Oh for God's sake stop reaching will you.

I applaud Donald Trump for bringing this out again. And I can't wait for Obama's term to be over! He never belonged in office in the first place!!! ~~ Yes he did that's what happens when the people actually vote for who they want genius.

1189 days ago

Joe Mather    

WOW!!!!!!! Looks just like NEW!!!!!!!!

1189 days ago


All Registrars have stamps that must be stamped on all do***nets that they sign. In the sixties they were 3D stamps. So where is the stamp which wholly validates the authenticity of the do***ent. I'm just saying it isn't over yet.

1189 days ago


2013 The END of an Error!!!!

1189 days ago


TorontoWoman worry about ur own president not ours!

1189 days ago


how did you people ever get to be a super power. They really need to give an IQ test before you vote

1189 days ago


C'mon people this is the government they can fake do***ents.

I lost all respect for Obama when he never manned up and said No, I'm the first bi-racial president of the United States.

Always ran with as the black or afro american president. Never once BI-Racial. I guess he's not proud of that.

Your mom's white your dad black makes you bi-racial.

1189 days ago

Vernon Black    

Hell, I ask if Obama is even a human....or an Android send here from the FUTURE to destroy US!!!!....Now there is a Sci Fi Thriller that I'd even go to see....

1189 days ago


To C E--most of the early Presidents' parents were NOT American citizens either! They immigrated, so this point is so INVALID!

1189 days ago


Trump claims he did this for the country. Now that obese, bad hair having pig will get on ever station, be on EVERY newspaper screaming "I" "I" "I"! Claiming HE did it, HE said it. It's always about him. It is with his businesses and it will be if he became President. He doesn't care about ANYBODY but himself. Why can't people see this? He doesn't want his wives to have a voice because he speaks over them.Look at how he does on interviews and his show.Put this horse down quick please!

1189 days ago


I went and got copies of my kids birth certificates when they started school. Know what I had to go through?? I had to go to town hall and give a name and birth date, they printed me out a piece of paper, stamped it and charged me $5. They did NOT even ask me who I was or for any ID, I was pissed and told them so, anyone can just come in and get this if they know a name and birth date I told the lady? .. So, IF he wanted to fake a 'birth certificate' he sure has hell could have.

1189 days ago



1189 days ago

jimmy d    

...are you kidding me, Trump for president? Another ego maniac with a GOD complex, no thanks! Obama, thanks for finally releasing your birth certificate. I can only "hope for change" or we may all be on the streets asking for some!

1189 days ago
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