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CSI Creator's Wife: Our Marriage is DOA

4/28/2011 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The wife of the creator of "CSI" has filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned.


Jennifer Zuiker -- whose hubby, Anthony Zuiker, created the crime show which has generated more than $6 billion --  filed legal docs in L.A. County Superior Court, citing "irreconcilable differences."

Jennifer is asking for child and spousal support.

And, we're told, there is NO PRENUP.  So divide $6 billion by 2!

The couple married in April, 1999.  They have 3 boys.


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are any of you old enough to be divorced? For christ sake!! He made the choice to have a wife and kids so, if he didn't want to up the $$$$ he should've gotten a hooker! Were talking more money here than any of us will ever see! IT'S NOT LIKE THE DUDE WILL BE HURTING!!

1282 days ago

Nick Burgess    

Ya figures the ladies are saying mo money. She is a gold digging whore that looks like a pig. Go and find yourself a 6 25 year olds and party like a rock star at least you know their gold digging too.REMEMBER: PRE-NUP PRE-NUP PRE-NUP
Have fun hope you can survive off the billion or so.

1282 days ago


Shut it..she looks pretty ...especially with $3 billion she looks a lot prettier !! seriously..hate to see a marriage /family w..children torn apart... best wishes for them all !

1282 days ago


I guess that after 12 years, it is time to go. Too routine after that time. He has gained a few pounds, so has she. But, then, there some of us who like them round, so, Ms. send me an e-mail. I am available and we can do a prenup, if u want.

1282 days ago


Are you people thinking these people don't deserve to be happy because they aren't polished pretty people? I'm sure all the TMZ readers are beautiful right ? They are two average looking people with kids who's marriage didn't survive just like the other 50% of marriages. The difference is they are stinking rich so split it up and move on. I'm sure they will live happily ever after and maybe stay friends too. The spousal part is fair because all the other husbands get stuck paying spousal even after they split the assets and they aren't billionaires ! I know because I am one of the poor spousal paying slobs !

1282 days ago


Looks like Pompus Ass and Door Mat.... But does anyone one else see the family sister maybe....

1282 days ago


Sociopaths are Sad 16 hours ago

"So she gained some weight. This is what she used to look like less than 2 years ago:

Scroll half way down. She's very attractive...better looking than he is."

@Sociopaths are sad, thanks so much for the links. You're right! Indeed she's pretty and has a nice body and to think that was just a few years ago and the hubby has already been that bad-looking even then. Maybe before she gave birth or perhaps before she discovered her husband was gay? is it a woman or a man who caused the berakup of this marriage? Who cares really. But I hope the wife will get a huge chunk of settlement. She married him before he became successful and with his fugly face she deserves more. Sorry guys but in one of those photos in the link, the hubby really looks like he's gay. Some women would resort to eating (some shopping) when they go through some emotional problems. Perhaps this is the reason why she has gained that weight in just a couple of years.

1282 days ago


Sher 19 hours ago

lol at "Lori", is that you TMZ...feelings you have to pose as "Lori" to respond....heh heh...

What the hell are you talking about? What in my comment would make you say that? Either way, jokes on you, I'll take it as a compliment :)

1282 days ago


Well i am surprised he hasn't filed for divorce long before she did... I was following her on Twitter for a while, she is never home always off with her 'friends' in London, Paris, Las Vegas, no sign of her kids, there are pictures posted with her and a mystery man, in fact two mystery men one in London and the other in Vegas.. I got sick of her flaunting herself all over the place! So i stopped following her.. I feel sorry for the kids.. A. Zuiker, actually posted on her wall, will you please come home..!! She wasn't even home for christmas!! Its sad when a husband has to contact his wife over a site, to come home!!! She doesn't deserve any money, as she is already a spoiled little ***** Least would have to stay home to look after her children, cos she wouldn't be able to afford a nanny while she's off gallivanting with her friends..

1282 days ago


Once again TMZ puts together another Hacky Twitter Update and calls it a story. 6 Billion is what the show grossed you idiots. He probably pocketed 40% of that if even. SMUT PEDALING TMZ strikes again with there lame 20 year old Interns who dont do **** but Troll Twitter.

1282 days ago


To Jack--SHE let HERSELF GO ????? !!!!! Have you had a look at Mr. Zuiker? Fat, Bald and probably too busy for his family. Take a good look! I am sure as his wife raising 3 children that she has certainly earned her way in the world. She probably has a lot of charity and other good works going on as well. More power to her !

1282 days ago


I am sorry but popping three kids out of your whohaa does not entitle you to half of your husband's CSI money.

1282 days ago


celebrity net worth says he's worth $300M

1282 days ago

Jennifer Z    

Thanks everyone for your support. Its always interesting to see how you are viewed by the public. The funny thing about TMZ is it seems they went to the history books for that picture and it happened to be taken when I was Pregnant with my 1st child about 10 yrs ago.
Both Anthony and I look amazing and will always remain the best of friends. Cheers

1279 days ago


First off - you all - are idiots - this was a marriage between two
People who loved each other - they've been married for 12 years and have 3 children - it was a marriage and a life. They were together before he made his money - Whatever the reason they are divorcing it's gonna hurt everyone involved. As for your shallow outlooks on his and her appearances - she's actually quite petite - and not overweight - that photo is very old. Perhaps just after she had a child - but the woman now doesn't look like the photo. I feel bad for what they have lost - it's not all about money people - you should grow up!

1279 days ago
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