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TSA -- Ex-Miss USA

Was Treated Like Anyone Else

4/28/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Miss USA Susie Castillo was NOT "molested" during an airport pat down ... according to the TSA which tells TMZ its officer acted totally appropriately.

A rep for TSA tells TMZ, "We have reviewed this passenger's screening experience and found that the officer followed proper procedures."

Castillo claims a TSA agent at Dallas Fort Worth Airport touched her genitals four times during an inspection last week.

TSA added it is "always seeking to strike the right balance between privacy and security while providing the security that the American people want and deserve."


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She needs to STFU!

1272 days ago


What the American people want?! I don't want to be felt up by some woman, and while I'm fine with being felt up by a man, I don't want him to be a man I don't know and am not in an intimate relationship with!!!

1272 days ago


Obama = Liar and a fake...

Trump = Was right all along and is passionate to call out the liar and the fake!!

Proof is here;

and here

Don't believe it?

Download the FAKE certificate yourself from the White House web site and see for yourself.. Should not be able to do what you can if that was real..

Obama = 0

Trump = 1

Next? Say Trumps a racist to get out of these lies? Listen Obama supporters, your Boy is a fraud!

1272 days ago


TSA doesn't provide any meaningful security. If the terrorist makes it to the airport TSA isn't going to foil his plot. That's why they took away my water but forgot to take my box cutter. TSA: America's best and brightest!

1272 days ago

Baba Booey    

If it keeps one rag head from blowing up a plane they should be able to go elbow deep into every man woman and child that gets on a plane.

1272 days ago


The TSA are repulsive and why anyone would subject a small child to obscene poking and prodding is beyond me. Agents have been known to reach down INTO a child's pants. There is no excuse for this - none. I don't care who you are, you do not touch me anywhere unless I say it's okay.

1272 days ago


Since reading this story, I have been hearing the song, "She can't find her keys" by Paul Peterson, over and over again in my head.

1272 days ago


It's her body, she would know if she was violated. Take your complaint to the feds. Those folks are covering their azz and peppering their response with that patriotic b.s. "security that the American people want and deserve" is just a public relations ploy to throw the more obtuse off the scent.

1272 days ago


I don't get these sort of people....boohoo. Do they even know what molested means? TSA agents "touch" your bum area with the backs of their hands. I would hate to not have someone get padded down and they end up having a bomb. It is a random search, and they did go by the guidelines. Just because you are whit, a beauty queen, lawyer, or kid, does not make you exempt. Don't blame the TSA, blame the idiots that blow up the transportation. Get over it. It wasn't even a male TSA it was a female that was supposed to make it more comforatable appropriate pat down for you. If a man TSA agent did the same thing, would it be rape? OMG I wish they would pat down EVERYONE, not just random. It would make me feel safer!!!

1272 days ago

Made it Past 27    

those perverts need to leave women alone

1272 days ago

westboro is awsome    

BS, 80% plus of the population disprove of TSA sexual assaults. She needs to sue the TSA as of yesterday.

TSA Criminals Caught Stealing Cash, Arrested for Assault

1272 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

What a whiner! Just crying for attention!

BTW Who would vote for this skank for anything? She's ugly!!!

1272 days ago


This is really getting old. Dont people understand that some people hate the U.S and want to kill us? I just dont get it. It just cant be like it was before 911. We have to be strong.

1272 days ago

Smarter Human    

I think we're going to have to see this so-called "vagina" to check for evidence in this matter..

1272 days ago


As a rape victim, I don't want ANYONE touching me without my permission and they don't have my permission. TSA has NEVER prevented terrorism. They are all show and no real security. I would feel equally as safe returning to the days in which we could meet family at the gates.

1272 days ago
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