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TSA -- Ex-Miss USA

Was Treated Like Anyone Else

4/28/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Miss USA Susie Castillo was NOT "molested" during an airport pat down ... according to the TSA which tells TMZ its officer acted totally appropriately.

A rep for TSA tells TMZ, "We have reviewed this passenger's screening experience and found that the officer followed proper procedures."

Castillo claims a TSA agent at Dallas Fort Worth Airport touched her genitals four times during an inspection last week.

TSA added it is "always seeking to strike the right balance between privacy and security while providing the security that the American people want and deserve."


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There is some chick on craigslist in NJ tryin to pose as this young lady. I think it's a complete fake. And it's in the casual encounters section which is pretty much where all the escorts ( prostitutes) post their ads.

1275 days ago


Get a LOAD of this TMZ** ....stupid auto correct

1275 days ago

westboro is awsome    

"Cause from what I recall, terrorists come in all sizes and colors."

It's called good old fashion police work. Criminals, sociopaths and psychopaths all have personality traits. Ctrimals all have patterns they follow.

"someone touched their shoulder"

WTF? She molested by TSA touching her vagina 4 times she alleges you nitwit. You got nothing Rico. You are clearly a disturbed shill for the fascists and sadists.

1275 days ago

Bone Weary    

"This is really getting old. Dont people understand that some people hate the U.S and want to kill us? I just dont get it. It just cant be like it was before 911. We have to be strong."

Yeah, be strong, shred the Constitution, bow to our masters, and live as serfs in the land previous generations struggled to make and keep free...


1275 days ago


I have investigated myself for the supposed sexual attack on my neighbors and I have found that no wrong doing was done by myself during the attacks that took place by me.from now on we will all investigate ourselves to determine if we have done something wrong.

1275 days ago

westboro is awsome    

Sociopaths always try and discount the abuse doled out on their victims.

I believe the victim totally credible while the TSA has no credibility. She should form a class action lawsuit and pursue criminal charges either by going to the police or bypassing them and petitioning the city judge to have her case heard. She can even bypass the DA who may refuse to press charges.

1275 days ago


who the phk is the TSA to say that.......if she fely molested then yes she was...this is like a child telling a grownup that they were molested and the grownup saying you were not molested.....thats why there are so many perv's out there.....TSA hires them all...if that bitch had touched my genitals......i would have just taken a she sould feel that too! I believe she was molested......TSA hirers only perverted people...a pat down is a pat down...not a phkn cavity search!

1275 days ago


Jpeirce26wrote:I don't get these sort of people....boohoo. Do they even know what molested means? TSA agents "touch" your bum area with the backs of their hands. I would hate to not have someone get padded down and they end up having a bomb. It is a random search, and they did go by the guidelines. Just because you are whit, a beauty queen, lawyer, or kid, does not make you exempt. Don't blame the TSA, blame the idiots that blow up the transportation. Get over it. It wasn't even a male TSA it was a female that was supposed to make it more comforatable appropriate pat down for you. If a man TSA agent did the same thing, would it be rape? OMG I wish they would pat down EVERYONE, not just random. It would make me feel safer!!!

Don't you dare toss the race card up jack ass!

1275 days ago


Hope she likes the "No Fly List" they'll put her on after this...

1275 days ago

westboro is awsome    

"It is a random search"

BS, either go though a dangerous radiation machine or get sexually assaulted by a TSA agent. Nothing random about that.

1275 days ago

westboro is awsome    

"Hope she likes the "No Fly List" they'll put her on after this..."

I hope she forms a class action lawsuit after this assault.

1275 days ago


Great job opportunities at TSA for perverts and molesters. Wonder if they do background checks for criminal records? How many TSA agents are convicted sex criminals?

1275 days ago


What don't people understand? It's THEIR game. If you don't

want to play by their rules, take the f-ing bus.

1275 days ago


I am finding it hilarious that the comments deriding people who are anti-TSA (AKA people who have read and understand the Constitution) are accusing them of being liberals. I've not seen very many liberal web sites that are anti-TSA. Most of them are Right Wing blog sites that are (correctly) calling for the abolishment of this search procedure because it violates the Bill of Rights.

1275 days ago

ex lax    

did they confiscate the batteries from her strap-on,oppsI mean't carry on

1275 days ago
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