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Meredith Vieira -- Leaving 'Today'

4/28/2011 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meredith Vieira is stepping down from her gig as co-host of the "Today" show on NBC ... this according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Meredith Vieira Leaving Today Show

Vieira will reportedly remain on the show until June --- nearly 3 months before the end of her contract.

According to the report, Vieira will be replaced by newsreader Ann Curry ... and correspondent Natalie Morales will be bumped up to Curry's old spot.

As TMZ first reported, Vieira -- who took the gig next to Matt Lauer in 2006 -- wanted off the show for a while because she hated the early hours, has a husband who is ill and she's making plenty of money doing her syndicated game show, "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire."


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I think Ann Coulter would be a good replacement for Meredith.

1221 days ago


How many times has she pulled this? I know her husband is ill but she did this on GMA and then the View. Make up your mind already! I understand she may be the only breadwinner but I don't think so, and if it is a money issue then do what the rest of the US does when you are faced with this crisis, downsize and watch what you spend! I do have to agree about Ann Curry, I wish they would find someone else, she should just stick to news reading.

1221 days ago


Ann Freaking Curry is as annoying as it gets... I do not want to see her fake,pouty,condescending, miss know it all face in the morning!!! Savannah Guthrie should have gotten the damn job...bye bye Today!

1221 days ago


I really like the Today show team but this is annoying. Did she not know the hours when she signed on? And didn't she already have the Millionaire show when she signed on? I think she's a deserter. I love Ann but don't think she's good at interviewing. She stammers around too much. This is sad. The Today show has been on top for so long and now I seriously doubt they'll stay that way.

1221 days ago

Surfer Gal    

Acorn, not only is her husband disabled (MS), he is also battling cancer. He has a full plate, so you can see why she wants to spend more time with him.

1221 days ago


I feel that Matt is worthy of his role as anchor. NBC will notice the engines are shutting down as Ann Curry takes her post. The high flying altitude (ratings success) will quickly dissolve. I would actually slide Natalie Morales into the role before Ann. She (Ann) often comes off as a phony (expressions) and entirely over dramatic. NBC will learn quickly...the viewers will be GONE!

1221 days ago


She's at a point, where she could use some light "snugging" and "tugging" here and there. Those wrinkles won't be compatible in an all high definition world. Good Times!!!

1221 days ago

Made it Past 27    


1221 days ago

leo schlick    

I think Curry is a HUGE mistake. She seems very sincere and nice, but she's very grating on one's nerves and not quick enough on her feet or witty enough to banter with Matt. I'm sure that's why they by-passed her when Katie left.

She probably said she'd leave if they didn't pick her, and I can see her point. But it's a mistake...

And I agree, terrible picture of Meredith, but good for her for not getting plastic surgery or Botox. She's a newswoman, not a model or actress.

1221 days ago


@andy...That is what I love about Meredith!! She hasn't given in to the self-absorbed notion that one has to look perfect and stone faced to make it in the news business. She is very smart and a great interviewer but I love her next door girl quality the most..I will miss her. I am glad that she hasn't done the whole botox, face lift crap. She looks fine the way she is so leave her alone!! Ann Curry needs to go!!!!!!!!!!

1221 days ago


I'll miss Meredith. She does a great job and I feel bad for her family, considering her husband has MS. No matter how much money she has, I am sure it's difficult.

Can NBC please put Natalie or Savannah in her place instead of Ann Curry, though? Please?

1221 days ago


she's attractive from a distance..and i look better in the dark -

1221 days ago


I can't stand Curry in that role. She is better suited for the position she has now. If that"s the best NBC can do I'll have to choose between the lesser of the other two crappy morning shows.

1221 days ago


Bring back Katie!!!

1221 days ago


Why are people being so harsh? I love everyone on the Today Show and will miss Meredith greatly.

1221 days ago
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