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Charlie Sheen -- I've Never Done Heroin

4/30/2011 11:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Lorre must have the wrong monkey (*wink wink, nudge nudge) because Charlie Sheen tells us in no uncertain terms ... he's never done heroin!

Lorre took a not-so-veiled shot at Sheen on his vanity card at the end of "The Big Bang Theory" earlier this week. Lorre made reference to a monkey on the show behaving "increasingly erratic" and being "a heroin addict" -- but we all know who he was really referring to.

But Sheen tells TMZ point blank, "I have never done or tried heroin in my life."

And there you have it, straight from the monkey's mouth.


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1280 days ago



And who ever said that Lorre is a miserable writer? Charlie ALWAYS said, even during his rants against him, that he gives him credit for writing something brilliant, namely TAAHM. Chuck only sucks as a producer and a boss. Ask the starts of some of the shows you mentioned like Roseanne Barr of Brett Butler.

1280 days ago


ooppoddoo 9 hours ago

I have no idea how or why you thought Chuck Lorre was alluding to Charlie Sheen with a heroin reference. Charlie Sheen has never done heroin, or if he has he was never addicted to it. So that's quite a stretch, using some "vanity card" Lorre posted and thinking it has anything to do with Sheen. Chuck Lorre has clearly moved on, something Sheen can't. I figure you're just trying to keep this story going for as long as you can, because ugliness improves hits to your web site...right?


Everyone who actually followed the story KNOWS that this was a reference to Charlie. Chuck simply doesn't know the difference between cocaine and heroine. LOL

1280 days ago


fran 8 hours ago

Kate 6 hours ago

What's the difference between Sheen's meltdown and Chuck Lorre's over this battle between them?
Spoiled brat Lorre started it in the first place with inappropriate cards at the end of his shows. Now, we can't watch our favorite show which affects a whole lot of people. The studio french kisses Lorre and throws Charlie and the show with the TV family we've come to love out to the curb. Now, that's some big immature ego on display; not to mention how bad it makes Americans look. Thanks a lot!
A revamped show with Jon Cryer as lead? Humph! He can't do it. Remember the show about Allen and the massage therapist at his office....Lame, just plain old lame.

actually Kate , it makes you American's look good cancelling the shows you are not going to tolerate Charlie's behavior of drugs and whores, and abusing his wife and children.


What a load of crap. What world do you live in?? What people do in the privacy of their houses, who they are sleeping with and whether they have coffee in the morning or a dose of cocaine is THEIR DAMN BUSINESS as long as they do their job later in the day, and considering the amount of money that was falling inot everyone's pockets, Charlie WAS doing his job.
As far as the wife abuse goes, it has to be PROVEN. What proof did any of them have other than WORDS? And he was never even charged with abusing his CHILDREN, so you can stop lying right there.
Sorry but it makes a GROUP of Americans look like hypocrites, who had no problems with all the things you mentioned for YEARS, and offered him raise and a new contract, and then suddenly it becomes an issue.

1280 days ago


Shot Kelli Preston, Terrorized Denise Richards during their marraige, Beat Brooke Mueller on Christmas Eve, Attacked a prostitute at the Plaza - also brought her to dinner with his kids, Couple of cars over a cliff, almost OD'd on a suitcase full cocaine, told Mike Walters he's been on an 8 month bender not 13 day, selfishly screwed 100's of people out of jobs at 2aHM, went on a tour insulting the very people/company he was begging the crowd to help him get back with...A few things that are pubicly known, just imagine what his wealthy/famos family covered-up for him!

If Charlie can go on a nationwide tour insulting Chuck Lorre, than it's more than okay for Lorre to rub salt in the wound!
That wound of losing 2 mil a week in this economy where people are being foreclosed, evicted...

Chuck Lorre makes the studios/networks money with hit shows, which means, he's still getting paid and Charlie isn't.

1280 days ago


LOL!!!! Did WHAT to Brooke?? Where were the bruises? Terrorized Denise? Oh then she was pretty dumb to go with him on a trip to NY and defend him on TV after all the abuse she got from him, huh?
Attacked Capri Anderson? Again...Where are the proofs? Other than allegations and claims of a greedy attention whore?
It was Chuck Lorre and WB that screwed actually almost 200 people out of jobs. Charlie didn't pull the plug on the show. THEY did.

"That wound of losing 2 mil a week in this economy where people are being foreclosed, evicted..."

So this is all about people being jealous that he was earning a lot? Just because others are less fortunate, he should feel guilty? Let's just shoot all the millionares of the world.

1280 days ago


Oh lookie. Doesn't Brooke look just devastated two days after that vicious attack and being beaten up by Charlie. LOL!,,20333340,00.html

1280 days ago


I've Never Done Heroin.... more proof that Sheen had no intellectual input on 2.5 Men lolol

1280 days ago

arnie Galanter..... is he paying you to defend him on tabloid sites too hehe

1280 days ago


Is Chuck Lorre paying YOU?

1280 days ago


Speaking of Yale Galanter...How funny it is that he was Brooke's attorney in Aspen case, and then Charlie's attorney in Capri Anderson's case. LMAO!

1280 days ago


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1280 days ago


1280 days ago


Do you think that at this juncture Charlie would even remember if he had ever done heroin?

1279 days ago


Personally I am glad that Warner Bros. has decided to not have him back. As a parent it would be rewarding bad behavior and what would it teach our kids? A lot of kids watch the show too.

1279 days ago
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