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Pia Toscano -- $100,000 to SING at Private Event

4/30/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" reject Pia Toscano just signed a deal to make $100,000 in ONE NIGHT -- and all she has to do is sing a couple of songs at a private event ... TMZ has learned.


Sources connected to the deal tell us ... Pia has agreed to perform at a private birthday party on May 8th ... which happens to be Mother's Day.  We're told the deal will only require Pia to perform a small handful of songs.

According to sources, Pia was initially offered $50,000 for the gig and she TURNED IT DOWN ... but the people throwing the party wanted Pia so badly, they immediately doubled their offer ... and Pia signed without batting an eye.

We're told Pia will be picked up in L.A. in a limo and chauffeured directly to the party ... though it's unclear exactly where the party will go down.

Not too shabby.


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Wow, turning down 50 grand? She has a mighty high opinion of herself. One of these times thats going to come back and bite her in the rear. Get over yourself. You will fade away like Leona seems to be doing. I will say her rendition of Summertime was the very best I'd ever heard. Unfortunately it looks like she took some of that money, bought boobs and had a little slice done here and there. She was MUCH nicer to look at in her original try-out on Idol. Why must they ruin themselves??? The ol' Mariah Carey "look at my boobs" look is sooooo old. Wonder how many REAL people there are left in the celebrity world.

1239 days ago


Natalie Cole was paid $2,000,000.00 for a single night concert at an Indian Casino in Indio, Ca. They also paid her other expenses to travel there and back, along with her crew and family members.

People with money can have opportunities like this. Foreigners hire them all of the time for birthdays, parties etc . . .

Can't buy me love, love . . . Money can't buy me love.

You can pull your yacht up next to it though ; )

1239 days ago


The negative posters here are all unhappy in their own lives so they lash out at someone like Pia Toscano, who by the way is a major talent!....Grow up people!

1239 days ago


That girl is just homely, and I am pleased she has someone that wants to hear her sing. With all the talent out there, why Pia???

1239 days ago



How does not liking her because she is boring and vacuous mean we are unhappy with our lives? Grow up? That makes no sense! We have the right to have good taste. I personally love great talent. Unfortunately Pia is a dime a dozen karaoke/cruise singing dud. Now the rest of the Idol cast, especially Casey and James THEY have talent, charisma and personalities!

1239 days ago


Who the hell would pay that for THAT??? WTF? Dint mention she had to get naked

1239 days ago


would she givin' out *******s and handjobs too...otherwise it'd be a waste of $$$

1239 days ago


Ok, first off, I know Pia personally, and she IS one of the most down to earth people I have ever encountered. Fame has not gotten to her....she is a person with very strong family values, and never forgets where she comes from. She has always had an extraordinary talent and the passion for her work to go along with that talent. She has nice things (like bags and clothes) because...she works for them. Why is it that when a story like this comes out, everyone always believes everything about it.... even though primary information is not disclosed? "Unknown sources....unknown location" Come on. As for her voice....she is incredible... I have been in the music business for the last 10 years as a professional classical singer. I can tell you...based on actual knowledge of the singing voice and how it works...that she is a one in a million singer and talent. She is a gorgeous person inside and out and all negativity directed toward her is all jealousy...whether it be her talent, looks, newly found fame, etc. Jealously is one of the first thing you learn about when entering the music business. Why call her a "whore" , because she is allegedly dating someone? Imagine if you worked your entire life toward something and finally someone recognized your efforts....and then you made money from said efforts. Singing IS a job...learning music IS a job.... you don't know how much work goes into fostering a unique talent such as Pia's. She is just beginning her journey. An "OK" singer would never generate as much buzz as her early dismissal did. Obviously, all of the negative commentators have enough time to care to write about she is doing SOMETHING right. Not everyone has to like everyone one else....but when you comment on what you read or hear portrayed by the media...and half stories for that matter...and don't actually know her....that is just wrong. Do you all hope that she reads these comments and get jealous of you in some way cause you are trying to have 2 seconds of blog and article comment fame? Come on.

1239 days ago


the IRS gets 1/2, then her agent gets a big chunk.

i bet she takes home 30,000

probably less.

god bless america.

1239 days ago

Mrs. Mathers    

100,000? i wouldnt pay her 1000, but thats just me, shes not bad! shes not ugly either, shes not pretty, just cute. but hey go ahead! shes makin her money, atleast she aint strippin or slangin! Let her do her thing!

1239 days ago

Dan Bolivar    

Wow, so many jealous morons commenting because it's free.

A fee is never too much so long as there's someone willing to pay it! You people need to set your jealousy to one side and learn Basic Economics and what "having marketability" means. I applaud her! Not only is she a beautiful and wonderful singer, she's also an intelligent businessperson.

1238 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

This woman let fame get to her big forehead. In a couple of years people will be like "Pia who??" She really thinks she's worth 100 thousand? She's an amateur!!! She's no Mariah Carey or even Kelly Clarkson!

1238 days ago


She is beautiful and she can sing. So can so many more. Where is that special thing about her. Weeelll, there is nothing. She will be someone you will have to research in no time. Not to be mean. But its true.

1238 days ago

Dan Bolivar    

@ 000TheChosenOne000000TheChosenOne000

She's certainly more of a household name than YOU are! LOL
You jealous morons CRACK ME UP!

1238 days ago


I thought they couldn't sing for money after they got kicked of. If so it went to American Idol???

1237 days ago
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