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Trump: White House Dinner "Seemed Inappropriate"

5/1/2011 2:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump was surprised that he was the butt of so many jokes at last night's White House Correspondents' Dinner, bemoaning, "It was almost like, is there anyone else they could talk about?"

The Donald called in to "Fox and Friends" this morning (did you think he'd call "Meet the Press"?) where he said he felt the whole event "seemed inappropriate" considering that "the American people are really suffering."

He went on to call Seth Meyers "a stutterer" and said he didn't think he'd be "virtually the sole focus" of the evening.


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Dump Trump considered the event "inappropriate"? Then, why in the hell was he there if the event was "inappropriate"? Why did he not leave?

Now he wants to talk about how "the American people are really suffering." He should have made that his focus if he really wants to be a presidential candidate. Instead, the jacka$$ has been talking about his private investigators looking into President Obama's birth certificate and college records. This is absolutely stupid! This man has so much money that he can waste it doing things like that. Imagine if this bankrupt idiot had to manage a federal budget. Believe me he would find ways to infuse federal money into his companies and personal accounts.

1270 days ago


Here is Trump's philosophy on money , he is infamous for always saying " never use your own money ". That was in reference in his business dealings.
That alone goes to show you what a moron he is, if he is so concerned with the state of the world, why not do as Buffett and Gates and distribute HALF of his wealth to these impoverished countries, provide medical supplies, food, books, clothing, but oh no not Trump.
Instead sell ad space to the advertisers so that he can line his pockets even more because his show is still on the air.
This guy is nothing short of a huge turd.

1270 days ago


zzzz he can find stupid wives. good for the boring poser.

1270 days ago


I guess FOX News did not take this well!!!

1270 days ago



1270 days ago


It's funny The Trump can dish it out but can't take it, when it's his turn.

1270 days ago


1. Donald Trump cares nothing about the American people, he only cares about himself.

2. Donald Trump loves to the sole focus as long as it is positive attention.

1270 days ago


Yes, Donald, "the American people are really suffering." We are suffering because we constantly have to see your fat orange head and fat, tucked-in, turkey neck. Quit farting through your pie hole because most people (especially those with working brains) don't give a sh*t about your opinion. I'm not an Obama fan boy, and I don't give a flying f*ck about politics, but I can't stand this fat orange turd and his egotistical desire to be relevant in politics. Go ahead Donald, just get on your knees and suck the d*ck of your superior Black President, you narcissistic Nazi.

1270 days ago


Boohooo, sounds like Palin. Give it up already Donald. This is not your forte.

1270 days ago


Yep Donald, the American people are suffering and you had your hand in it with the birth certificate BS now, all of a sudden you found out about all of our suffering? Hard to hear things when you live at the top of Trump Tower isn't it?

Of course you had to call into Fox, the freaking pot stirrer network of all BS, you needed them to agree with you If you can lower the cost of food, gas, healthcare, shoes, flowers if you can lower the price of ANYTHING then do it!! You don't need to be the president to get prices reduced do you? Give us cold hard examples of what you can do or shut up!

and darn it all GET RID OF THE COMB OVER aka YOUR HAIR MESS, you should be more worried about that then anything from last night!!!

1270 days ago

Mason H    

For someone who makes a decent living humiliating people with his famous "You're fired!" line, dumping families in the street by foreclosing on their homes and buying out neighborhoods simply to raise prices while not being concerned with what happens to the old residents, personally he sure does seem very thin skinned when he's on the receiving end of anything even slightly negative.

Now he's stating he's going to get China to play ball and Opec to start lowering their prices if he get's elected? If he's got all this power how about he gives up on caring about his own ego and starts serving up some of this change he claims he can bring about? My message to Mr. Trump: If you care so much about this country, give back to it, regardless of winning an election.

1270 days ago


Donald, Donald, Donald... if the heat's too hot stay the heck out of the Whitehouse! I thought it was hilarious~and what goes around, comes around~get used to it!!

1270 days ago



The Prez showed what a crude, vile, and despicably offensive socialist liberal he truly is while there amongst all his lemming friends who gathered at that dinner where he knew his hoard of left-wing partisan followers would find embarrassingly predictable humor and cheap laughs in his non-stop deprecation and belittling of The Donald...

he (Obama) should be ashamed of himself.

1270 days ago


Trump is being criticized by Republicans

Donald Trump has been stealing attention from campaign issues and candidates with his focus on President Barack Obama’s birth certificate and school grades, Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain said on network talk shows today.
McCain, an Arizona Republican, said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” program that he didn’t think Trump would become the new face of the Republican party.

“We have very serious candidates, and I think that if Mister Trump wants to run, he’s welcome to run,” McCain said. The Arizona senator said the U.S. needs a “national conversation” about issues such as the debt limit and unemployment, and not a debate on Obama’s college transcripts. “All of this is so unnecessary.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.), a favorite of the conservative Tea Party movement, acknowledged Mr. Trump as a voice in the political debate, but questioned his line of attack against the president.

1270 days ago


"Foxhead" can take a hike; the President was funny as hell and Seth Meyers was hysterical.

1270 days ago
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