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5/3/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" reject Casey Abrams has been out of the running for less than a week ... and he's already throwing his support behind one very "special" finalist ... his rumored GF Haley Reinhart.


Sources close to Casey tell TMZ ... Abrams has been telling his friends, family and hometown supporters in Idyllwild, CA to stay united ... and use their votes to send Haley through to the next round.

Casey has denied being in a romantic relationship with Haley -- but last week, he referred to her as his "special musical friend." So ... yeah, they're totally dating.

And we're told Casey ain't too bummed about America's rejection either -- sources tell us, he can't wait to kick it with his jazz band next week at his old stomping grounds, Café Aroma ... the same place that named one of their rooms in Casey's honor.


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I don't know why but Casey comes off as so fake to me!!

1215 days ago


I am even without you asking. My final 2 picks are James & Haley...With James "winning"....Sorry

1215 days ago


Steven Tyler told James if he's the next American Idol he will get up on stage and sing with him. I don't think an ICON like Steven would want to sing with someone he thinks sucks! He always gives James great reviews.
James is awesome and can sing anything!

1215 days ago


Last week on the show both Ryan and Steven were teasing Casey about his relationship.

1215 days ago


I agree with whomever said Haley was using Casey. It was so obvious.
Casey started this competition focused and considered a strong frontrunner and in the middle of the road his lost his vision and started doign crazy things. Instead Haley started to shine and I bet he helped her choose her songs because this dude is seriously musically gifted much more than her.
It sucks! Sorry Casey not planning on voting for Haley. And I hope you get it together with your life and work hard to have a music career because it ain´t easy.
Haley totally used him and knocked him out. Now she is getting all the buzz instead of him. So is life. Sucks.

1215 days ago


Pia got voted off because she was boring. You can be an amazing singer, but when you put people to sleep because you just stand in the same spot singing slow songs no one is going to vote for and they shouldn't. Casey was good, but I don't think he had the whole package. In my opinion James has got it all, and should win. I think Scotty needs to take his act over to the country competition Nashville Idol, he's not going to win on Idol when all he sings are country songs. Carrie Underwood won, because she was able to sing a variety of music. Haley has a really great voice, but like people said she needs to work on stage presence and maybe singing a song no one would ever think of her singing and change it up a bit. She's really good at singing blues, and jazz.

1215 days ago


I already planned on voting for Haley, since she's my fav.

1215 days ago


Haley can suck it. She think she's a s*x idol, not an American Idol with the way that she practically gives men bj's through the camera when she sings longingly into the camera while she's growling and prancing around like her shiz don't stink. Yuck yuck yuck. She needs to be the next one to go. Please people vote wisely, she's a skank!!!!

1215 days ago


casey was the best talent that show has ever seen. sad to see that america just dont get it. the show is a popularity contest not a "who's the best musician" contest...sad. "the voice" is kicking its ass!

1215 days ago


oh please i cant believe anyone thinks they're dating. if they were they would be secretive about it.

1215 days ago


The stuck-up pricks commenting here don't deserve to take a cotton towel and shine up Casey's stand-up bass. You guys are not musicians, and you clearly have tin, wax-filled ears. Casey is crazy-talented; far more talented than anyone else this year. And you betches need to stop with your uptight "shave the beard - shave the beard - shave the beard" mantra. Man, humanity has taken a major turn for the downside with generations X, Y, Z, ZZ, and especially ZZZ - you know who you are.

1215 days ago


Casey Abrams (Weird Beard) is gone and good riddence to the bad rubbish he is! I will give him the fact that he had a different type of talent that was doubt there. BUT, he foolishly did not listen to the voters who were turned off by his weird on stage antics and he did not listen to the judges when they commented on toning that growl, hiss, and annoying yelling of his down. He is just a weirdo that is appreciated by more like his own.

As for his thing with Haley and encouraging votes for her...OMG, I'd rather vote for male castration without pain meds! Listening to Haley sing is just as painful anyway. I liked the comments about her being cross eyed and having eyes too closely set on her face. There was something about her that I didn't like (well, there's lots about her I don't like come to think about it), but that point was something I noticed but could never put my finger on. She's a skank...another fame whore like Pia Toscano. I will not watch Idol again if the likes of that wench wins this season. She was a ho from the moment of her audtion and the only thing that's been consistent about her this season is her on-going ho-like behaviors on stage. She has no performance style or savvy considering she all of about went down on that microphone and got red lipstick all over her face. Someone with stage presence would not have done something so pathetically stupid. In fact, I could put red lipstick on my cat and have her eat a banana without the fall out that Haley encountered due to her own stupidity and ridiculousness. She's a two bit floosy who should have been sent home a long time ago.

Now that Weird Beard is off the show maybe he'll be back stage giving Haley some TLC before she performs and not only will we be treated to red lipstick smears, but also his pubic/beard hair stuck between her teeth. She'd probably shrug it off like everything else, the dumb headed bimbo.

My cat is sexier than Haley. For those of you who find her to be hot, you are as ****-eyed as she is.

1214 days ago

Michiru Kusaka    

Haley is my husbands choice to win American Idol. She did GREAT tonight. Michiru Kusaka

1214 days ago


Who are you people? Obviously you don't know talent when it's right in front of your face. Haley is the whole package,she has great stage presence, she is gorgeous, has a nice body, but most important. She can SING!!!!! Whether it's rock,country the blues or jazz, she can sing it all. She sang House of the rising sun, as good if not better than The Animals. Awesome!

1213 days ago


I can't stand Haley she drives me crazy. I can't wait until she goes away!

1213 days ago
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