'American Idol' Casey Abrams -- Eat Me!

3/31/2011 6:49 AM PDT

'American Idol' Casey Abrams -- Eat Me!

"American Idol" finalist Casey Abrams may not win the title, but he'll always be able to get a warm meal back home -- because dude just got a restaurant lounge named in his honor!

Cafe Aroma in Casey's hometown of Idyllwild, CA just renamed a section of the joint ... the "Casey Abrams American Idol Lounge."

Employees tell us, Casey's such a big shot at the restaurant -- which features belly dancers -- they've even put his name on his favorite dish ... "Casey Abrams Gnocchi Alfredo" ... 6 meatballs included.

Belly dances cost extra -- though we're thinking they'll give Casey a deal.