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Lindsay Lohan Accelerates Community Service

5/2/2011 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan got a call late this afternoon from the Downtown Women's Center -- the place she'll be doing her community service -- telling her there was an open spot for orientation at 5 PM ... and Lindsay took them up on it.


Sources tell us Lindsay was downtown and just completed her orientation.  She has not started the community service, but that will happen this week.


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...or was this to reschedule what she allegedly missed this morning? Truth is so fluid with Lindsay Lohan.

1271 days ago


If she is an adult as she claims...why does her attorney go with she trying to get what she wants to do, and not what they are offering??

1271 days ago


OH man is she going to leak every move she makes during her probation. This should make for a boring year of Lindsay Lohan stories. She should learn to keep her mouth shut until she's really done something, then people will think better of her!!

1271 days ago


congratulation Lindsay to work with Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson in Gotti film

1271 days ago


Good girl Lindsay!

1271 days ago


Like a child wanting attention for every little move; look at me, look at me.
Just do what you've been ordered to do without needing a pat on the back every day. Please just go away for awhile. A long while.

1271 days ago


Alright, back to business as usual. TMZ can put up all the Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen stories they want, cause its the only real news I feel like hearing.

1271 days ago


Lindsay...Paul here.

Do what ya got to do..face this crap head on.

I have to admit..I did make some big time/small time mistakes up until..18-24...and speaking for myself.I really didn't grow up till about ..well I'd rather not say.

I'm done judging you..and ripping you.

Had enough..For the rest of you..Put yout time & attention into other things.

Peace..I'm outa here.

1271 days ago


Sounds a lot like the earlier reports were correct and the Center was trying to give her a chance to save face.
Once a Blohan, always a Blohan. She doesn't know what to do if she's not scamming someone, taking advantage of someone, or blaming someone.

1271 days ago


who cares. same **** different day

1271 days ago

the Seeker    

Bye Paul,

1271 days ago


who the f uck cares about lindsay lohan let her do her community service and dissapear

1271 days ago

I am Spartacus    

TMZ, i think we're all Lohan'd out. Please don't report on her everytime she does her community service. People are sick of hearing about her and she's really not that relevant considering she hasn't made a movie in forever (not counting 2 second appearances) and hasn't made anything good in even longer.

1271 days ago


If there is any hater here..and one who has tore Lindsay a new arse it's me.

So please know I'm not just talking out of my arse,and I feel I have a right to just say this bashing here has got way out of hand.

This crap aint healthy..and hating,and living to bash someone you have never even met..or even care about,and spending so much energy and time is a waste.

Let this Lindsay anger go...don't get tangled up in hating someone.

There are more people in this world,let alone in our own lives who give us real life problems.

Why make this tabloid bash crap part of your life?

Think you're saving the world from Lindsay?

You're judge & Jury on who should be doing what in Hollywood?

Leave the real world regarding those that deal,and work with Lindsay..and who she works,and deals with.

She's growing up..and facing..taking responsibilty.

Better late than give the girl a break.

1271 days ago

the Seeker    

I am Spartacus ,
TMZ was following a very important twist in the lindsay saga, all the peeps are standing by to see if she finishes her : CS


1271 days ago
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